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Douglas Karr interviews business, marketing, and sales leaders in this series. While he hopes to inspire and educate, Douglas also hopes to provide you with some laughs as he often goes off-topic and brings humor to the conversation.
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In this Martech Zone Interview, we speak to Owen Video, who operates The Video Marketing School - the #1 YouTube Coaching Program for Business Leaders. Owen shares how he became a leading coach within the industry and how businesses can leverage video to grow their brand and drive sales with video. Owen shares how he's developed his own popularity on YouTube and how he assists his clients... beginning with a simple formula for great video execution with the acronym GREAT. * Grab their attention * Relate to the viewer * Explain your solution * Actual proof * Tell them what to do next Owen shares how businesses can make a minimal investment in building out a studio, a backdrop, and affordable hardware to help them create a video creation station. Then Owen walks through the content, delivery, and optimization strategy that businesses need to take a great video and make it work within online channels. He simplifies the process by teaching businesses the 4 disciplines of producing a successful YouTube channel: 1. Programming 2. Production 3. Promotion 4. Progress. Owen provides you the information you need to produce the highest quality, easiest videos that drive the greatest return on investment through growth to your channel... to drive sales to your business. Be sure to follow Owen Video on YouTube and check out all the free resources his site has to offer. If you're serious about being successful with video - sign up for The Video Marketing School ( Special Guest: Owen Video.
In this Martech Zone Interview, we speak to Wendy Covey, an author, speaker, and co-founder of Trew Marketing ( Wendy's firm serves technical companies (middle-marketing, design engineering, manufacturing) assisting them in driving inbound lead growth through digital marketing strategies. While B2B buying behavior has changed over the years where companies are researching and advancing the buying journey online... technical audiences are unique in that they devour much more content and utilize search and content far over any advertising mediums. It does require a different voice than engineering-based firms are used to, though. Publishing technology specifications isn't as advantageous as developing personas and speaking to the benefits of the products or solution, though. Wendy discusses the research and associated strategies that technology firms are leveraging to drive awareness, engagement, and conversions with her clients' prospective customers. We also discuss how COVID-19 has required a change in the way technology-based organizations are interacting with prospects - moving from online conferences to virtual events and webinars. See our show notes on the latest research that Trew Marketing has released as well as Wendy's book! Special Guest: Wendy Covey.
In this Martech Zone Interview, we speak to Tyler Ludlow, Founder and Chief Decision Scientist of the Decision Skills Institute. In the digital era, marketers and business leaders are faced with decisions every day. Tyler provides a framework for businesses to find clarity in their decision-making. Tyler discusses what decision science is, the connection between innovation and decision science, how you actually "do" decision science, how values and uncertainties can be quantified to help drive clarity, and he provides some in-depth examples of decision-making both on a personal and corporate level that had profound impact. The Decision Skills Institute helps individuals and companies that might otherwise be overwhelmed by complexity, stress, or worry, to overcome those and take action. Tyler and his team have taken 50 years of cutting-edge research applied for decades at the world’s most successful companies and created a framework that empowers individuals to consistently make better decisions, leading to better results, faster. The Decision Skills Institute is the robin hoods of Decision Science! Special Guest: Tyler Ludlow.
In this Martech Zone Interview, we speak to Mary Koberstein, Director of Integrated Marketing and Experience Management Practices at Avionos. Mary helps partners define the go-to-market strategy, drive new business development, build delivery best practices and manage client relationships for CMS, analytics, personalization, marketing automation and digital marketing engagements. Consumers expect personalization – in fact, 73% expect personalized digital experiences – leaving little to no room for error when it comes to delivering a standout customer experience as businesses navigate the current pandemic. Mary outlines: The value of adjusting web pages in real time as visitors interact with the site by displaying related products/articles based on visitor’s purchasing/viewing habits or even different items based on what similar visitors have done – and how this approach allows companies can achieve next-level personalization The benefits of achieving this level of personalization, such as more consistent messaging, optimized conversion rates, higher converting landing pages and most importantly, improved customer loyalty The process of developing a full personalized customer journey without touching a single line of the site’s code-base and in under one week – Mary can discuss her key learnings working with JLL, the technical and overarching approach she took to improve the customer experience and the lasting effects it made on JLL's overall business Special Guest: Mary Koberstein.
