DiscoverHello Body Freedom#36: To Feel... Or to Not Feel (stuff feelings down w/ food)
#36: To Feel... Or to Not Feel (stuff feelings down w/ food)

#36: To Feel... Or to Not Feel (stuff feelings down w/ food)

Update: 2024-03-22


Feeling our emotions instead of using food to numb them is the ultimate end game. However, it is easier said than done. So, to feel or not to feel your emotions becomes a dilemma. For many of us, it is incredibly hard to feel our emotions and deal with the inner reasons why they come up in the first place. 

For that reason, I want to share insights to help you learn about your triggers and behaviors and practical strategies to create space between eating and feeling. So, if you want to break free from emotional eating patterns and start healing from the inside out, don’t miss this episode.

I’ll dive into:

  1. The importance of eating mindfully and how to tune into your body's signals around food.
  2. How to create boundaries and make sure we can follow them.
  3. Learn the Feel, Heal, Deal practice of feeling your emotions instead of suppressing them with food. 

If you resonate with the insights shared in this episode, don't forget to share it with a friend who might benefit from this message. Remember, food and body freedom are within your reach. Let's embark on this transformative journey together!

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00:01:04 - To Feel or Not to Feel

00:04:37 - Triggers and Inner Experiences

00:06:02 - Normal Eating Patterns and Emotional Eating

00:07:38 - Eating for Comfort and Guilt

00:09:43 - The Importance of Feeling Emotions

00:11:08 - The Trigger-Behavior Cycle

00:14:09 - Rebuilding a Healthy Relationship with Food

00:14:31 - The Key to Healing: Feeling Inner Experiences

00:16:08 - Learning to Feel, Deal, and Heal

00:17:54 - Body Cues: Hunger and Satiety

00:20:01 - The Importance of Eating Patterns

00:22:09 - Childhood Trauma and Eating Habits

00:26:03 - No Food Zones as a Tactic

00:27:07 - Normal Eating Patterns as a Strategy

00:29:08 - The Feel, Heal, Deal Process Explained









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#36: To Feel... Or to Not Feel (stuff feelings down w/ food)

#36: To Feel... Or to Not Feel (stuff feelings down w/ food)

Audra Baker