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#POD Strives to be a Long Form Podcast in Dentistry inspired by Tim Ferris/Joe Rogan (They could be an hour long or two or more!) with the idea of exploring what makes people successful, what is the mindset, what is their learning process, their thought process, why they do what they do, why they did what they did, happiness and struggles that they faced throughout their journey of life until now.
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Today we have a very special guest who is not only a dentist, but an author, a certified professional Co-active coach and a Business Consultant. She is Dr. Bita Saleh.  Today we will talk about what guest calls it as the Fearless Way Method and I was referring to it in the podcast as the Well referred dentist method, the book by the same name- well referred dentist by Dr. Bita Saleh  To understand what we talk today, please keep an open mind and a little patience. Tt does get easier to understand as we move forward. I would agree that it is a pretty dense podcast embarking on energy psychology, dreams, intuition, fears, anxiety, limiting beliefs and so on. We go in detail about this matter and discuss the veracity usefulness both in a "left-brain statistical kind of away" and "right brain imagination kind of way". You would probably have to read her book to get the full understanding but I've done the work for you and I tried to ask all the questions that my audience might ask.  We talked about implementing this method in your office, what to do, how to do it and of course  its usefulness.  As usual Tim Ferris Inspired Questions brings out the hidden gems about the guest and the process of course.  We talked about TM, her morning ritual, what other changes did she observe by doing TM for all these years and so on  It is indeed a different kind of a podcast since it tries to expand your horizon in a very powerful way. There is some food for thought and indeed some fun moments. I was not sure if I would be able to ask relevant questions but she is an empath and at the end it was indeed a rewarding experience.  please enjoy doctor Dr. Bita Saleh from Well Referred Dentist.  As usual All links and podcasts are available at and So without further Ado doctor Bita Saleh
Thank you for checking out ##POD Podcasts of Dentistry session number 22.  Today we have a very cheerful and a perky guest and is not only a dentist but also a CEO of an award-winning Dental software company called YAPI. Yes we are talking about doctor Gina Dorfman. This interview is unlike any of her other is not only very lively, which can be infectious but also a story of a young girl from nowhere to becoming a CEO of an award-winning software company called YAPI. We talked about her journey to open multiple dental offices and reaching a fork to decide between a DSO and YAPI. For those interested in day-to-day operations we did discuss systems in office, hiring and firing process, when to hire an associate and how to keep the assistants productive and happy. For those interested in the business aspect of YAPI we discussed the growth, trajectory, milestones and finally funding by Angel Investors from the company called Growth 33 Find out about what a vivid vision is all about. What makes YAPI a different kind of a company and Loan directly from the CEO of the company. Gina opens her heart about the company answer key about herself through our Tim Ferriss inspired questions. This is an inspiring story and a happy interview with Dr. Gina Dorfman. I hope you have fun as much as I did. Please subscribe to our podcast at and without further Ado dr. Gina Dorfman.
