DiscoverPlay Healing Parent PodcastWhat is attunement and why does it matter - with Mama Manon?
What is attunement and why does it matter - with Mama Manon?

What is attunement and why does it matter - with Mama Manon?

Update: 2020-06-15


What is attunement and why does it matter? With Mama Manon and Debi John.

Why is it important to heal from past trauma? How does this affect our children?

About Debi:

Debi is the founder of Play Healing and a mother of two teenage daughters. Debi coaches parents online and has featured on BBC Radio to talk about parenting, homeschooling and preventing tech addiction. She has worked in education with children aged 4-16 for over 20 years, performed as a musician for 25 years and studied a Post Grad in Therapeutic Play. 

She is the author the PLAY HEALING PAUSE Model helping parents to Pause, Play and Connect deeply with their children in a fast-paced, digital age. 


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Music used on the podcast written by Debi John and produced by the amazing Paul Frazer.


About Manon:

Manon’s mission is to help you feel confident and at ease in your parenting and everyday life. She combine’s Aware Parenting information and mind-body trauma healing, offering long-lasting, holistic, gentle and empowering support.


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Over the last year or so I've come across Manon’s work thanks to the wonderful play therapist Zoe from Playful Parents and absolutely loved her content on social media. She is a trauma-informed parenting specialist and it was a dream come true to have her on this podcast.

Manon is a breath of fresh air full of empathy and wisdom so you’re in for a real treat. 

 We had such a lovely long chat that I’ve had to break our conversation up into two interviews. So make sure if you haven’t already done so, to subscribe and you won’t miss the next part when it comes out in a few weeks. 

The Play Healing PAUSE 12-Week Mastermind is in its last month and the feedback I’ve had so far has been really moving and so excited about the behavioural and emotional changes going on in the children’s lives due to the courage and openness of the parents who have decided to pause and consider a new way of parenting. 


If you think that working with me may be something you’d like to do then contact me at and I’d love to hear from you. 


It was the first time I met Manon so when we first got on the call We chatted about our journeys into parent coaching and she started by asking me about my experience in education, music and therapy but I’m going to start the interview just after that as time is precious.  So we’re going to launch straight in… enjoy!



Value Bombs: 

For many of us even though we have the right information and know HOW we want to raise our children, many times we can’t because of unresolved trauma getting in the way.

When we have dysregulation in the nervous system, this causes us to live in this fight or flight response.


It’s key to heal from our past so we can relate with our children.


Debi: “At Play Healing part of the Play Healing PAUSE Model focuses on attunement as I believe this is a game-changer for myself as a parent and the parents I work with.


I’d like to talk to you more about attunement. Attunement seems to be the game-changer…”


Manon: ‘When we don’t attune with our kids, they get angry, because their needs are not met. Usually, when there is a lack of attunement there are big rages…


It’s hard to tune to our children coming back to our body is coming back to those gut feelings telling us what is up with my child at that moment.


In my workshops, I often ask the parent: ‘How do you know that something is happening with your child?


Now tune in to your body, how are you feeling now?’


Our body is constantly communicating with us when we listen to our body again we find it easier to tune into their needs.


There often felt like a disconnect from my head to my body…


We live in a society that doesn’t respect the connection with the body. The impulse the gut feeling…we shut down that part of the body..We’ve practised shut down…


To be able to play we need to be in the safe and connected space. 


I’m looking forward to the Time to Pause Event on Friday so let me know if you want to come on Facebook.


Click here to be part of the evening but I can’t guarantee samples in time now x


Remember to PAUSE and look after yourselves guys x Serious love to you all x Debs x 




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What is attunement and why does it matter - with Mama Manon?

What is attunement and why does it matter - with Mama Manon?

Debi John