In this Martech Zone Interview, we speak to Kyle Hamer, the CEO of the Hamer Marketing Group. Kyle became a marketer through a path we often don't expect... from sales. We discuss how the sales and marketing, when coordinated and strategic, perform far better than traditional siloed organizations. Kyle provides insight into what sales people need vs. what marketing often provides - and how that's a detriment to the sales cycle. Behaviors have changed and marketing is talking at people while sales is talking to people. Kyle provides a great roadmap and advice for any organization looking to align and improve their sales and marketing performance. Special Guest: Kyle Hamer.
In this Martech Zone Interview, we speak to Stephanie Cox, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Lumavate. Corporations who hope to transform their organization must change the overall customer experience. Stephanie discusses "everything touching the customer" at Lumavate - marketing, sales, service, and support - and how alignment across all impacts business results. Stephanie isn't your traditional business leader. Stephanie discusses her journey in taking on multiple responsibilities within the organization and provides sage advice to other companies who hope to improve the experience for both prospects and customers. Stephanie discusses how the alignment has impacted every position within sales, marketing, service and support... and how it's fundamentally differentiated the organization within their industry. Stephanie is also the host of the Real Marketers Podcast (, where she has authentic conversations with marketers who ask forgiveness, not permission. Lumavate ( is a low-code mobile app platform made for businesses to dream, create, and publish an app all in the same day. Special Guest: Stephanie Cox.
In this Martech Zone Interview, we speak to Hunter Hastings, a marketer by profession and economist who assists in educating business leaders and entrepreneurship for the Mises Institute. We discuss the challenges and opportunities that businesses will have in overcoming the pandemic and shifts in business and consumer behavior that have come with it. In this interview with Hunter, he shares insight on how organizations and marketing departments need to "flip" their focus from internal operations to what the consumer or client is in true need of. It's an optimistic view of the future with respect to the pandemic and the challenges it brought to organizations large and small. Special Guest: Hunter Hastings.
In this Martech Zone Interview, we speak to Vice President and Partner at Walker Sands. Erin is an accomplished public relations and marketing professional with a passion for helping B2B tech companies grow. We discuss the three keys to success when selecting and working with a B2B Marketing Agency. From strategy to execution, Walker Sands provides transformative B2B marketing solutions to drive the awareness, credibility and conversions needed to surpass them. They're unique in the industry since they work across the spectrum of branding, creative, demand generation, public relations, web services, and marketing strategy for their clients. Over the years and working with hundreds of B2B technology companies, they've identified three keys to success: 1. How to identify and align goals between the partner and ocmpany. 2. How to develop both short-term and long-term growth strategies. 3. How to ensure the company and associated technology can accomodate and sustain that growth. As companies look to become more efficient and effective - especially during difficult economic times - finding and working with a partner can accelerate the growth of your marketing efforts. In this episode, we discuss that and more! Special Guest: Erin Jordan Spanski.
On this episode, we interview Jack Klemeyer, a veteran business coach with 25 years of experience. Jack provides his insight into the current uncertain economic future of business and how leaders should respond, react, and succeed. On this episode, we discuss some key issues that are near and dear to leaders' hearts during these troubling times: How do leaders continue to motivate employees in a downturn? How can leaders continue to maintain optimism? How do leaders know when to pivot when their industry and cashflow are impacted so severely? How do leaders make tough decisions… without making them too late. Jack provides some fantastic advice on leading your organization through these uncertain times. Special Guest: Jack Klemeyer.