Thank you for tuning into #POD-- Podcasts of Dentistry. This is session #21.  All notes of the podcasts can be accessed at Today I have Dr. Steven Mautner. We actually call him "Witty Mauty"   Dr. Mauty has what I call as "Recession Proof No Nonsense Practice".   We talk all about his successful practice model in detail in this podcast This practice model is not for everybody but it certainly is one of the successful models of practicing dentistry.  Hear his story and philosophy of how he runs such a practice.  Dr. Mauty is like a rebel. and he proves that by sharing all such interesting stories.  He shares so many funny quips throughout the podcast that you will laugh all about it.  We really had a lot of fun . We even talked about having a Dental Roast someday. I know who we would invite to be roasted but lets leave that for another podcast.  He is an outspoken dentist and contends that actually should use a lot of common sense to solve the common problems.  He is very vocal about his divorce, mistakes he did and what fellow dentists should keep in mind before getting hitched or even after.  He shares all the practical advice not only for dentistry but also personal and common life situations  and so on.  He certainly talks about his book with Dr. Emily Letran Session #19.. The Book is called No Nonsense Dentistry..  He is the fun part of the book but I have to agree there is some truth to it.  Of course we talk all about Tim Ferriss Inspired Questions.  This has become one of the classic episodes in dentistry.  I am sure you will enjoy the podcast the way I did. So without further ado, Dr. Mauty @Session 21 Please subscribe to us at 
Thank you for finding time to listen to session # 20 @hashtag pod podcast of dentistry and I'm your host Dr. Panks Dhingra. You can find all the notes and link to the session at Today our guest is dr. Kyle Stanley His Bio reads something like this.  “Dr. Kyle Stanley, was named as "The Next Generation of Cosmetic Dentistry" by the AACD in 2015 and "Top 10 Young Educators in Dentistry" by the Seattle Study Club, graduated Magna Cum Laude from the Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry of USC and then completed a dental implant residency along with a dental implant specialty in Brazil. While at USC, Dr. Stanley completed an Esthetic mini-residency with a world leader, Dr. Pascal Magne, and was honored with the Charles L. Pincus Award for outstanding achievements in esthetic dentistry by the American Academy of Esthetic Dentistry. He is also a dedicated researcher who has published in some of the top international dental journals about topics relating to esthetics, dental implants, and smile design. Dr. Stanley is a KOL for many well-respected companies and has presented on five continents as a highly in-demand speaker. Dr. Stanley is the leading advocate of mental health in dentistry. He maintains an exclusive private practice in Beverly Hills, CA”   That is a long list of achievements for this guy.    In our podcast, he talks about his experience with GIDE and shares his experience of how to go about starting your own implant journey   I believe he's a perfect example of luck and hard work coming together in a very successful way.   We also touch on successful implant Concepts like zero bone loss and the world renowned The lip Factor.   We certainly talk about his AI company called PEARL, the effect of a AI or Artificial Intelligence in Dentistry as a profession and the future of Dentistry because of AI   By now you might feel anxious,  at least I was, listening to and hearing about his accomplishment in such a short span of time that I had to humanize him. There were few emotional moments and that clearly shows the human side of him.    We continue towards the end by asking my favorite Tim Ferris Inspired questions. In the end,  I really loved the spirit of inspiration, entrepreneurship, humility and vision. I hope you love this evergreen podcast the way I did, so without further Ado doctor Kyle Stanley.      LINKS of the Session above  Interview WIth Howard Farran  What is Kyle Stanley's Story?  Implant Residency in Brazil. Link University of Santa Catarina How did he meet Dr. Najad, his partner In Beverly Hills Meeting Dr. Helm  City of Florianopolis , implant residency Santa Catarina.. pictures and links please of the city Who is the second mentor? Triad Of Mentors What is GIDE?  Where can they start their Implant journey People Link: Thomas Linkovich for zero Bone concept information about the courses Digital Dentistry Institute to do Hands on courses Dr. Justin Moody Implant Pathway Program and link to his podcast How did you get involved with Digital Dentistry Institute and Christian Coachman Youngest speaker in the Seattle Study club> How did you get involved with them Share your audition day at Seattle Study club How did you meet Christian Coachman What is the LIP factor?  Where could we learn something like that or someone who is NOT at Seattle Study Club etc  Do we need to stabilize the patient before  we do the DSD..  What guided system do you use? Entrepreneur Journey with PEARL What did you learn the most from your friend/patient/CEO Ophir in next 10 years, what part of the dentistry will be done by AI  Will there be any Celebrity dentists in the next 10 Years?  What practical applications are coming in PEARL or AI in next 5 years What other AI companies you are attached to like XNAV.. what is XNAV and new developments What is your typical week like? How do you say NO to someone or any speaking engagement? How did you curb your Ambition? What is your definition of happiness? Morning Ritual If you could go back and change one career decision what would that be? Hardest decision you had to take in the past year or two Books you have read, inspired or recommended the most? what other podcasts you listen to What do you like to do the most in clinical dentistry? What do people never ask you that you wished that they did? What is one habit that makes you successful?  How do you talk yourself into UNLEARN what you have learned to improve yourself? Giant Billboard question What have you changed your minds on ? Absurd thing that you do  
