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Update: 2023-08-20


Come and join literary agent Peter Cox and his esteemed colleagues from the publishing industry for POP-UP SUBMISSIONS - the web's initial live manuscript submission event!


Join us live in the YouTube chat room every Sunday at 5pm UK / 12noon EST


Featured on today's show:

* Doreen Zimmerman is a poet and author from Pennsylvania Dutch Country. Her debut book, "Golden Girl, Coming of Age With a Narcissistic Mother," is a powerful exploration of her childhood. Zimmerman's work is an honest and heartfelt look at the struggles of growing up with a narcissistic parent.

A memoir / Narrated by Emily Rainsford

* Rob Fridjhon is an experienced sailor and author of "Girl Adrift". He has a diverse background, ranging from boat building to teaching English and running a restaurant. His passion for writing has seen him edit novels, corporate manuscripts and theses. He promises to keep his bio brief, so as not to bore you!

Historical fiction / Narrated by Hannah Faoileán

* Andrew Russell is a former postman, river pilot and deckhand who has travelled the world and now turned his eye to writing. His latest work, "6 Days In Oklahoma", is a lively novel that takes readers on a journey of adventure and self-discovery. With his experience of living in Zambia, Canada and the UK, Andrew Russell is sure to provide an exciting and unique take on the story.

Neo-western crime / Narrated by Martin Ross

* Stephen Murphy is an author of two books published by Penguin imprints and the legal thriller "Abiding Conviction" published by Oceanview Publishing. Drawing from his Irish-American background and his own research, including visiting the National Library in Dublin and reading over two dozen memoirs and histories, he has now released his latest work, "For God or Country". His book takes a deep dive into the Irish Rebellion of 1916.

Historical fiction / Narrated by Jon Duffy


Starring on this week's panel… pop-sci author BRIAN CLEGG! Together with Esteemed Litopian KATE SALISBURY!


Check out Brian Clegg's website: BrianClegg.Net

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Pop-Up Submissions

Pop-Up Submissions

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