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#POD Strives to be a Long Form Podcast in Dentistry inspired by Tim Ferris/Joe Rogan (They could be an hour long or two or more!) with the idea of exploring what makes people successful, what is the mindset, what is their learning process, their thought process, why they do what they do, why they did what they did, happiness and struggles that they faced throughout their journey of life until now.
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Today will be talking about the dreaded taxes. They are around the corner and I have interviewed TWO Dental CPAs as in session 7 and session 8. Session 7 will be with Mr. Bilal Mehanna and section 8 will be with Mr. Craig Cody.For those who learned the basics of taxes with Mr. Mahanna in session number seven, this session is like the extension of session 7 with Mr. Cody. Mr. Cody owns a dental CPA Firm based in New York as Craig Cody and Company. He also has a partner with the same name who deals mainly in the real estate.Craig Cody has a unique story—He was a cop who turned into a CPA. You will feel really connected with Mr. Craig. He’s an expert in taxes and shares years and years of experience.He is an avid podcaster himself with the podcast named “ The Progressive Dentist. He very much believes in long-term planning. Mr Cody has offered our audience to get a free published book called as 12 biggest tax mistakes that cost thousands. You can get yours for free at Cody goes in Great detail about how to reduce down your tax liabilities legally. There are some great sections in tax code which not many people take advantage of. He shares how he can implement for you as the owner. He truly believes in  “It’s not how much you make but how much you keep”Bring a Podcaster and avid learner, you will feel that you are listening to an expert  not only in Taxes but in business too. He talks about his life, his experiences, his morning rituals, his mindset of business, his mistakes in life, his advice to younger dentists and a lot more.I learned a lot about Taxes and some more. I am sure you will too.Let’s listen to Mr. Craig Cody.
Today will be talking about the dreaded taxes. They are around the corner and I have interviewed TWO Dental CPAs as in session 7 and session 8. Session 7 will be with Mr. Bilal Mehanna and section 8 will be with Mr. Craig Cody. Now with Mr. Mahanna who can be found on, must not be confused with Mr. Mahanna talks about his initial journey of entrepreneurship. He shares his initial story of starting BLISS brand of vaping products. People only share their successes most don’t share their failures.This is a story when he opens with what he learned in this journey of entrepreneurship.Later he shares about his experience in one of the largest CPA firms in the word, how his experience in those big corporations he was able to implement his belief of “ownership is the best.”He resonates with Dr. Kianor Shah in session No. two At or explains why and associate will need a dental CPA and how Mr. Bilal‘s experience can help an associate be successful in his future goals and planning. The “planning”is highly recommended by Mr. Cody as you will hear it in session No. eight at also answers some of the Facebook community questions which can be accessed at like what makes a dental CPA A dental CPA or what are the easiest and best ways to get the maximum deductions as an employer.He believes that Dental CPA is just like a coach who would with data almost with certainty can guide you to your goal.He tries to explain what working with his tax form can do better than the regular or even corporation owned CPA companies like CainWatters.He even explains with examples how could you almost reduce down hundred thousand dollars towards taxable income legally. For the benefit of our audience his happy to share an excel sheet that will help you determine home expense deductions that is live at Obviously he goes through a few of our Tim Ferriss inspired questions. This is one of the basic episodes how a dental CPA can be a Dental advisor.
Welcome to #POD PodcastOfDentistry.comToday’s Guest At #POD  is Dr. Travis Campbell Who is The Coach, Consultant, Practicing Dentist, and an Entrepreneur.We talk on all range of topics from start ups, team management, insurance, businesses and it’s efficiencies and inefficiencies.Travis Campbell shares his journey of almost going to sell practice and how he turned it around. All the foundational changes he made to make his practice successful again. He shares all the mistakes he made during his journey practicing as a dentist and how he learned from his mistakes and now coaching our audience.He discusses the perks of being owner of the dental offixe and how to figure out if you even want to be a business owner. we had a good discussion about how to balance between clinical dentistry volume of the clinical dentistry profits and still enjoy the dentistry with least amount of stress /—I call this as the catch 22 situation.He explains the reasons for him firing 40 employees in the first five years of opening the dental office versus firing only one or two in the past five years. He shares a lot of personal examples of managing the staff managing the team members and insurance.He shares what is the biggest issue that gives the most grief to the dentist. He also differentiates the thought process between a dentist and the insurance company and now he gets almost all of his insurance claims paid. He also delves into marketing and discuss in detail about the return of investment.We discuss in detail about the methodology to make more efficiency and profit in the office. he discusses who should hire a coach if it all and what changes that we need to make before hiring a coach or a consultant for the office. He talks in detail about the most common inefficiencies in the office and how to reduce them by giving examples from his own personal and dental life. obviously we share and discuss our Tim Ferriss inspired questions, morning rituals, best purchases, best books and so on. Last but not the least he touches about the abundance and clarity mindset. I hope you like this wide range of conversations as much as I do. Without further ado, Dr. Travis Campbell at
Welcome to Podcasts of Dentistry #POD. This is session #2. Todays Session is with the podcaster Dr. Bilal Saib of The Passionate Dentist,This is really a special episode and I throughly enjoyed this episode with Dr. Bilal. I do my own editing and every time I heard the podcast, I smiled. So indeed it is a fun episode. He is a not only a dentist but also a podcaster and a Triathlete. He discusses everything from podcasting, to Trump To Life. Yes, you heard it right Trump. We talk about his podcast, and why he is in hiatus doing any more podcasts, where is he focussed now and why there is change in his focus. [For someone who is not interested in the process of doing podcasting (or not) please skip to 17:35.He shares his tips and tricks to start exercising and remain healthy. He shares his passion for teaching and his favorite books. He also explains what does he mean by giving back to life and why is that important? Talking about everything he opens up his secret of happiness and his secret of being successful. This episode seems like a classic episode to understand all the little nuisances in life that I can listen to it again and again. I hope you like this session as much as I do. Please enjoy Dr. B.
