DiscoverPlay Healing Parent PodcastThe Impact of Dance, Education and Parenting on Racism
The Impact of Dance, Education and Parenting on Racism

The Impact of Dance, Education and Parenting on Racism

Update: 2020-08-24


The Impact of Dance, Education and Parenting on Racism


About Debi:


Debi is the founder of Play Healing and a mother of two teenage daughters. Debi coaches parents online and has featured on BBC Radio to talk about parenting, homeschooling and preventing tech addiction. She has worked in education with children aged 4-16 for over 20 years, performed as a musician for 25 years and studied a Post Grad in Therapeutic Play. 

She is the author the PLAY HEALING PAUSE Model helping parents to Pause, Play and Connect deeply with their children in a fast-paced, digital age. 


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Music used on the podcast written by Debi John and produced by the amazing Paul Frazer.


About Nuna Sandy:


Nuna is an amazing mum, dancer, choreographer and producer with Company 3 working creatively with young people aged 11-18. Prior to this, she worked with Zoo Nation, Plague, Boy Blue and other dance companies as well as tonnes of teaching children in dance from ages 4-18.


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This is the link to the Video Nuna mentioned and recommended at the end of the podcast.






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Value Bombs: 


Dance has the power to make you think in different ways, to challenge your perception.


‘It’s about what dance can open up for you and what it can teach you in terms of life skills. ‘


Dance transcends language


5min - Nuna explains all about the importance that youth clubs had in her life.


10 min - Nuna talks about working on transformative projects with young people.


Setting achievable goals helps to build a sense of accomplishment.


‘Teaching challenge based routines that I knew through practice they would get it - the level of pride and accomplishment makes them want to come back and build on it…’


16 min  - The story about how her daughter struggled with racist comments about her hair and how the family helped her. 


17 min -  It’s important to model celebrating our differences and thinking about how others feel with our children.

18 min - It’s important to educate our children about race and have those age appropriate conversations.

19 min - The key is not shying away from those conversations 


19.30 ‘I got off the ‘train' cause I was suffering trauma cause of what I’d seen…’



20.30 min Big hair don’t care…great book.



‘Representation matters - it starts at home but needs to be backed up by everything else we see…



22min - A wonderful example of how a school dealt with racism.


‘Not every black person wants the role of educator…’


27 min - It’s not about being easily offended if someone is trying to learn.  


28 min - Talking about having black and white babies with our children.

‘We’re all ignorant until we ask questions and learn.’  It’s not being afraid to have conversations. 

29 min having conversations about age gender in an age appropriate way… 

30 min contextual safeguarding …

31min - ‘skin is colour of poo’ = a really negative connotation. 



33 min Nuna’s Secret to her parenting success -  It takes a village to raise a child… Be honest and ask for help as parenting can feel isolating. 

I was open to the fact that I couldn’t do it and wasn’t expecting myself to.




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The Impact of Dance, Education and Parenting on Racism

The Impact of Dance, Education and Parenting on Racism

Debi John