DiscoverThe Mojo Radio ShowThe Mojo Radio Show EP 274: Design the Master Plan for Your Life - Chris Wilson
The Mojo Radio Show EP 274: Design the Master Plan for Your Life - Chris Wilson

The Mojo Radio Show EP 274: Design the Master Plan for Your Life - Chris Wilson

Update: 2020-05-17


One night defending himself Chris Wilson killed a man and was sentenced to life in prison with NO parole. His book "The Master Plan" is a memoir of a man who used hard work and a plan to turn a life sentence into a second chance. It's a journey of self-improvement, reading, working out, learning and even starting a business. Then he did the impossible. He convinced a judge to reduce his sentence and became a free man. Chris' story is a great story of redemption, change, study and being of true service.   When people ask Chris what he does, how does he like to reply? Chris never slept in his bed for fear of stray bullets coming through his window. A police officer beat his Mum unconscious when he was 14. How did this frame his view of police? How Chris loved books, and he loved the library as a kid. How did Chris end up in the Hickey School Maryland's long-term prison for juvenile offenders? His son, Darico, was born in June 1995. He still didn't change. Why? What does Chris recall about the night which changed his life? That one shot. What can Chris hear, and what can he see when asked about that moment? The strong default voice going through his head when he pulled the trigger. What was that voice saying, and why did he believe that voice? Solitary confinement. What does Chris remember the most of that confinement period? Everything is relative, even solitary confinement versus social isolation and the pandemic. When did Chris start to dream of a future? What happened that changed his mindset? Steve Edwards and how did he impact Chris in prison? Chris explains positive delusion Chris tells of the old identity of Chris versus today's Chris and what's changed? Chris didn't want to be known as a lifer, his crime or number 265 975. What's his Master Plan look like today, the actual physical layout, and how does he use it today? What is the philosophy behind our Master Plan? Chris shared his Master Plan with Judge Wood, his grandmother, and his lawyer. Is it important to share your Master Plan with others? The Book Crushers Chris gets out of prison at the age of 32. Did he fall into the comparison trap? What is his endgame? Why Chris sold the Corvette, something he dreamt of since a child? His invitation to the White House and being denied entry by the Secret Service at the White House gate. Does he carry any regrets? If Chris could ask his Mum a question today to help him reconcile the past, what would it be? Chris and Steve had a mural of the dung beetle on the wall. What does that represent? What does he fear today?   LINKS  

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The Mojo Radio Show EP 274: Design the Master Plan for Your Life - Chris Wilson

The Mojo Radio Show EP 274: Design the Master Plan for Your Life - Chris Wilson