thank you for tuning into a #POD podcast of Dentistry session number 19.  This is a special episode today as I believe it is a foundational session in learning how to handle things not only in dentistry but in life.  She is a high-performance coach who is always gearing us towards action to win. Yes you guessed it right,  her name is Dr. Emily Letran at  She's not only a high performance Coach but also a speaker, prolific writer and running two dental offices in California along with being a mom of three kids. I really don't know how she does what she does. and this is where we dug deep into to figure out how she's able to handle all of it. she's also the author of several books including no-nonsense Dentistry with Dr. Steven Mauty All the links of the books and other important links will be in the show notes at she specifically talks about all the pillars of her coaching like Clarity energy courage productivity and not to mention influence. We really dive deep into the mindset of this successful coach.  she shares her story, her mentors, books she had been most influenced with and recommend to read.  she specifically talks about the intentional concept, her secrets of success, balancing life and work, importance of sleep and not to mention some uncommon answers to common problems. we of course talk about Tim Ferris inspired questions including some absurd or funny things that she will certainly feel connected to her If you really delve deep in to the tenets of her coaching  then this interview may change your mind how to handle things not only in dentistry but also in life. I thoroughly enjoyed the pillars of her mindset, taking decisions and certainly growing with it. I hope you'll enjoy it too. Lets Welcome Dr. Emily Letran.     
#POD is really honored and happy to bring a guest who needs no introduction. Today we have the legendary Howard Farran Dr. Howard Farran is not only a practicing dentist but also a consultant a world-class speaker, lecturer, author, podcaster and above all a visionary. his vision started with today's Dental his dental office and dental town. his vision continued later with hygiene town and Orthotown he has been ranked among the 32 most influential people in dentistry by Edge magazine in 2017 I have to say he's the one of the first few social media down celebrities with tens and thousands of followers on Twitter Facebook LinkedIn And so on.  this is indeed a special podcast with the most research I ever did. there is so much to learn from dr. Howard for all that these two hours can never do justice. I tried to unravel some great Concepts to delve deep into his mindset. one thing that this podcast will inspire you is that we need to learn how to think out of the box and how he was able to examplify exactly that we talked about raising successful kids and how we can instill a similar successful mindset like his own maybe in our own kids. Moving away from kids we had to talk about business and the DSOs. did he say that he is starting his own DSO or did he say why is that not even possible? Judge it for yourself. I tried to unravel his journey of being such an outspoken uncensored speaker. how he did that how much hard work was put in it? yeah of course talk about the DentalTown and the future of DentalTown covid-19 through the crystal gaze of Howard farran was not to be left behind ofcourse he discussed his stop bullet points how to manage people time and money from his best-selling book in Dentistry Uncensored. he shared what is the number one Addiction on Earth and what I call as the casket test. due to lack of time and so much to cover we could not tell them to Tim Ferriss inspired questions they will be recorded and released at a future date please listen to the podcast filled with humor knowledge history experience and above all versions of a visionary. I hope you enjoy this legendary podcast with dr. Howard Farran
Jason Luchtefeld: Leadership, Awareness , Fulfillment of life.  Thank you for finding time and listing to #POD: Podcasts Of Dentistry. You could have spent hours watching or listening to HBO or Netflix and it is indeed an honor that you decided to spend time with our podcast Today we have very wide-ranging conversations with a very humble and a reflecting speaker Dr. Jason Luchtefeld.  Dr. Jason is a COO and a Senior VP of Inspero at INSPERO is a distinctive community of impact creators and conscious leaders which aim to breathe hope in dentistry.  He also has a practice in Illinois which has a very unique team and setup. I would say that setup seems like a dream set up in terms of balancing life and dentistry, many of you might even be attracted to set up your office that way.  This podcast will touch you at so many levels that you will be surprised We talk about business growth leadership health and above reflecting some core values and vision This podcast will force you to think and reflect what you are who you are what do you want out of life and how to be fulfilled not only financially but also emotionally. We talked about health, and how to handle stresses in dentistry and life both physical or mental We also talk about some vain stuff like shoes and Whiskey on one hand and on the other hand we talked about how to achieve goals in life. There are so many books and nuggets sprinkled in the podcast that you will be compelled to make notes of them. I certainly have made notes with a lot of homework to do. The podcast does start a tad slow since we are setting up the foundation but please keep patience and you will not be disappointed... So without further Ado Dr. Jason Luchtefeld.
