DiscoverJPEG2000Episode #4 - PFPs and Online Identity
Episode #4 - PFPs and Online Identity

Episode #4 - PFPs and Online Identity

Update: 2022-05-18


In this episode Noah and Vivian discuss PFP projects (PFP stands for Profile Picture). What are PFP projects? Is this what everybody thinks about when they think about NFTs? Is this art? Why do people buy PFPs? What does it all mean? Maybe we answer some of these questions. 

Noah and Vivian describe their own current PFPs. Vivian’s pfp is called Sprout Ride from the project Blitmap. Noah's pfp is a self portrait photobooth strip from artist Noah Kalina (wow!) 

Noah, Vivian, and the JPEG2000 wallet all collect pieces from artist Robert Gallardo's No PFP Project, a collection of 1,000 hand made PFPs referencing the default profile picture users have when using Instagram. Robert discusses his motivations and inspirations for this project, including One Year Performance 1980–1981 (Time Clock Piece) by Taiwanese artist Tehching Hseih. Coincidentally, Noah's own Everyday project is also inspired by the Time Clock Piece. 

Collector DeeZe shares his thoughts on PFP projects, discussing CryptoPunks, one of the first PFP projects he collected. Other PFP projects have since created "honorary" pieces for him, many of which make references to his CryptoPunk #465, which has a hoodie, 3D glasses, and a pipe. 

Why do people use the word "vibe"? What does it mean? Vivian makes vague reference to a newsletter piece she read about words. That piece is titled "Disregard the Words" by Josh Miller

Vivian and artist Maya Man met when they were both in an art show at the space Heavy Manners. Much of Maya's work explores online identity, and she offers some of her thoughts and theories about how people represent themselves online and what it might mean. 

Some parting advice: If people are being rude to you, they are likely just jealousssss <3333

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Episode #4 - PFPs and Online Identity

Episode #4 - PFPs and Online Identity

Noah Kalina, Vivian Fu, Robert Gallardo, DeeZe, Maya Man