DiscoverThe MethodThe Method 4/6 : Repairing our desires
The Method 4/6 : Repairing our desires

The Method 4/6 : Repairing our desires

Update: 2022-05-102


Why do women in heterosexual relationships often find it so difficult to express their desires? Why is it often men who are expected to make the first move, to control and conquer? If the sexual revolution was a salvation, we must now carry out a revolution of desire. To repair the desires of women, who are used to waiting, responding, restricting themselves and being ashamed of their desires. 

In this episode, the philosopher Manon Garcia, author of The Conversation of sexes, tells us how women’s desires in a patriarchal society are shaped only in response to men’s desires. Fantasies of submission, beauty and thinness are the fruits of a society that wants to shape “models”. Kristen Ghodsee, ethnographer, author of Why do women have a better sex life under socialism?, explains why capitalism also contributes to inhibit women's desires. 

The Method is a co-production by Louie Media and Gloria Media. Rebecca Amsellem is the host, and she co-wrote this podcast with Léna Coutrot, in collaboration with Fanny Ruwet.

This documentary series was directed by Alexandra Kandy-Longuet. Soukaïna Qabbal was editing and producing. The original music was composed by Clémentine Charuel and Julie Roué. Stephanie Williamson translated the text from French to English. Tess Rosenthal was the English voice of Manon Garcia.

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The Method 4/6 : Repairing our desires

The Method 4/6 : Repairing our desires