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Fu#k Talent Podcast with Sean Fontana

Fu#k Talent Podcast with Sean Fontana

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An honest insight into the life and mindset of an athlete with a dream and ambition to run for his country over the marathon whilst still growing a successful business and having a family.

I also bring on some of the world's best athletes and really get you to see the mindset of what it takes to be successful in sport and life, these aren't just interviews these are deep conversations on how to unlock your potential and provoke, educate, empower you to discover your best self and live the life you set out to accomplish.

Support me during this tough time where my local personal training business is on hold at the moment so wanting to create useful content to keep you motivated and focused during lockdown 😀🙌🔥💪🏃‍♂️-
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Dealing with Failure

Dealing with Failure


Failure is tough. Failure is the one thing that most human beings fear and shy away from, however, it’s also the thing we need to push us to success.We have all experienced failure at some point in our lives, it’s part of life just like the air we breathe.You may be going through failure at the moment, you may have experienced failure recently like I have and will go through it again at some point.It’s in how we manage our setbacks that help us come back stronger or weaker. Ready to get back to the grind or ready to throw in the towel.In this podcast I want to give you some insight from my own experience of dealing with failure and also, what I’ve learned from studying other top athletes out there.I hope you enjoy this one.You can follow my journey on social media -Instagram-
This podcast is an honest insight into the struggles and sleepless nights of hunger for an endurance athlete trying to get back to race weight.I was absolutely gutted with the numbers I saw on the weighing scales when I stood on them after not weighing myself for months. I thought I looked the same but clearly the pizza & justified dessert here and there was making those kilograms sneakily pile on.I genuinely felt I didn’t look any different at 79.4kg than I looked at 75kg but I did certainly feel heavier when I was running, which led me to stepping on the scales. I know the diet has been tough but I’m glad I am now getting my weight back to a better place and the running is also feeling a little easier too. Hopefully, this can translate into my racing performances too🙏🏃‍♂️
April 3rd 2022, I took part in the National 10 mile Road Race Championships and had a very average run.In this episode I analyse the good and the bad to take into next block of training to help better next race performance.Also, I dive into my struggles with keeping at race weight, which I feel will be incredibly insightful for a lot of runners out there who are struggling to keep weight down whilst training for an event.
Hopefully we all made steps forwards to be a better version of ourselves this year in 2021; Creating better habits in our fitness, life and work. However, there may have been some things that we could have done better in 2021 that we may want to reflect on and do better in 2022.This podcast is here to help you reflect on what went well and what could have been done better so that we have a great year in 2022.Please rate the podcast, life, share and subscribe.Thank you for
New podcast out - New podcast title.Today I speak about my trouble of being bullied when I was a kid in school, how I hated seeing myself in the mirror and felt extremely insignificant around others. Then saying enough is enough I have to change. I started running and it completely saved my life and that is why I run, that is why I will always run.Fu#k Talent is close to my heart as I believe if you work hard at something you can beat the people you think are, "Talented." With hard work we can achieve great things in our life.