Thank you for tuning into yet another dental podcast at #POD - podcast of Dentistry This is session number 16 which can be accessed at 16 #POD strives to be a podcast where we try to unearth the smallest details of all the successful entrepreneurs in dentistry. Today we have yet another special guest Miss Lynne Leggett You have to hear this podcast if you want to listen to someone who is full of enthusiasm, positivity and who would encourage you to be successful. This is indeed an inspiring podcast. She is not only a consultant at her company Victory Dental Management but also an author of the book "You Can't Coach Quit We go into great details of her journey from the pharmacy tech to being authentic Dental consultant She has been a successful basketball coach all her life and she shares how her experience in coaching help solve layers and layers of the critical issues in teams and take dentists to a flourishing career. She is very relatable and I think the biggest vibe you will get is that she's very honest and of course inspiring. We also talked about HOW to actually think about Mission Vision and core values with examples She not only shares her success stories but also her hardships in life both personal and professional. By the time you're finished listening to the podcast you will certainly be filled with positivity and inspiration. Ofcourse we talked about my version of Tim Ferriss inspired questions, my favorite part of the whole podcast. I hope you enjoy this podcast as much as I did So without further Ado Miss Lynn Leggett
Hello POD Nation this is your host Dr. Panks Dhingra and welcome to Hashtag POD in session #15. today we have yet another great dental podcast Today we have Mr Ian McNickle -the author of the book Mastering Practice Growth Definitive Guide To Growing your dental practice or dental group This is indeed a very special podcast because I get to talk to mister Ian McNickle who shares his roller coaster ride of a journey Mr. Ian shares his story of establishing one of the biggest and award winning company called as WEO Media which caters to the need of dentists and big d s O's all around the country This podcast takes a few minutes to warm up but then Mr Ian actually opens up with his inspiring story. There is a lot of shared knowledge, education, and entrepreneurial spirit that will inspire you to do something big like him. He talks in great lent about how he set up his weo Media Company and ended up winning Best in Class Rewards from humble beginnings. Then of course we talked about DSO project. In all the conversations he not only shares his experiences of weo media but also the foundational questions why to even think about setting up of a DSO. If you are even remotely interested to setup your own DSO this podcast will help you answer a few of those fundamental questions and the path that you should take or not take to set up your own DSO. Ian also predict how long does this winning streak of DSO's will actually continue and how quickly you should act one way or the other Please also note this podcast was recorded Pre-Covid-19 so use your judgement wisely. We talked all topics pertaining to social media,marketing kpis culture team success and so on He of course also shared his mentors and how he did what he did He shows his secret of being successful, and his source of Happiness, his sense of achievement and everything in between. He shares so much value that you will want to take some notes like I did. I always love to Deep dive in Tim Ferris inspired questions and as usual those questions brought in a great understanding and mindset of Ian. gosh there's so much we all can learn and Implement from this podcast Let's welcome Mr Ian McNickle for session 15 at #POD
Today's podcast we have a very popular guest Dr. David Moffet NOW everyone knows Dr. David Moffet but not like this podcast we were able to uncover a different aspect of his personality the most important thing I realize is that we do not need to reinvent the wheel when David Moffat has spent years learning from different coaches and almost perfected the art of coaching and business. SO he shares a great information about his coaching Journey he's not a self-proclaimed coach but he has walked the walk work being a dentist and shown results that matter. he shares what he learned from Zig Ziglar Dan Kennedy and many dentist and non-dental coaches no wonder he coaches and has coached in many countries in the world including US, Australia, Denmark, Ireland London and many more. of course