DiscoverJPEG2000Episode #12 - Artificial Intelligence, Smplverse, and Ethics
Episode #12 - Artificial Intelligence, Smplverse, and Ethics

Episode #12 - Artificial Intelligence, Smplverse, and Ethics

Update: 2022-09-28


After a short break, Noah and Vivian return with another episode of JPEG2000 and it is another episode on artificial intelligence. 

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Since their previous episode about AI (episode 2), the conversation around AI has exploded and gone viral. Dall-e mini memes proliferated everywhere utilizing Dall-E mini now known as Craiyon, a text prompt AI image generator. An artist utilizing AI won first place in an art context, and the New York Times wrote about it. With that has also come skepticism, criticism, and fear regarding AI. 

Noah recalls an episode of his previous podcast All Consuming, he co-hosted with Adam Lisagor where he tests and discusses an AI tool called Parlo. Noah discusses his consistent discomfort about AI. 

William Wiebe is an artist and researcher whose work deals with machine perception, and created a project called SMPLVERSE which utilizes a synthetic data set created by Microsoft to train face tracking algorithms to translate facial expressions into the VR experiences. When connecting your wallet, you are prompted to take an image of yourself which is matched to one of the images in the data set. Vivian's Smpl can be seen here. Noah's is here

Noah calls Vivian in the middle of recording because he thinks the episode is too dense and needs a break. They collect a piece from Maya Man's project Fake It Till You Make it

Vivian revisits unused audio from David Young, artist and guest in JPEG2000's first episode on AI. David shares his concerns about bias issues with machine learning. 

This leads to a conversation where Noah discusses his thoughts about the ethics of AI and references an article by Noah and Vivian have a back and forth on the subject. 

During the Rose and Thorn portion of the show, Noah complains about Adobe and Vivian complains about COVID. 

JPEG2000 is edited and engineered by Paul O'Mara. The JPEG2000 music is by piano extraordinaire Yuri Beats. Noah and Vivian love attention so give them a call and leave a message on the JPEG2000 hotline by calling 845-377-3484. 










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Episode #12 - Artificial Intelligence, Smplverse, and Ethics

Episode #12 - Artificial Intelligence, Smplverse, and Ethics

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