To be at your best you must be consistent with your training. That means showing up even when you don't feel like it. Putting in the work before or after work and making a commitment to yourself that you will get it done.Being consistent with your training will allow you to get closer to your physiological potential and reap the rewards of the work you've done day in and day out over a period of months and years.No athlete has ever got to the top without being consistent in their training.
Hey Guys,Today we chat about undergoing PRP, Plorotherapy, injections. What is it? What it does? How to recover properly from it?Also, little golden nuggets on how to rebuild the injured tendon and new returning to running protocol.
The art of tempo running is a sweet science that I feel a lot of people overlook. Athlete's talk about a certain pace instead of asking the question, "Did I stay in the right heart rate zone?"Do you want to improve you 5km to marathon personal bests? Then listen to the stories I share and the high calibre athlete's I have trained with that take tempo running seriously and don't run a tempo session without their heart rate monitor✘ I N S T A G R A M: @sean.fontana✘ W E B S I T E:✘ F A C E B O O K:✘ Y O U T U B E -📩 C O N T A C T (business inquiries):
In today's podcast we take a different approach. Today I answer a good few questions from the listeners of the podcast.These range from what is my weekly mileage to how to train for a 10km race.I hope you find this beneficial and insightful to use towards your own training.✘ I N S T A G R A M: @sean.fontana✘ W E B S I T E:✘ F A C E B O O K:📩 C O N T A C T (business inquiries):, Comment, Share and Subscribe!
We're back with another belter of a podcast with the man himself Mr Josh Trigwell.Today's podcast is a deep one, we dive into why we do what we do as athletes and businessmen. What drives us, what motivates us to get up in the morning before our alarm clock goes off?We talk about how to cope through the tough times of lockdown through COVID. Not just as an athlete but as a human being striving for greatness in all facets of life.I hope you can pull from some of the things we talk about and implement some of these tips, tactics and thoughts we share, on the podcast, into your life to become a better version of yourself.Always a pleasure to have Josh on the podcast. If you would like to follow Josh's journey in athletics and business, you can follow him here -
Chris O'Hare, Adidas & Xendurance professional athlete, husband and father of two boys takes us on a journey through his major surgery, why he decided to go through with the surgery and how he is coping through the rehab process.We also take a deeper look into O'Hare's positive approach towards his recovery and his athletics as a whole. Chris speaks about not having his whole identity wrapped up in athletics and his running. How he can detach himself from his profession and still enjoy life outside of running with his wife, Meredith, and two boys, Ronan & Riley.We also explore ways in which busy parents like Chris, finds ways to exercise even being a father of two boys. Understanding that structure and teamwork are important ingredients to allow Chris to keep up his high level training and rehab.This is a great podcast to help you understand that even the elite level athletes go through adversity but it's in how you fight through it and come out the other side a smarter and stronger athlete.
Today's podcast we have a special guest, great friend and great athlete Josh Trigwell.The podcast talks about how an athlete can cope through COVID, how Josh has coped training properly through COVID, he also gives great advice on how to cope through this tough time.We chat about the demons and insecurities that plague us as athletes and how we are working each day to become a better version of ourselves and how it is a daily process.Controlling the controllables and not allowing other athletes to cloud your judgement and process. Staying true to what you're doing in training and life and being the best possible version of yourself you can be whilst doing that.This was such a great podcast but also a great catch up. I truly believe this is going to help people gain clarity, have a more positive outlook on what success really is and an insight into our journeys as athletes looking to achieve our dreams and goals in the follow Josh's journey by following him on Instagram - #runningpodcast #positivemindset
Today's podcast is a cracker! We have lifestyle coach, Luke Allen, back on the podcast dissecting the pro's and con's of athletes using the running apps like Strava and Garmin Connect.We dive into Ego and the psychology behind how these running app can pull you out the zone and make you train differently to your training plan because you're externally influenced by what others are doing. However, also using the platforms in a positive way to allow you to make progress in your running find out more about Luke Allen -PERSONAL ACCOUNTSFacebook
In today's podcast we talk mindset with lifestyle coach and good friend Luke Allen.Me and Luke dive into why our self-identity may be dictating our emotional well-being towards life and others. We tackle how to cope when injured or looking to leave the sport of athletics because injury after injury may be too much.We also deep dive into setting up your environment for success in fitness, life and business.This is a phenomenal podcast on how to positively boost your mental well-being and overcome those demons.You can also view the live video recording on my YouTube channel - learn more information about Luke Allen, TASS and UMATTER organisations click the links below -PERSONAL ACCOUNTSFacebook
Last week's podcast was on injuries and today's podcast is all about getting you back to what you love doing. I call this a return to running plan.I talk about my return to running plan and how it could possibly be something different that you may want to incorporate into your return to running routine post injury. Instead of the old conventional way.Let me know your thoughts and if you've tried it out.YOUTUBE CHANNEL - to get the latest updates on the new health and fitness videosWEBSITE PLANS FontanaFit (Let's have a coffee together)Like, Comment, Share and Subscribe! :D 
Being injured is never easy but today I talk about staying focused, staying motivated and disciplined through the struggle as it will leave you in abetter place when the injury heals.I also talk about not using gyms being shut as an excuse to slack on the training and finding ways to get round gyms being shut to keep training up.It's a little bit motivational slash rant lol
If you're finding it hard to cope during an injury or setback then this podcast episode is for you! I delve into why we as athlete's maybe get too emotionally negative during setbacks and need to gain perspective and understand that in time the injury will pass. I speak about social media not being good for the mind when going through an injury and how to limit your time on there to allow you to stay positive and in the present of getting yourself better and back to full health. Please like, share, subscribe and comment on how you thought the podcast was. I would really appreciate your feedback and comments. Thanks for taking the time to listen 🙌😀🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️🔥 to follow my journey you can find me on Instagram - Facebook - or business page FontanaFit - Website - for nutrition, training and written blogs
Andy Vernon, professional athlete for ON Running and Protocol Nutrition, is one of Great Britain's most decorated athletes with medals at National, British, European and World level over track, road and cross country. On the podcast we talk about Vernon's career, how he got into running all the way to the 2016 Rio Olympic Games. He shares his highs and lows with us and shows us that even though he may be a top level athlete even the top athletes can be plagued with injuries and have to fight to get back to elite level fitness to compete for their country and also sometimes sacrificing his health to earn a living for his family. We talk about when Vernon, at the time was a 13m 23s 5000m and 10,000m 27m52s runner, had 4 jobs to make ends meet so he could still fulfil his ambition of competing for Great Britain and not retiring prematurely. This is a great honest account of the struggles that elite athletes go through to keep their dream alive. If you would like to follow Vernon's 2021 Tokyo journey then you can here - Instagram - Online Running Coaching -
On this podcast I highlight some of the really key takeaway points that each of the top athlete's I interviewed over the last couple of months. I summarise each podcast starting with top Scottish and UK athlete Adam Craig representing Team New Balance Machester, to 2hr 20min marathoners Craig Ruddy and Kenny Wilson on their approaches to the marathon build and the marathon race itself, to the top UK 1500m athletes Neil Gourley and Chris O'Hare on their ability to win at british and European level, a powerful podcast from Lynsey Sharp on her rollercoaster to the top and her approach to her 800m training, the bionic Butchy on his mindset and how he copes with the big occasion and lastly Olympic Games Qualifier for Tokyo 2020/21 Johnny Mellor on his insight in preparing for the marathon distance. This is just some of my key highlights that I think will help you become a better athlete in training and competition. Again please comment below and let me know who your favourite was and why😀🙌🏃‍♂️❤
Jonny Mellor is a professional New Balance and OTE nutrition athlete who competes for New Balance Manchester Track Club.Jonny Mellor has recently run 2hrs 10min 03s to qualify for the Tokyo Olympic Games that were supposed to be this year 2020, however, due to the outbreak of COVID-19 Mellor has had to re-evalute his next marathon to show selectors his current form for the postponed Tokyo Olympic Games in July 2021.We talk about what training he is doing during COVID-19, his plan to race the Seville marathon instead of the London marathon in April, what his weekly training looks like, his fuelling strategies during the marathon, his great relationship with his coach Steve Vernon and also let's us into some insightful tips on the carbon fibre running shoes.You can follow Mellor's journey on Instagram - and also his business website -
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