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Episode #6 - Editions

Episode #6 - Editions

Update: 2022-06-15


In this episode Noah and Vivian discuss editions within the NFT space and beyond. Is everything falsely scarce? 

Noah and Vivian listen to some voicemails left on the JPEG2000 answering machine. Somebody confesses their love for Noah, another person asks if NFT shill culture is the new New York Subway guy selling his mix tape, and a nice caller who likes Paul's editing. Do you have things you want to ask or talk about? Call the hotline at 845-377-3484. 

During Collection Time™, Noah and Vivian collect a Simpsons™ inspired piece titled "Sideshow" that is an edition of 15 from Connecticut based artist Chris Piascik, who is inspired by pop culture and punk rock music. Noah off handedly mentions that his Everyday video was spoofed by The Simpsons™. Vivian is jealous :( 

Chris Piascik discusses his thoughts around editions. You won't learn about it by reading the episode notes, and will instead have to listen to the episode. 

The episode is interrupted by Louis The Roofer, because Noah is getting his roof re-done, a process which Noah says is "a nightmare". 

Iain Nash, an engineer at Zora who works on API and platform engineering projects (including Zora's edition NFT tool) to discuss NFT editions from a technical perspective. 

Noah's chickens tell him to stfu. 

The episode is interrupted again by Vivian, who calls to play a voicemail left by photographer Sam King (a friend Noah and Vivian know via their Discord community called Desire Path). Sam calls to discuss his new photo project ICE64, a project which has original full res photos, but each photo also has an edition of 64 photos that are tiny 64x64 pixel versions of the original photos. These tiny photos are stored and rendered on chain, and will live on for as long as the ethereum network exists. This leads to a discussion about digital permanence and also the right to wipe yourself off the internet/curate your online identity by scrubbing your internet history. 

Previously in art history, photographers might burn their negatives and printmakers would score their printmaking surfaces to assure that the editions were truly limited. This leads to a discussion about artist proofs.

In this episode's Rose and Thorn section, Noah and Vivian add a "bud" as suggested by Episode 5 artist Zak Krevitt, Vivian says her bud is that the podcast was featured by Spotify in their Business and Technology section. hint hint apple podcasts. Noah's bud is that his podcast with Paul (JPEG2000 editor extraordinaire) called Do You Hear That is in production. Noah's project Chicken Photos has gone live. Noah set up a camera which is trigged by his chickens. The photos are automatically tweeted to the @chickens twitter account, with select photos becoming available as NFTs










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Episode #6 - Editions

Episode #6 - Editions

vivian fu, noah kalina, paul o'mara, sam king, chris piascik, iain nash,, marcel the chicken