In this Martech Zone Interview, we speak to Janet Mesh, CEO and Co-founder of Aimtal. Janet is an advocate and practitioner of agile marketing with her internal team and external clients. With daily (virtual) stand-ups, collaboration software, and weekly sprints, Janet and her team have perfected the Quick Pivot, a process to pivot strategies based on the results of her clients' campaigns. Janet and her team have built their wildly successful online marketing agency through focusing on a variety of elements, agile marketing being one of them. To market with agility means to be constantly improving your techniques through taking on high-value projects, working in small increments (sprints), and then analyzing your results and continuing to improve them from there on out. One of the most important elements of agile marketing is teamwork -- something Janet is very passionate about and loves to speak on. In this episode we'll discuss: * What is Agile Marketing? * What is the agile marketing process that takes place internally with Janet's team? * What are the tools necessary to maintain an successful agile marketing strategy? * How can it be applied to omni-channel marketing efforts like content, social, and ad campaigns? * How do you keep expectations set with clients on deliverables? * What is the Quick Pivot strategy? In this time where the vast majority of companies had to quickly pivot their marketing strategies - many moving from in-person to digital mediums - agile marketing is becoming an essential culture and process to adopt with your marketing teams or agencies. This episode has some great nuggets to get you started! Special Guest: Janet Mesh.
In this Martech Zone Interview, we speak to Ravi Chalaka, chief marketing officer and VP of product marketing at Jifflenow, a Meeting Automation Platform. As corporations canceled their in-person meetings and conferences, and moved their sales and marketing teams to work from home, they had to overcome a ton of challenges. From interfacing via video for sales to designing online events for marketing... every company scrambled to develop strategies and momentum to maintain their marketing and sales efforts. Since Ravi is an expert and works with a company focused on meeting automation and the associated measured results, we interviewed him to capture some advice. The Jifflenow Meeting Automation Platform (MAP) is designed for the sole purpose of automating the scheduling and managing of virtual or in-person B2B meetings. Jifflenow will help you convert your virtual interactions with prospects and customers into meaningful meetings that, in turn, can help advance the sales pipeline and shorten the sales cycle. Special Guest: Ravi Chalaka.
In this Martech Zone Interview, we speak to Katie Mares, author of Earning Her Business: The Importance of Tailoring Your Brand Experience to the Female Consumer. Although the female movement is interwoven into our social world and people preach girl power, Katie has seen that this mindset hasn't penetrated business branding or the experience businesses provide to women. Most businesses have a transaction process to deliver the service they provide, but very few businesses focus on elevating interaction so that a brand experience includes a personal connection with the consumer and addresses their genuine interests and needs. This branding disconnect is a problem not only for female consumers but also for businesses that lose potential sales and women's loyalty. Earning Her Business is about showing businesses how to transform the transactional service a woman currently receives into the alluring, interactional experience she craves. In this interview, Katie explains how women influence purchase decisions , the impact on a business' bottom line, and how to shift your organization's experience to accomodate them. Special Guest: Katie Mares.
In this Martech Zone Interview, we interview Susan Marshall, founder and CEO of Torchlite. Susan shares the organization's partnership and focus on supporting small businesses with their Salesforce Essentials implementations and support. Salesforce Essentials is a CRM that's specifically designed for small businesses from Salesforce. In true Salesforce fashion, the platform can be tailored to your business, is quite flexible, and has a ton of integration capabilities. Implementing, integrating, or customizing the platform is possible but some companies often don't have the resources or expertise to do it. Torchlite worked directly with Salesforce to develop a team of Flexperts that can be hired as needed to assist your small business. As well, Torchlite offers a number of affordable Playbooks - standard packages to get your business up and running. Special Guest: Susan Marshall.