he talks about his ultimate patient experience protocol. we did not spend a lot of time discussing about it since that has been discussed in all the other podcasts, and that is what makes this podcast entirely different it was a good interview and I was surprised that he sprinkled some great quotes throughout the interview. those quotes can also be seen at podcast of session 14 and the great thing about this podcast which makes it different is music so if you love Music then you will love our discussion about the great music of all time. we talked in great length about music, service in music industry and Gene Simmons of course, from KISS Fame. customer service is what makes or breaks a brand and that is clearly amplified in todays interview. Did you also know that David is actually a Radio announcer too? with all these crazy discussions we also talked about my favorite Tim Ferriss inspired questions believe me you learned so much in this last half an hour of the podcast that it deserves a special mention I hope you enjoy this podcast as much as I did Let's Welcome Dr. David Moffet  
Today we have a very special treat for the listeners of #pod podcast of Dentistry Today's podcast is more or less like a CE course for implementing Sleep Apnea in your office. This is for the first time that we are covering a clinical course level discussion on the podcast. We have two experts today, Dr. Joe Zelk who has done thousands of sleep apnea cases and Dr. Richard downs who is the dentist with multiple fellowships and more than 40 years of experience in dentistry that you would like to learn and en-cash on his experience. With Dr. Down, you not only learn about Sleep Apnea but also his entrepreneurship experience. I interviewed them with the idea of implementing sleep apnea in my own office, so I go all-in asking them all the questions which are necessary for me to implement sleep apnea. If you think you are an expert in sleep apnea already there is still some great information of the new products I bet you haven't heard of and that is worth a listen anyways. Those gadgets are actually talked about towards the end of the podcast, if you're only interested in them, although there is a lot more for you to imbibe, that it is still a great listen. If you are a middle-level sleep apnea provider you can still learn how you can use their Ala-carte services to tweak and reach to become an expert in Sleep Apnea. Of course if you are new in the realm of sleep apnea you will gain confidence of implementing it slowly but steadily in your office I like to use the word predictably. With predictability you gain more confidence and hence more success. There are intros about both of them in the first few minutes of the podcast so please keep patience for few minutes to get to the meat of the podcast. We really had a lot of fun in recording the podcast. You can feel the energy and passion of the duo. They open their hearts out why they themselves got into sleep apnea, some history of sleep apnea and even a cheat sheet about signs and symptoms. We also got into hybrid therapy and how that can be used even for Severe cases of Sleep apnea, yes you heard it right, even for severe cases of apnea. I put them on stand to find the potential average money that a dentist can make from each patient. It came out to be an authentic discussion and believe me I asked all the possible questions I could think of or what my peers wanted to ask me on facebook and all the social media. There are some specials that both of them have created for our listeners at If you still have any more questions please reach out to us at podcasts of Dentistry at and we'll get you your answers. As usual all the links and resources can be found at the website podcast of and specifically for this session at podcast of So without further Ado let's Welcome Dr. Downs and Dr. Joe Zelk for this amazing Clinical CE level podcast