Welcome to #POD : PODcast of dentistry and I am your host Dr. Panks DhingraToday's guest is none other than Grace from and We go through a range of conversations and there's a lot that we can learn from these conversations.These conversations should make us think the way that we should be building and implementing systems in our offices. I see these conversations with Grace as a stepping stone to set up systems in the offices in a way that work.She shares her weekly schedule and the schedule that makes her being so productive and what her structured week looks like.She shares all her learning experiences of managing a team, and how we can implement that in our Dental offices.She also shares why she rants in her podcasts and how she intends to use those podcasts to educate dental offices/managers/Owners to achieve marketing success.She shares how she got into dentistry and how she survived her first year in business, what she ate at that time.Well the food is actually more symbolic but it does show a great quality of a start up and of course Grace's.She shares her favorite rant and why she believes that the customer is NOT always rightShe also opens up what her definition of success and who she considers successful.She opens up what she calls as a Business Karma, what is it and how does it impact everybody who's in the business.She shares her morning ritual and she opens up what she does on Super Tuesdays every week .She also shares what her rigorous marketing process is, who is her ideal client and red flags that we should look for before hiring a marketing agency.She talks about team management and training the staff and not to mention she answers my favorite Tim Ferris Inspired Questions, with books, purchases quotes, and many many more.I hope you like the session as much as I do.
 Welcome to Podcasts of Dentistry #POD. This is session #3. Todays Session is with the podcaster Johnathan Van Horn, of Start your dental practice podcast. He is a writer, CPA, and intimately related to the world of dentistry. He discusses everything from podcasting, to his Garage Band. We talk about his podcast, his techniques, his confession about naming DentistMetrics, how he entered dentistry, and got his first client, his story about being a guitar player to his best purchase. We even delve into talking about self awareness and how to get it. I am just a novice in the whole game of self awareness but listening to him i feel I can do some of it. His morning rituals, his productive hacks and tricks, his favorite episodes from SYDP, his favorite books and everything in between.I hope you like this session as much as I do.
Welcome to #POD- PODcasts Of Dentistry.Todays Guest is None Other Than Dr.Kianor Shah. He shares his The Journey To Autonomy, Freedom and Unifying Dentists He shares how he got his 50K followers, his typical week/month, his way of being most productive both at work and businesses, his reasons of working on the businesses like Implant Extraction Academy and Global Summit 2020, his motivation to do MBA being a dentist, his definition and experience of business, his passionate opinion about Corporate Dentistry and DSOs, his successes his failures, his quotes, advices to younger self and our favorite Tim Ferriss Inspired QuestionsI hope you enjoy the Show as much as I do.Panks
Welcome to #POD- PODcasts Of Dentistry.Todays Guest is None Other Than Dr. Bill Williams. He shares his Journey from being a student to the Mentor of Mentors and Rewiring/Retirement. He shares a lot of information that can help the New Associates or owners or seasoned dentists managers and everyone in between. He talks about his traits, his training, Mentors, his new patient experience, his take on marketing, how he is able to attract patients who can buy great dentistry, what he wants to do next, how he is thinking of retiring or rewiring, what he his excited about and my very favorite Tim Ferriss Inspired Questions. I hope you enjoy the Show as much as I do.Panks
Now why another Dental Podcast? How is this Podcast Any Different?Check out my WHY and How to make the best of this podcast. Best,Dr. Panks
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