DiscoverHello Body Freedom#39: How to Stop Overeats
#39: How to Stop Overeats

#39: How to Stop Overeats

Update: 2024-04-12


In this episode, I explore a client crush story that genuinely showcases the power of vulnerability and awareness in untangling overeating patterns.

Discover how this client's journey led her to uncover deeper layers of her relationship with food and how she navigated through rebellious parts of herself to find peace and understanding.

Witness my client's triumph over overeating through a session that focuses on heightened self-awareness and major “AHA” moments that would never have happened without going deeper. 

I’ll show you how we identified behavioral patterns and triggers that fuel the old eating habits, empowering you to try it and feel the positive shifts for yourself. 

Listen to learn:

The importance of awareness, the celebration of wins, and the power of curiosity in untangling emotional eating behaviors.
The concept of internal family systems and how understanding different parts of ourselves can lead to profound shifts in our relationship with food.
Why the messy middle is a good place to be.

Ready to reclaim control over your health? Discover how small wins and moments of self-discovery can pave the way for lasting change. Take control of your relationship with food and improve your life. Let's embrace the messy middle and celebrate every step towards healing from the inside out.

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00:00:34 - Client Crush Story: Breaking Past Patterns

00:02:10 - Understanding Overeating Habits

00:06:05 - The Cycle of Shame and Overeating

00:07:00 - The Ineffectiveness of Self-Management in Overeating

00:10:01 - The Evidence Journal: Tracking Progress

00:11:04 - Exploring the Rebellious Part of Overeating

00:12:17 - Internal Family Systems and Parts Work

00:15:06 - Discovering the Root Causes of Overeating

00:16:10 - Working with the Rebellious Part for Healing

00:20:49 - How to Use an Evidence Journal









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#39: How to Stop Overeats

#39: How to Stop Overeats

Audra Baker