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How to Start & Stay in Business

Update: 2020-05-21



In episode 14 of the new Awaken The Possibilities Podcast, Host Terry Wildemann interviews Joe DiChiara on "How to Start & Stay in Business”. Awaken the Possibilities Podcast features successful entrepreneurs and intuitive leaders who offer insights on how to attract success in business and life. 

ABOUT Joe DiChiara

Joe DiChiara is an entrepreneur with a CPA license. He has worked with thousands of business owners over a 35 year career providing simple bookkeeping through complex IRS tax audits.It troubled him that most new businesses fail and was determined to find out why. In 2010, after reading “The Science of Getting Rich” by Wallace Wattles and “Law of Success” by Napoleon Hill he got his answer.

Success starts with Mindset, a subject they don’t teach in CPA school. He learned that this was the true culprit on top of an overly complex system making it nearly impossible to succeed in business. Joe’s primary purpose is to teach the fundamental principles of success combined with the practical knowledge acquired as a CPA. By providing business coaching combined with affordable accounting and tax services he is helping stem the tide of new business failures.


About Terry Wildemann:

Terry Wildemann is the owner of Intuitive Leadership® and a Business and Resilience Accelerator, Speaker and Certified Executive Coach.

Terry's specialty is working with tired, unhealthy, close-to-burned-out entrepreneurs and professionals and helps them leap off the stress hamster wheel. They evolve into unstoppable stress resilient intuitive leaders and practical business mystics. Terry’s timely message guides clients and students to integrate intuition, stress resilience, positive communications and leadership with grounded business systems to achieve success by positively serving and influencing others. Her leadership experience includes owning a manufacturing company, image consulting company, leadership and holistic education center.

