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Why It Is so Difficult to Change

Why It Is so Difficult to Change

Update: 2020-07-19


When we think about all the things we need or want to change, it can become daunting. But often we make it more difficult to change than it has to be.

In this episode of the Martial Art of Self podcast, we talk about the things that can stand in our way of self-change and how to become aware of these and not let them drag us down when we become inspired to change our lives for the better.

We specifically look at how our thoughts and past can turn against us, loading an additional weight onto our shoulders.

I share a brief story about how I faced such a moment of my mind turning against me when I wanted to change a simple thing in my life, and the lessons I sourced from this instance.


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Table of Contents:

[00:00:00 ] Episode Intro

[00:00:44 ] Why it is so difficult to change

[00:01:08 ] When past failures shoot back

[00:02:43 ] Failures from the past, dooming the present and future?

[00:03:11 ] Losing confidence in our ability to change

[00:03:59 ] The old self taking over again

[00:04:52 ] Listening to your discouraging thoughts

[00:05:37 ] Deciding to move instead of listening to thoughts

[00:06:02 ] Starting small

[00:07:33 ] Doing something that is of self-movement to get out of the mind

[00:08:03 ] Lessons Learned

[00:08:08 ] You don't need to listen to the discouraging voices

[00:08:36 ] I don't have to stay where I am just because I once decided

[00:08:58 ] A decision can be changed any time

[00:09:22 ] Change comes down to me deciding to

[00:10:08 ] The is no universal law of having to stay with a 'bad' decision

[00:10:54 ] How to change in the middle of an experience?

[00:11:51 ] Every new moment is a chance to start over

[00:12:09 ] Change can feel daunting in the beginning

[00:12:25 ] When your past is against you

[00:12:44 ] Don't take your mind personally

[00:13:37 ] Focus on what you can change instead of everything you did wrong

[00:14:20 ] The is no limit to creativity in the methods to facilitate change

[00:14:29 ] We are masters of making things more difficult

[00:14:56 ] The pitfall of waiting for the right mood

[00:15:35 ] Episode Ending

[00:16:13 ] Episode Outro









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Why It Is so Difficult to Change

Why It Is so Difficult to Change