DiscoverThe MethodThe Method 5/6 : Embracing nuances
The Method 5/6 : Embracing nuances

The Method 5/6 : Embracing nuances

Update: 2022-05-103


What if bras weren't as essential as we think? What if pink for girls and blue for boys had not always been the rule? What if doubting, questioning the obvious, nuancing, was one of the keys to the method for bringing about a feminist society? It is sometimes difficult to make a nuanced thought heard in a society of acceleration, in which doubt is perceived as a weakness, and the slightest nuance can be interpreted as a negation of our thought. But what if doubt was actually an appropriate strategy?

In this episode, Yuri Casalino, feminist activist, aerospace engineer, documentary filmmaker, and spin doctor, talks about the value of doubt for better political thinking. Not the self-deprecating and paralyzing doubt, but the one that gives us the power to “to question the obvious in order to invent new possibilities.Sarah Schulman, American novelist, playwright and essayist, author of Conflict is not Abuse, urges us to accept the difficulty of nuance. She argues that a plural movement, as Act Up was, is more effective than a homogeneous one.

The Method is a co-production by Louie Media and Gloria Media. Rebecca Amsellem is the host, and she co-wrote this podcast with Léna Coutrot, in collaboration with Fanny Ruwet.

This documentary series was directed by Alexandra Kandy-Longuet. Soukaïna Qabbal was editing and producing. The original music was composed by Clémentine Charuel and Julie Roué. Stephanie Williamson translated the text from French to English. Katie Watts was the English voice of Yuri Casalino

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The Method 5/6 : Embracing nuances

The Method 5/6 : Embracing nuances