In this MarTech Martech Zone, we speak to Award-winning Microsoft storyteller Miri Rodriguez. Ms. Rodriguez is responsible for finding, crafting, and leveraging stories that motivate and connect with the modern consumer. Now, she’s offering practical tools to help you become a skilled brand storyteller, both at the personal and business levels. A brand’s story has become so crucial to its marketing strategy that Microsoft has an entire department devoted to storytelling. Unfortunately, most companies struggle to make genuine connections, resorting to outdated strategies to engage audiences. If you don’t have the budget for a storytelling department, how can you stand out from the crowd? In her book, Brand Storytelling, Ms. Rodriguez wants to bring you back to the heart of brand loyalty, consumer behavior, and engagement as a business strategy, revealing how storytelling triggers the emotions that humans are driven by. Her book will guide you to assess, dismantle, and rebuild any brand story, enabling you to celebrate and strengthen your success, rather than simply trying to win it. On this interview, Ms. Rodriguez discusses: * How to tap into authentic brand loyalty and human connection by aligning brand voice with individual customer values, experiences and aspirations * The five essential elements to humanize your brand through storytelling * The Robin to Batman effect: Why it’s essential to make yourself the ‘sidekick’ to the customer’s ‘batman’ in every story * Empathy Matters: Why this soft skill is essential to storytelling in the digital age * Four magic tricks that can rev up your brand story into action, and make it enchanting and unforgettable * Get comfortable with being uncomfortable: Why vulnerability is key in the practice of telling stories Ms. Rodriguez's advice is more important than ever in a time where consumers are demanding your brands take a stand for social justice. Special Guest: Miri Rodriguez.
In this MarTech Martech Zone we speak to Courtney Beasley, VP of Marketing for Walker Sands, about how companies can best adjust their messaging in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Some businesses are going through a ‘moment,’ flourishing during the pandemic while many others are seeing negative effects on sales, revenue, and operations. Given that the spectrum of outcomes is vastly different, the standard We’re here for you messaging isn’t going to cut it for everyone. Marketers need customized insights to better navigate the uncertain times brought on by the pandemic if they want their messaging to directly correlate with the state of their business in an impactful way. Courtney discusses the different ways marketers should adapt messaging based on their situation. Courtney is also sharing insights from Walker Sand's new tool, the 2020 B2B Marketing Insights Playbook for COVID-19 (, to address marketing's place in the current state of the world. The playbook is a peer-based, industry-segmented, real-time customizable tool based on the level of impact the company has experienced (positively, negatively or severely negatively impacted) and based on real insights that not only include Walker Sands’ own vast B2B marketing knowledge and experience, but it also shares learnings from marketers around the country. Special Guest: Courtney Beasley.
In this MarTech Zone interview, Douglas speaks to entrepreneur, John Qualls. John has had an incredible career launching and leading several companies. His most recent company is Purposely (, a platform to empower employees or individuals to benchmark and optimize their culture to improve employee performance and satisfaction. Talent optimization is one of the most critical factors that will determine if your business is able to reach and exceed your desired business results. While most business strategies focus on technical and functional aspects talent optimization should be a central part of your business strategy. With talent optimization, use a human lens to convert your business strategy into a compelling story that will engage employees. With so many companies laying off people the last couple weeks, Marketing departments that were already scarce are now at critical levels. For companies looking to thrive, they need to find and keep the best talent. And for those who were laid off, they need to evaluate their purpose and try to find the role that aligns with it. Having found his strengths and blazed a path in the technology industry, John is now sharing his wisdom with other people and then putting the tools in place to help them. We discuss how critical this is to both individuals and to companies - especially in times of economic challenges. Special Guest: John Qualls.
In this Martech Zone Interview, we speak to Marc Stein. Marc is responsible for Dell Technologies Customer Data and Insights. We discuss the advancements that Dell Technologies has made to provide a single view of their customer across all continents, products, and services. Marc leads a team comprised of data scientists, design thinkers and program managers who translate operational, financial and customer experience data into emerging insights and then drive cross-functional programs to improve customer economics and NPS. Dell Technologies is unique in the world in that they've actually developed a single view of their customers from thousands of different data feeds through a data lake. It's a fascinating advancement and Marc explains the journey they've made, their goals, compliance concerns, and ultimately how the companies within the Dell technologies family is utilizing the data. Special Guest: Marc Stein.
