Show 56 - Kings of Kings

Show 56 - Kings of Kings

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Often relegated to the role of slavish cannon fodder for Sparta's spears, the Achaemenid Persian empire had a glorious heritage. Under a single king they created the greatest empire the world had ever seen.
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Mostafa Maddahi

actually Persians/Meds/Parthians, were the only ancient empire that not only didn't enslave people but even it was considered a crime/great sin to have slave. proofs: Cyrus's human rights cylinder, clay tablets discovered in Persepolis (Parsa), indicating that the palaces were built only by favorably paid workers enjoying from comfortable social security benefits even better than nowadays labor laws! even toiling animals was forbidden ethically ( see cow's lament chapter in Avesta (Yasna 29)

Sep 23rd

parnian kh


Jul 8th

Jessica Cooper

His voice is so pleasant to listen to! 🥰 I love learning through story tellings!

Jun 21st
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Farhad soltani salmasi

As an Iranian ( Median / Persian) , I really enjoyed the Episod By the way Massagetis were Indo-Europeans and yes , majority of Historians believe that Cyrus the Great got wounded in a battle and passed away in Perspolise His Mausoleum is venerated deeply

Feb 22nd

Mark Russell

Thanks Dan. I listen to these over and over.

Sep 19th

roberto cano

Wish there was an actual description on the history. that way i know wtf I'm litsening to.

Feb 20th
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James Cuny

no me mky

Sep 11th

Shannon OC

So good. I know you don't read these comments, but thank you Dan - you've awoken my love of history. I already bought the Thors Angels and Meandering Through The Cold War episodes, next I'm going for the Roman Empire series. So excited. In terms of our current civilization lacking a Herodotus type figure - have to admit that Dan is unintentionally picking up that mantel in a way. Anyway, King of Kings - It's incredible to think of the massive impact Cyrus The Great had on Western civilization and the Middle East as a whole. No Judaism, no Christianity, no Islam. The world wouldn't be recognizable. 🤯

Jun 3rd


you would think this is boring but wow this is so good

Apr 18th

Steven Wells

just listened to this 3.5 hour podcast and some people might think that sounds crazy to listen to something that long. But I think I'm going to listen to it again it was so good!

Feb 15th
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Sebastian Bray


Dec 7th

Razvan Mihai Gherghina

At some point you wrongly mention that countries had to choose between Ussr and USA. This is false since those countries were forced in the Ussr influence. It was not by their choosing.

Aug 25th
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Michael Clark

this is the single best episode of any podcast I have listened to. amazing

Aug 23rd
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Ben Guy

Dan Carlin is the goat

Jan 29th
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Show 56 - Kings of Kings

Show 56 - Kings of Kings