DiscoverThe Clear Health Podcast010 - Putting the Care Back into Insurance
010 - Putting the Care Back into Insurance

010 - Putting the Care Back into Insurance

Update: 2024-05-18


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Virtuous Benefits:

There comes a tired when you’re just tired of it all. The lies, the deception, the mistreatment, and most of all the lack of humanity in healthcare. In todays world a business owner and employee now have a similar question. How do my healthcare costs keep going up, why is it so expensive, and worthless in the first place? I sat down with Neer Patel and Angel Saucedo of Virtuous benefits to discuss this exact question. Their solution has far reaching implications on the financial state of employer and employee’s wallets.

Neer used to be an engineer like me but now spends his time unraveling and providing simple straightforward insurance solutions. Neer helped grow his wifes, Dr. Katriny Ikbal’s, direct primary care practice called DirectMed DPC throughout Central Texas over the past 9 years. These types of practices shield patients from the broken healthcare system.

Angel Saucedo has been a health insurance advisor for over 15 years. He has worked for agencies of all sizes from startups to publicly traded companies. As a published author he has always seen the value in constantly learning and finding creative solutions for his clients. Currently he is the Senior Partner at Virtuous Benefits, an insurance agency that incorporates DPC memberships into ACA compliant health plans that do not have any network restrictions.

Virtuous Benefits has successfully helped many companies of all sizes across the country lower the cost of their health insurance by focusing employee education around DPC and Open Access health plans which have no network restrictions. Virtuous Benefits is truly a full service agency that helps employers of all sizes across the country successfully implement ACA compliant healthcare insurance plans that are affordable, transparent and that provide employees and their families with the best quality DPC care they’ve ever At the same time eliminating their out of pocket costs and reducing the employers health plan costs year over year, sometimes in the millions of dollars.

If I said this was truly groundbreaking, it would be an understatement.


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010 - Putting the Care Back into Insurance

010 - Putting the Care Back into Insurance

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