Today's guests at #POD- Podcasts Of Dentistry is an orthodontist, a photographer, a film maker and a Ted speaker. His name is Dr. Phil Borges He is a Director/Producer of the movie called Crazy Wise at crazywisefilm. Com He is one of the accomplished and humble Ted Speakers and he has given three TED Talks we have been viewed online more than 4 million times. Now you'll wonder why do we have a filmmaker being interviewed at #POD Well he was an orthodontist too and for those who are interested we also talked about bonding brackets and its origin story. If you are hoping to learn about bonding brackets, then this podcast is NOT for you. This podcast is more than that. He shares his journey from Orthodontist to Photography to Film Making. He talks about his experience meeting George Lucas from Star Wars Saga and how he was instrumental for him to turn into film making... albeit.. subconsciously. This podcast is also not about film making and how to be a film maker but it's a journey of Exploration and Adventure about ourselves. He shares his experiences meeting Oracles, Shamans, Koutons and even Dalai Lama He talks about road to enlightenment. We talked about a lot of stuff and to be honest a lot of dense stuff, about his movie and topics like spirituality, psychosis, depression, happiness, psilocybin and what NOT. You will have to be open minded and you will be in a whole different world, a World we don't know about. We also discussed other wide range of topics like motivation, meaning and purpose of life and not to mention Tim-Ferriss' Inspired questions This is indeed a dense podcast and there is so much to learn from the whole conversation that you would want to listen to few parts of the podcast over and over again So without further Ado Dr. Phil Borges
Welcome to #POD : PODcast of dentistry and I am your host Dr. Panks Dhingra Today I am going to bring you a dentist who is a real entrepreneur , setting up multiple dental offices, CEO of a Tech Company and overall a savvy thinker.  Let's Welcome Dr. Arash Hakhamian . I wasn't sure if it was going to be a classic session but after interviewing him once about Teledentistu and going to know him, I had to bring him for Tim Ferris Inspired Questions. And I am glad I DID. I would recommend that you you listen to him at least for Tim Ferris Inspired Questions at the end.  Dr. Arash owns & runs multiple dental offices and runs a successful Teledentistry company called Dentulu.  This session is not about Dentulu per se but about the person behind all the hard work and of course Teledentistry.  We certainly delve into teledentistry in general and how we can utilize this technology in the pandemic times of COVID 19.  We ALl have to agree COVID 19 is bringing us a new norm around the world including dentistry.  I believe we have to adapt in such times and come out stronger and thats where Teledentistry can play role in this ever changing environment.  We  not only talk about Teledentistry, but also how it can be used to bring in new patient to your office.  Dr. Arash shares his journey from a dentist to entrepreneur to be involved with teledentistry.  I think we had the most fun interviewing while discussing Tim Ferris Inspired Questions.  He shares his rituals, mentors, purchases, and many more interesting stories.  We had fun and am sure you will too--getting to know the man behind Dentulu.  For our audience ge gas offered a special deal at Please welcome Dr. Arash Hakhamian at
Today is a very Special episode about what we are facing--Yes.. you guessed it right- COVID-19. I am bringing you an expert in exactly that.His name is Dr. Raghunath Puttaiah. He has long list of achievements and I would only say this-- what he talks about is based on the solid foundation.  If you are interested to know more about his credentials, please listen to first few minutes where talks about that. If you already know him you might want to skip for few minutes before getting in to the meat of the conversation.  The podcast has a lot of information and was recorded 2 days ago on 18 March 2020. so some numbers mentioned will certainly change. Please keep in mind while taking decisions based on the information on this podcast.  Dr. Puttaiah shares all the basic information about Viruses, their Origin, very briefly but spends quite a bit of time explaining what should be done to prevent such a thing. He talks about flattening the curve and what is coming in next few weeks. We do get carried away partying like a Punjabi (an ethnoliguistic group from people of Punjab, a state in India known for partying and good food ) and have some fun moments in this otherwise morbid topic.  We have also posted a Mindmap of COVID-19 at I hope we all can learn adapt and take adequate steps from this great conversation to tide across this pandemic together.  For any discussions, please do reach out to us at Without further Ado... Dr. Raghunath Puttaiah 
