DiscoverJPEG2000Episode #5 - Shredders and God Observer
Episode #5 - Shredders and God Observer

Episode #5 - Shredders and God Observer

Update: 2022-06-01


In this Episode Noah and Vivian try their hand at being lowkey and having a lowkey episode. 

Have you ever wondered why the podcast is called JPEG2000? Well it's ackchyually the name of a type of file format, which takes a big picture and filters it into a smaller picture. This man named Bruce explains it on Youtube. Wow, what a nice name for a podcast :) 

JPEG2000 now has a hotline where you can call in and leave a message. What are you thinking about? Do you have any questions about NFTs? What did you make for lunch today? Anything goes. Call now at 845-377-3484. Noah and Vivian listen to a message from one of the first callers to the JPEG2000 Hotline. 

Noah and Vivian collect a piece by Godmin (incorrectly referred to as Heaven Computer in this episode, which is the name of another one of the artist's projects) from her new project called God Observer. Using the JPEG2000 wallet, Noah and Vivian mint a piece titled ∧⨆∃⨏⊷⋭⋌∉≃⋀≰⨑⨗#1000356

The episode is interrupted by a notification from BeReal, an app that Vivian forced Noah to download. 

As usual, the conversation turns once again to photography, and it's place within the NFT world. 

Noah and Vivian collect Shredder #012 from artist Zak Krevitt's project titled Shredders. Shredders is a generative photographic project, in which Zak explores new ways of thinking about photography as well as gender. 

Speaking of photography...Noah is working on a new NFT project utilizing a motion sensor camera and his chickens. You can keep up with the project on twitter @chickens. Noah says "it's a wild story" how he was able to secure that twitter handle. Do not inquire with him about how because it will certainly be a dull story. 

JPEG2000 is hosted by Vivian Fu and Noah Kalina. It is sponsored by, the best way to keep up with what's happening in web3. Have you checked out context yet? It is the very best and you should definitely try it out. The podcast is edited and engineered by Paul O'Mara, who is also a killer video editor. The JPEG2000 music was created by musician Yuri Beats









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Episode #5 - Shredders and God Observer

Episode #5 - Shredders and God Observer

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