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welcome everyone to this episode of remaking the possibility I'm your host Terry Wildemann and I'm the owner of intuitive leadership and intuitive leadership university that is going to be launching in just a few short weeks we will have three schools the business with them all the leadership within the school and the light with the ball is going to be a little bit of something for all of you who are entrepreneurs aren't you need our address here is your wheel of life we've been through com is a low so that you can become a non operable resilient you're the leader who is also a practical business Mr we need your folks we need you to step up and to answer your calling and if you're listening to this chances are you're one of the folks that this show is all about have a very special guest his name is Joe did Ciara hello John how are you yeah Joe is a consumer who transformed into a CPA and what he does today is help small business owners really start off with the solid foundation but I'm gonna stop there gonna ask Joe Joe would you share with us how you created this transformation from entrepreneur to CPA now helping small business owners I would love to Terry you know I don't believe that entrepreneurism made I mean I think you can learn business skills and start a business and be successful but some of us myself included are worn this way I used to think I had some kind of virus because I was doing all kinds of crazy thanks it started when I was ten years old that's as far back as I can when I started actually intentionally stop trying to make money for myself and it was pretty interesting because what I did was I set up a casino in my drive ten years all it was awesome it was awesome one of my friends and me and I made like three dollars and fifty five cents and that was a lot of money seven and from that moment on getting the job like my %HESITATION everyone in my family it just wasn't an option never answered my mom and when I was seventeen my father thinking that you know all these kids on the wrong track %HESITATION wasn't hanging out right around and he was right he he we were at a family barbecue and he pointed to one of the guys who sit back as she yes and this is what the what the heck is a seat yeah Mr will they start businesses business owners go to the vice presidents of companies and from that moment this is what I'm going to be a CPA and I never thought twice about I became a CNA not because I wanted to be an actor I want to learn about this one person that is really wonderful more details about how you felt this is true that well since twenty five years you know I felt actually like a fish out of water to be honest as an entrepreneur in the CPA soon it was like confining I was in a in a cubicle and was confined may it was more confined for the people that I was working because they expected an accountant that was just going to you know fill out the forms and and help them reconcile the bank accounts and I okay I'm sorry okay per cluster yes exactly I I I felt like a and I wasn't going to be what she saw always dog down with my clients and then I would ask them like what exactly are you trying to tell you you know this isn't working you know what we thank you how are you marketing your product what probably you saw they expect those questions from I don't but that was the entrepreneurial side we so about ten years ago I came across a book called the science of getting rich and that changed my whole perspective about business and life what Wallace Wallace shared well is that there is enough resources on the planet so that everyone can be rich and all they had to do was change from thinking about the problems thinking about the solution I think our own will need to hear that again the difference the true way to success is to thank success not competition who's gonna put me out of this let me give you now let me put out a better price you're not there that's not what makes people successful and from there I picked up the Polly hill's first war of success and he went into it from another standpoint he dug deeper into what you know if you don't know who to call in help was he interviewed thousand people over over twenty five years he had argued the most famous successful people of art and he broke it down to seventeen different principles and none of them had to do with creating a business plan right now all of them do it creating a business plan but because I know you're going to share yes then actually he does have a business plan and this is what I what I teach you what's called a definite chief fans and all it is three paragraph statement that describes each what you gonna do now how are you gonna do and what the result is well it's it's powerful and it works well there is a book draw how many people have you worked with that have succeeded using your formulas hundreds but you know to be honest with I I don't know because just like my father planted the seed in my head when I was seventeen and I resented him for twenty five years this is what exactly would you do to me why did you not you know who tricked me into becoming out so I'll look at it as I'm just planted seeds now those students might not take root for years you know I look at it like damn bro you know damn movie could be watering is I think it takes five year before even sprouts and then all of a sudden it's fifteen all so I don't I don't really measure success in in terms of how many people became millionaires you know based on what I've done I'm sure if I just hope somebody a tiny bit if I just open the door for them sorry to be open minded you know to make them to help them look at what they're doing and they're not getting the right results and maybe they need to change Stockton if I can do that maybe that's a success can you share your %HESITATION your favorite client with ensuring their name can you share a story of how you were able to turn the business around my favorite client would be may really mopar %HESITATION yeah because I have the story you know and if you look at the quality inn no this is a book he wrote called out winning the job oh my god what is that amazing and I read that book only because he tells my story wow the guy was the godfather of success and if you look at his life he failed miserably time and time again until one day he woke up he said maybe they should apply these principles a cell and that's what I've been doing this for ten years I've completely turned my business around not just financially you know financial success in the war like I said everybody should be wretch we all can be rich you're rich isn't only measured in terms of dollars and when I wake up today I love what I'm doing I I I believe I am helping change lives one mmhm when you folks that this book outwitting the devil what was the last locally in hill's book and it was a hidden manuscript for many many years up until fairly recently and it %HESITATION Boeing has wife actually asked him not to publish it after she read it she was very very scared of what was in the box and then it got the police foundation had it and it wasn't until certain people passed away that they felt that it was time to finally published book and the reason why is because this book has Hey it's great for the practical meant yeah right the business mistake because you are literally having a dialogue with yourself in a very deep way and he called the other party