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Episode #8 - Crypto Lingo

Episode #8 - Crypto Lingo

Update: 2022-07-13


In this episode, Noah and Vivian discuss their thoughts and feelings about web3 lingo. GM. WAGMI. Diamond Hands. Rekt. So many words, so little time, so many feelings. 

Noah and Vivian receive a voicemail from their friend Sam, inquiring about what to do about a web3 wedding he has been hired to produce. Vivian suggests the guests should be dressed in DressX. As can call and leave us a message on our hotline at: 845-377-3484. 

Vivian comes across a project called GM On Chain while browsing (thank you to our sponsors!). Unfortunately the project sold out, so Noah and Vivian had to collect a piece on secondary. The piece collected can be found on JPEG2000's context page.  

Noah recalls work from photographer Aaron Ferguson, who had a collection of photographs of GM spray painted around his city. Aaron discusses his thoughts behind the photographs, his general feelings about web3 lingo, toxic positivity, NFT community, and favorite web3 term. 

A few more voicemails come into the hotline, with the callers discussing terms they do not like, including GM, GN, Ser, and LFG. This leads to a rapid fire discussion with Noah asking Vivian her thoughts on many popular terms in the web3 space. This leads to a larger discussion around words (lol???)

During Rose and Thorn portion of the episode, Noah says his rose is a birthday present from Vivian. The present was a book titled One Star and a Dark Voyage by photographer Barbara Bosworth, who also happens to make NFTs. Noah and Vivian impulsively purchase a piece titled One Star #24, an image that appears in the book Noah received for his birthday. 

JPEG2000 is sponsored by, the best way to keep up with what's happening in web3, as well as for spying on wallets. They also recently launched a product called, which aggregates all the popular projects that are minting.

The podcast is edited and engineered by Paul O'Mara, and music is by Yuri Beats










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Episode #8 - Crypto Lingo

Episode #8 - Crypto Lingo

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