DiscoverThe MethodThe Method 3/6 : Feeding our joy
The Method 3/6 : Feeding our joy

The Method 3/6 : Feeding our joy

Update: 2022-05-10


What if joy was part of the method to achieve a feminist society? It may sound a bit naive to think that our power lies in joy, in enthusiasm. However, if the demonstrations are filled with choirs, batucadas, colourful signs and glitter, it is because joy seems to offer a way out of individualism, a way to give political movement their collective dimension. Joy is not happiness or well-being. Joy is not an individual emotion but a subversive process which allows us to imagine another world. 

In this episode, the authors of Joyful Militancy, carla bergman and Nick Montgomery, tell us about this method: collective joy. It allows us to direct our negative emotions towards a fight against injustices. Joy is important in order to escape the "tradition of sad activism" and to live our militancy in a more peaceful way. Véronica Gago, is an Argentinean sociologist and organizer of the Ni Una Menos movement, created to denounce feminicide. According to her, collective organization has enabled them to learn to defend themselves with joy

The Method is a co-production by Louie Media and Gloria Media. Rebecca Amsellem is the host, and she co-wrote this podcast with Léna Coutrot, in collaboration with Fanny Ruwet.

This documentary series was directed by Alexandra Kandy-Longuet. Soukaïna Qabbal was editing and producing. The original music was composed by Clémentine Charuel and Julie Roué. Stephanie Williamson translated the text from French to English. 

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The Method 3/6 : Feeding our joy

The Method 3/6 : Feeding our joy