Welcome To #POD: Podcasts of This is your host Dr. Panks Dhingra.  This is one of those classic episodes that was recorded a while back. This podcast is with Dr. Justin Moody. He is a Mentor, He is a dentist, He is a Teacher, Entrepreneur, Podcaster and a Collaborator.  He is the owner of Implant Pathways and runs a successful podcast Called Dentist, Implants and Worms.  In this episode he talks about his podcast and why his podcast is different. He opens why is it even called Dentist, Implants and Worms. He shares what keeps him going in the field of dentistry and beyond. He shares what really makes him successful and more productive. He open up about Mentor of Mentors. He talks about the mindset that will keep you humble and continue learning. He shares the quote that he lives by. He shares some of the books that he loves and has recommended to everyone. He talks about some of his favorite episodes and shares a lot of interesting nuances. You will certainly feel connected to his way of thinking and process. You might even think to reconsider your profession. (in a good way) I hope you like the podcast as much as I do. Justin "Fireball" Moody Panks
Today will be talking about the dreaded taxes. They are around the corner and I have interviewed TWO Dental CPAs as in session 7 and session 8. Session 7 will be with Mr. Bilal Mehanna and section 8 will be with Mr. Craig Cody. For those who learned the basics of taxes with Mr. Mahanna in session number seven, this session is like the extension of session 7 with Mr. Cody. Mr. Cody owns a dental CPA Firm based in New York as Craig Cody and Company. He also has a partner with the same name who deals mainly in the real estate. Craig Cody has a unique story—He was a cop who turned into a CPA. You will feel really connected with Mr. Craig. He’s an expert in taxes and shares years and years of experience. He is an avid podcaster himself with the podcast named “ The Progressive Dentist. He very much believes in long-term planning. Mr Cody has offered our audience to get a free published book called as 12 biggest tax mistakes that cost thousands. You can get yours for free at Mr. Cody goes in Great detail about how to reduce down your tax liabilities legally. There are some great sections in tax code which not many people take advantage of. He shares how he can implement for you as the owner. He truly believes in  “It’s not how much you make but how much you keep” Bring a Podcaster and avid learner, you will feel that you are listening to an expert  not only in Taxes but in business too. He talks about his life, his experiences, his morning rituals, his mindset of business, his mistakes in life, his advice to younger dentists and a lot more. I learned a lot about Taxes and some more. I am sure you will too. Let’s listen to Mr. Craig Cody.
Today will be talking about the dreaded taxes. They are around the corner and I have interviewed TWO Dental CPAs as in session 7 and session 8. Session 7 will be with Mr. Bilal Mehanna and section 8 will be with Mr. Craig Cody.   Now with Mr. Mahanna who can be found on, must not be confused with   Mr. Mahanna talks about his initial journey of entrepreneurship. He shares his initial story of starting BLISS brand of vaping products. People only share their successes most don’t share their failures. This is a story when he opens with what he learned in this journey of entrepreneurship. Later he shares about his experience in one of the largest CPA firms in the word, how his experience in those big corporations he was able to implement his belief of “ownership is the best.” He resonates with Dr. Kianor Shah in session No. two At or He explains why and associate will need a dental CPA and how Mr. Bilal‘s experience can help an associate be successful in his future goals and planning. The “planning”is highly recommended by Mr. Cody as you will hear it in session No. eight at He also answers some of the Facebook community questions which can be accessed at like what makes a dental CPA A dental CPA or what are the easiest and best ways to get the maximum deductions as an employer. He believes that Dental CPA is just like a coach who would with data almost with certainty can guide you to your goal. He tries to explain what working with his tax form can do better than the regular or even corporation owned CPA companies like CainWatters. He even explains with examples how could you almost reduce down hundred thousand dollars towards taxable income legally.   For the benefit of our audience his happy to share an excel sheet that will help you determine home expense deductions that is live at   Obviously he goes through a few of our Tim Ferriss inspired questions. This is one of the basic episodes how a dental CPA can be a Dental advisor.
