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The Changing Faces of Data and Analytics

The Changing Faces of Data and Analytics

Update: 2023-06-28


Through actively incorporating the feedback of internal field sellers, engineers, and customers, Microsoft has been able to make huge strides in the development and success of the Power BI solution. Now with the introduction of Microsoft Fabric, another exciting shift is happening in the world of analytics. In this episode of Insights Tomorrow, Arun Ulag discusses his journey from being a field seller, through evolutions in Power BI, to the recent launch of the unified analytics solution, Microsoft Fabric. Arun also shares his insight and predictions for what lies ahead in this ever-evolving data and analytics landscape. 


In this episode you’ll learn:      


  • What factors contributed to the growth of the Power BI community 
  • Main challenges for customers in the data and AI landscape 
  • The complexity of managing various tools and technologies 


Some questions we ask:     


  • What excites you the most about Microsoft Fabric from a feature perspective? 
  • Can you share the concept behind Microsoft Fabric? 
  • What potential benefits can we expect from integrating data and analytics tools? 


Guest bio  


As the Corporate Vice President of Azure Data, Arun leads all data technologies for Microsoft, including databases, analytics, data integration, messaging, and business intelligence. Arun held worldwide accountability for growing Microsoft's SQL Server business with enterprise customers. Arun and his team consistently grew the multi-billion SQL Server business faster than other large database and business intelligence vendors during the four years he served in this role. He also founded Think Business Networks, Inc., a specialized network management software vendor based out of Silicon Valley. Arun grew the company profitably to over 60 employees for six years before selling his stake and heading to Stanford for his MS in Management. 



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The Changing Faces of Data and Analytics

The Changing Faces of Data and Analytics