DiscoverJPEG2000Episode #10 - Questions and Answers
Episode #10 - Questions and Answers

Episode #10 - Questions and Answers

Update: 2022-08-10


In this episode, Noah and Vivian answer questions they received on the JPEG2000 hotline voicemail. If you have questions or comments, you can always leave a message too at 845-377-3484. 

To kick off the episode, Noah and Vivian collect from a project called Dropicall, created by artist GOODNEWSFORBADGUYS through Mezannotte, a curated platform for NFT projects. The Dropicalls look like little phones, which is on theme for a show centered around phone call voicemails. The piece JPEG2000 collected looks like this

After collecting, Matt from Mezannotte left a voicemail on the hotline, quickly to talk about Dropicall and Mezannotte's upcoming project White Hearts

The first call Noah and Vivian respond to comes from Jonathan Mann, the song a day man and Digitally Rare podcast host, who calls to share his thoughts about how language that begins in cryptocurrency influences the language of NFT art. This leads to a random conversation about visiting the US Mint and $2 bills. 

Kristen Cabrera , Web Developer extraordinaire at Foundation calls in to ask about why it is common to deploy contracts from burner wallets. Noah and Vivian do not know they answer, and have Malone, developer at, explain the answer. This leads to a conversation about chickens for some reason. 

The conversation is interrupted by a call from JPEG2000 podcast editor, Paul O'Mara, with a question about how to mint nfts. Vivian goes to Paul's house to help him. They discuss many things, including what is a smart contract. Sam Mason de Caires, previously at Foundation but now at Rainbow, to explain smart contracts. 

Paul creates his own smart contract, and mints a photograph titled Nitehawks, which Noah and Vivian problematically collect. When Vivian returns back to recording the episode, Noah has aged from the amount of time Vivian was gone. 

Photographer Aleck Venegas calls in from the streets of Manhattan to ask a question about NFT editions and re-editioning. Noah and Vivian talk again about Sam King's project ICE64

Writer Emily Sundberg calls in to ask about JPEG2000's vision for shopping in the metaverse, and what are ways brands can participate without being corny. Noah and Vivian do not really answer the question, but talk about Charmin toilet paper nfts. They also discuss David Rudnick's project Tombs, which Noah and Vivian both minted

A final question came in from photographer David Fitt on the Desire Path discord server, about if it's possible to mint NFTs from your phone. Vivian was able to deploy a smart contract on Foundation from her phone. She later minted nfts from her phone onto the smart contract, called PHONE.  

Noah forgot Vivian's birthday :( 









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Episode #10 - Questions and Answers

Episode #10 - Questions and Answers

Noa, Paul, kristen cabrera, sam mason de caires, aleck venegas, emily sundberg, david fitt, Vivian Fu, malone hedges, jonathan mann