the devil so he was having a dialogue with the devil who is trying to stop sabotage sabotage not sometimes that's happened charger so you're not waiting the devil it's about out waiting match side Abbas who does want to stop sabotage and it was that book out within the devil in my perspective is probably of all of his books the most powerful of all it was his last book and he even commented that it was the most powerful boss of the fact that you read that book incorporated that book into who you are says so much about you and yes I can see how in the last ten years it transformed you into who you are that happens well business congratulations because it really is an amazing thank you thank you so much and yes it is powerful and it shows how far ahead of its time US if you look at the larger six us this guy was talking about quantum physics what he was talking about quantum physics because what he said basically in a nutshell was the power of positive thinking I was taught when I was three years all our positive thank you know but when you told something and it's it seems like it's obscure OR and once you start practicing it it is you know it's like the whole universe opens up and you realize that you we have unlimited power to do any I'm a fan of Marianne Williamson I don't know if your arms are it she has yes Marianne Williamson has an arm that I do when I I listen to it almost every day for years and what she says in a nutshell is what holds back is what we think is no she says what holds us back is our fear but the sheer isn't what we think is the fear is that we are powerful beyond measure and when we put our minds to it we can do anything N. when I looked at that I said you know what this may this was me continually shot myself in the foot urgent message success because I do not want that responsibility I didn't want people looking to me for guidance you know and it was deep seated I didn't realize I had to do a deep dive into my soul and my heart and say why is this happening you know what are they saying the the definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results and yes all these little things Harry although it's hardly just order in adding up I can't say it was like an overnight transformation in fact I'm still being transferred this R. yeah well anybody you know I'm so glad you brought that up because there are so many people who said %HESITATION when I become a light when I become a liking then I in the last twenty years I've been telling them they realize that alignment is everything okay we're growing every single day we're going to be what we're going to be getting on line the today we croak eight all of a sudden you're work that way you know one of the things I I teach my clients is you know well and I had this later when I get in here that's still be successful it can travel all over the world L. as well where is here we're what do we mean by here because you have to remember I work massively wealthy he I mean massive I mean clients are to write a check for millions of dollars and actually clear and other than it was years correct I'm really involved with it's not going to clear yeah you can clear I'd like to share something that then I saw it early in my career yeah really puzzled hi I understand slowly now I have a client who's worth over ten million dollars on restaurants have money he every time I thought he had ever known these children despise %HESITATION they couldn't wait for him to die again is mine and that broke his heart he was the main guy he yelled he wasn't happy and then I have another client a family that they live from week to week three young children and they would come in every year to do their taxes and they were happy you know say Hey let's figure out how much you owe the iris this year and how much you know we'll have to make another payment arranged that puzzle how is that they don't have any money they're happy that I should salute happiness isn't money it can and like this twenty five year I tried to figure that out I want to be happy but I want a lot of money so it's a lot easier to be happy when when you have money so I share that with you know just to point out that if you think you're gonna be you're gonna get rich and be happy it's it's not gonna happen there's a lot of rich you miserable what moment traction in your you have your well before if you want lots of money got a needle like you have money first and be in gratitude and appreciation of what you already have it's a lot of traction what you focus on art comes about you know and beat that that's a real big thing in in this energy our of prosperity it's about being grateful for what you already have first all it you're practically already great well you're already happy you are already in this knowing open space but if you're constantly when I get rich when I get rich when I have money it's outside of you it here it's about bringing it in Hearst owning it we look at all the people who win lotteries lab water resented the broke within a year why that's a fact what about all the rock stars and sports people together all of a sudden they get this well and they don't know what to do with and it's it's heartbreaking because it destroys people that weren't ready for that range that harks wasn't weren't ready for exactly right there wasn't it wasn't so much that they weren't ready for it they didn't know how to be ready for yes there you have to know that how peace and integrated inside and so many folks a mystery after story after story of people who are earning lots and lots of money and yeah you're right the lottery things of this and people don't realize this right just so many lottery winner won millions of dollars a couple years later they're rock and thank there was a guy that actually won the lottery twice in one groups whites so it goes you know back to what I was saying about with success comes responsibility and sometimes the responsibility I believe can be overwhelming on that note %HESITATION overwhelming responsibility what is it back how can people find you so that you can help them with growing their business from the financial side of the house what does a lot of ways to find him on Facebook at you can go to my website and recklessness builders dot com and you can book a free chat with me I'm with Joe dot com N. or you can email me Joe at bedrock business builders and I respond very quickly if somebody's in need you know that's my job just you know get back to them and and see how I can be of service well no you aren't working I just wanna thank you so much for being on the show tonight are you have sure although a lot of information with our audience will weaken the possibilities audience to my audience if you would like to get more into a database type thing please join me awake in the possibilities group on Facebook you can also connect with me every working man on Facebook as well as on linkedin Twitter Pinterest and on gosh Instagram you gotta get a loner yeah thank you very much for being here today thank you for educating the record the possibility our audience well I really appreciate your time thank you to my audience for being here and listening I'm enjoying and taking on this information to help you grow in mind body and spirit I'm your host your woman and I look forward to seeing you again next time it Kerr

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How to Start & Stay in Business

How to Start & Stay in Business