Welcome to #POD Today’s Guest At #POD  is Dr. Travis Campbell Who is The Coach, Consultant, Practicing Dentist, and an Entrepreneur. We talk on all range of topics from start ups, team management, insurance, businesses and it’s efficiencies and inefficiencies. Travis Campbell shares his journey of almost going to sell practice and how he turned it around. All the foundational changes he made to make his practice successful again. He shares all the mistakes he made during his journey practicing as a dentist and how he learned from his mistakes and now coaching our audience. He discusses the perks of being owner of the dental offixe and how to figure out if you even want to be a business owner. we had a good discussion about how to balance between clinical dentistry volume of the clinical dentistry profits and still enjoy the dentistry with least amount of stress /—I call this as the catch 22 situation. He explains the reasons for him firing 40 employees in the first five years of opening the dental office versus firing only one or two in the past five years. He shares a lot of personal examples of managing the staff managing the team members and insurance. He shares what is the biggest issue that gives the most grief to the dentist. He also differentiates the thought process between a dentist and the insurance company and now he gets almost all of his insurance claims paid. He also delves into marketing and discuss in detail about the return of investment. We discuss in detail about the methodology to make more efficiency and profit in the office. he discusses who should hire a coach if it all and what changes that we need to make before hiring a coach or a consultant for the office. He talks in detail about the most common inefficiencies in the office and how to reduce them by giving examples from his own personal and dental life. obviously we share and discuss our Tim Ferriss inspired questions, morning rituals, best purchases, best books and so on. Last but not the least he touches about the abundance and clarity mindset. I hope you like this wide range of conversations as much as I do. Without further ado, Dr. Travis Campbell at
Welcome to Podcasts of Dentistry #POD. This is session #2. Todays Session is with the podcaster Dr. Bilal Saib of The Passionate Dentist, This is really a special episode and I throughly enjoyed this episode with Dr. Bilal. I do my own editing and every time I heard the podcast, I smiled. So indeed it is a fun episode.  He is a not only a dentist but also a podcaster and a Triathlete. He discusses everything from podcasting, to Trump To Life. Yes, you heard it right Trump. We talk about his podcast, and why he is in hiatus doing any more podcasts, where is he focussed now and why there is change in his focus. [For someone who is not interested in the process of doing podcasting (or not) please skip to 17:35. He shares his tips and tricks to start exercising and remain healthy. He shares his passion for teaching and his favorite books. He also explains what does he mean by giving back to life and why is that important?  Talking about everything he opens up his secret of happiness and his secret of being successful.  This episode seems like a classic episode to understand all the little nuisances in life that I can listen to it again and again.  I hope you like this session as much as I do. Please enjoy Dr. B.
Welcome to #POD : PODcast of dentistry and I am your host Dr. Panks Dhingra Today's guest is none other than Grace from and  We go through a range of conversations and there's a lot that we can learn from these conversations. These conversations should make us think the way that we should be building and implementing systems in our offices. I see these conversations with Grace as a stepping stone to set up systems in the offices in a way that work. She shares her weekly schedule and the schedule that makes her being so productive and what her structured week looks like. She shares all her learning experiences of managing a team, and how we can implement that in our Dental offices. She also shares why she rants in her podcasts and how she intends to use those podcasts to educate dental offices/managers/Owners to achieve marketing success. She shares how she got into dentistry and how she survived her first year in business, what she ate at that time. Well the food is actually more symbolic but it does show a great quality of a start up and of course Grace's. She shares her favorite rant and why she believes that the customer is NOT always right She also opens up what her definition of success and who she considers successful. She opens up what she calls as a Business Karma, what is it and how does it impact everybody who's in the business. She shares her morning ritual and she opens up what she does on Super Tuesdays every week . She also shares what her rigorous marketing process is, who is her ideal client and red flags that we should look for before hiring a marketing agency. She talks about team management and training the staff and not to mention she answers my favorite Tim Ferris Inspired Questions, with books, purchases quotes, and many many more. I hope you like the session as much as I do.
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