DiscoverHello Body Freedom#28: Stress Eating Cycle + How to Break it.
#28: Stress Eating Cycle + How to Break it.

#28: Stress Eating Cycle + How to Break it.

Update: 2023-12-08


I don't know about you but stress eating was a real thing in my life for many years. We all go through experiences and situations that hijack our nervous system and we enter this cycle of eating our emotions over and over again. Today, I want to teach you how to focus on addressing the underlying emotional issues that drive stress eating to break the cycle once and for all.

In this episode, I'll dive into:

  1. How to recognize the cycle and understand the different triggers and emotions that lead to stress eating.
  2. A powerful practice & meditation technique called RAIN. It involves recognizing, allowing, investigating, and nurturing your emotions.
  3. The importance of shifting your focus from obsessing over diets (and even healthy eating) in order to truly heal emotional/stress/comfort eating.
  4. How to embrace the healing process (while it's not a quick fix, it's SO WORTH IT to finally feel in control around food)

Remember, emotions are temporary, and by allowing yourself to feel and process them, you can break free from the stress-eating cycle. If you're ready to break free from stress eating and create a healthy relationship with food, this episode is a must-listen.

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00:01:09 Understanding the stress-eating cycle.

00:07:44 Understanding triggers and responses.

00:11:19 Emotional eating is complex and requires inner work.

00:15:12 Emotional eating is not the solution.

00:20:13 Recognize emotional triggers and respond.

00:28:54 Recognize, allow, and investigate emotions.

00:29:59 Emotions are like waves.









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#28: Stress Eating Cycle + How to Break it.

#28: Stress Eating Cycle + How to Break it.

Audra Baker