DiscoverPlay Healing Parent PodcastSmall yet powerful changes to prevent tech addiction and gaming disorder.
Small yet powerful changes to prevent tech addiction and gaming disorder.

Small yet powerful changes to prevent tech addiction and gaming disorder.

Update: 2020-07-03


Small yet powerful changes that help to prevent tech addiction and gaming disorder.

Navigating the online world safely.

About Debi:

Debi is the founder of Play Healing and a mother of two teenage daughters. Debi coaches parents online and has featured on BBC Radio to talk about parenting, homeschooling, and preventing tech addiction. She has worked in education with children aged 4-16 for over 20 years, performed as a musician for 25 years and studied a Post Grad in Therapeutic Play. 

She is the author of the PLAY HEALING PAUSE Model helping parents to Pause, Play, and Connect deeply with their children in a fast-paced, digital age. 


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Music used on the podcast written by Debi John and produced by the amazing Paul Frazer.


About Michael Jacobus:


Michael Jacobus is a life-long, career Camp Director and youth-development specialist. An internationally recognized author, child-development professional and outdoor education guru, Michael founded Reset Summer Camp after witnessing, (within his own family) the dangers and challenges of screen-addicted youth.


Michael has assembled a team of unmatched professionals to help him coordinate this effort in the hopes of breaking the cycle of tech addiction and overuse and give our children real-world Life Skills and tools to build a solid, successful future for themselves.



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Over the last year or so I’ve been in contact with Micheal from Reset Summer Camps and have been so impressed with the holistic approach they have to tech addiction as they work with the parents as well as the kids.


The Play Healing PAUSE 12-Week Mastermind is in its last month and the feedback I’ve had so far has been really moving and so excited about the behavioral and emotional changes going on in the children’s lives due to the courage and openness of the parents who have decided to pause and consider a new way of parenting.


If you think that working with me may be something you’d like to do then contact me at and I’d love to hear from you. 



Value Bombs: 


In the situation where we have many hours of detachment between parent and child as they are gaming in their room there seems to be a clear link with this aggression and the challenging mental health issues that present themselves.


After gaming disorder has been recognized by the World Health Organisation the program was expanded as a digital detox program because many of the kids were watching YouTube or being on social media and suffering from the same side effects.


Aggression is the number 1 symptom we come across…


Aggression, lack of sleep, depression, lack of motivation are all symptoms we come across regularly.


Tip: Be engaged with the children and the families that your children are hanging out with to cut down the predator or language concerns.

Instead of just hoping they're ok with their headphones in their room change the environment to keep them safe:

e.g Homework in kitchen, phones out of rooms.


“It’s not just can you fix my kid, it’s can you fix the family model.”


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Podcast Production:


Special thanks to Pete Sene for producing this podcast and to the amazing people who funded the production in my GoFundMe Campaign. You are all angels x 









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Small yet powerful changes to prevent tech addiction and gaming disorder.

Small yet powerful changes to prevent tech addiction and gaming disorder.

Debi John