Discover#POD: PODcasts of DentistryImplementing Sleep Apnea In Your Office with Dr. Downs and Dr. Joe Zelk
Implementing Sleep Apnea In Your Office with Dr. Downs and Dr. Joe Zelk

Implementing Sleep Apnea In Your Office with Dr. Downs and Dr. Joe Zelk

Update: 2020-05-26


Today we have a very special treat for the listeners of #pod podcast of Dentistry

Today's podcast is more or less like a CE course for implementing Sleep Apnea in your office.

This is for the first time that we are covering a clinical course level discussion on the podcast.

We have two experts today, Dr. Joe Zelk who has done thousands of sleep apnea cases and

Dr. Richard downs who is the dentist with multiple fellowships and more than 40 years of experience in dentistry that you would like to learn and en-cash on his experience.With Dr. Down, you not only learn about Sleep Apnea but also his entrepreneurship experience.

I interviewed them with the idea of implementing sleep apnea in my own office, so I go all-in asking them all the questions which are necessary for me to implement sleep apnea.

If you think you are an expert in sleep apnea already there is still some great information of the new products I bet you haven't heard of and that is worth a listen anyways. Those gadgets are actually talked about towards the end of the podcast, if you're only interested in them, although there is a lot more for you to imbibe, that it is still a great listen.

If you are a middle-level sleep apnea provider you can still learn how you can use their Ala-carte services to tweak and reach to become an expert in Sleep Apnea.

Of course if you are new in the realm of sleep apnea you will gain confidence of implementing it slowly but steadily in your office I like to use the word predictably.

With predictability you gain more confidence and hence more success.

There are intros about both of them in the first few minutes of the podcast so please keep patience for few minutes to get to the meat of the podcast.

We really had a lot of fun in recording the podcast. You can feel the energy and passion of the duo.

They open their hearts out why they themselves got into sleep apnea, some history of sleep apnea and even a cheat sheet about signs and symptoms. We also got into hybrid therapy and how that can be used even for Severe cases of Sleep apnea, yes you heard it right, even for severe cases of apnea.

I put them on stand to find the potential average money that a dentist can make from each patient.

It came out to be an authentic discussion and believe me I asked all the possible questions I could think of or what my peers wanted to ask me on facebook and all the social media.

There are some specials that both of them have created for our listeners at

If you still have any more questions please reach out to us at podcasts of Dentistry at and we'll get you your answers.

As usual all the links and resources can be found at the website podcast of and specifically for this session at podcast of

So without further Ado let's Welcome Dr. Downs and Dr. Joe Zelk for this amazing Clinical CE level podcast

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Implementing Sleep Apnea In Your Office with Dr. Downs and Dr. Joe Zelk

Implementing Sleep Apnea In Your Office with Dr. Downs and Dr. Joe Zelk

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