In this Martech Zone Interview, we speak to Jason Rozenblat, Vice President of Sales for CallRail. We discuss the problems that an attribution platform can help mitigate for organizations that are struggling with identifying where to invest their marketing, advertising, and sales efforts. CallRail is the leading provider of marketing software to businesses who want a single attribution platform to capture the journey from visitors to leads to customers. More than 100,000 companies and agencies use CallRail’s easy-to-use marketing attribution and conversation intelligence software to optimize lead generation and improve sales. From tracking calls to website form submissions, its all-in-one platform takes the hassle out of reporting with a single source of truth for marketing ROI. CallRail's platform provides companies with the ability to do: * Call tracking and analytics - Measure phone call conversions from your search, digital, and offline marketing campaigns – including PPC keywords. * Dynamic number insertion - Automatically show your tracking phone number to the right audience. Capture the full visitor journey before and after the call. * Multi-Touch CPL reporting - Use our Multi-Touch CPL report to tie inbound call, text, and form data to ad spend data from Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, and Google Ads. * Record phone calls - Call recording makes it easy to qualify leads, coach your staff, and improve customer service. Easily review and annotate your phone calls. * Set up numbers instantly - You can configure a new call tracking number in less than a minute. Our call flow builder helps create custom call routing for your business. There's no contract required with CallRail and you can try CallRail free for 14 days (! Special Guest: Jason Rozenblat.
In this Martech Zone Interview, we speak to Audelia Boker, CMO of Glassbox about the impact of customer experience on enterprise and how companies are incorporating customer experience analytics and platforms to monitor, measure, and improve their bottom lines. Audelia Boker is an expert who works in the customer experience space and provides an overview of the technology, explains why it is of interest, and discusses what all this consolidation means and how it will likely play out in the long run. Audelia provides a front-line view of how the industry is changing, as her company Glassbox is benefiting from it. Glassbox is a leading enterprise Digital Customer Experience solution, and recently announced a new strategic partnership with Microsoft. Glassbox will actively work with Microsoft and its sales and marketing teams to sell its customer management solution to Microsoft’s extensive customer base, as well as its wide network of partners globally. By combining Azure cloud services and Glassbox Customer Experience solution, enterprises will be able to easily use Azure advanced Machine Learning technology to enrich Glassbox powerful insights, with capabilities like Next Best Offer and other AI based insights. Glassbox also patented its web session recording technology. The patent, “Systems and Methods for Recording Web Sessions” covers a proprietary technology in Glassbox’s digital customer management platform that records both client- and server-side, providing global enterprises with an evidential 360-degree view of their website and mobile app. Server-side website session recordings significantly reduce the overhead of client-side recording and provide visibility into scenarios that cannot be captured with client-side recording, such as bot investigations, fraud attempts, scraping, and HTTP errors. Special Guest: Audelia (Picovsky) Boker.
In this Martech Zone Interview we speak to Jaime Bettencourt, the SVP of Premier Sales & Account Management for Mood Media on the Impact of Sensory Marketing in Retail. Mood Media released a study ( where they asked more than 10,000 consumers around the world what they most enjoy about the in-store shopping experience. They sought to learn which sensory elements have the greatest influence on customer attitudes and behaviors when shopping. What did they take away from the study? In summary... * Sensory marketing matters * Customers are influenced by and respond to their sensory environment * Investment in a sensory marketing strategy can pay meaningful dividends This study provides important customer insights, inspiration and fresh ideas. You'll look at things differently, listen more intently, feel with greater purpose and be more conscious of your surroundings and your customers when you consider the evolution of the Customer Experience. Special Guest: Jaime Bettencourt.
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