DiscoverThe MethodThe Method 1/6 : Exit from the loop
The Method 1/6 : Exit from the loop

The Method 1/6 : Exit from the loop

Update: 2022-05-101


We are going through historical times. Everything changes so fast. Change can go both ways: our society can become even more misogynistic, or we could finally live in a more equal world. But to try to build a feminist society, we need a Method. In this 6-part series, Rebecca Ansellem, a French-Canadian feminist activist, investigates how we could achieve a successful feminist movement. 

All over the world, movements are organizing to overthrow the patriarchy, and have been for a long time. According to the French philosopher Geneviève Fraisse, the first step of the method is to write the history of these struggles and to celebrate it, in order not to have to start from scratch every time. For the Pakistani-American lawyer and author Rafia Zakaria, it is also urgent to emancipate the history of feminism from the Western narrative, centred on white women. They both want to abandon the concept of "waves of feminism", to tell the story of this movement in all its continuity. 

The Method is a co-production by Louie Media and Gloria Media. Rebecca Amsellem is the host, and she co-wrote this podcast with Léna Coutrot, in collaboration with Fanny Ruwet.

This documentary series was directed by Alexandra Kandy-Longuet. Soukaïna Qabbal was editing and producing. The original music was composed by Clémentine Charuel and Julie Roué. Lola Peploe was the English voice of Geneviève Fraisse. Stephanie Williamson translated the text from French to English. 

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The Method 1/6 : Exit from the loop

The Method 1/6 : Exit from the loop