DiscoverBioCurious82. Sex and Skin with Anti-Aging Expert Dr. Amy Killen
82. Sex and Skin with Anti-Aging Expert Dr. Amy Killen

82. Sex and Skin with Anti-Aging Expert Dr. Amy Killen

Update: 2021-02-09


In this episode, you will learn about increasing longevity, taking care of your skin, and optimizing sexual function. Amy Killen MD is an anti-aging and regenerative physician specializing in sexual optimization, aesthetics, and longevity medicine. Board-certified in emergency medicine with ten years of ER experience, Dr. Killen saw the impact of unchecked chronic disease and disability from the front lines before transitioning to anti-aging and regenerative medicine.

This episode features a lot of laughs and most importantly, helpful tips and tricks on how to get clear skin and optimize your sexual function. Dr. Amy and Kayla talk about increasing longevity and thinking about aging as a disease with natural ways to live longer. The end of this episode features a live Q&A where you get answers to questions you didn’t even know you had.

Season 3 is starting off strong and this episode is packed with information you’ll love and use, so go ahead and give it a listen!


An international speaker, clinical practice owner, medical director of a national regenerative medicine physician training course, author, and frequent media guest, Dr. Killen has become an outspoken advocate for empowering patients to look and feel their best by merging lifestyle modification, hormone optimization, personalized medicine and regenerative therapies.


03:47 — Increasing Longevity

Thinking of aging as a disease vs a natural process

Inflammation: the cause of (basically) all your health problems

How to enhance longevity

Handling stress with a busy lifestyle

Dr. Killen’s morning routine

13:24 — A Step Closer to Clear Skin

The importance of sunblock

Using antioxidants & vitamins to help calm your skin

Microneedling to increase collagen production

Combating hormonal acne & treatments

Causes of graying hair and the perks of being blonde

Peptide 101: Starting off with BPC-157

29:26 — Sexual Optimization

Optimizing sexual function

Improving tissue health & increasing blood flow

Dealing with urinary incontinence for women

Tired of Kegels? Try Intensity or Apex

The Lioness: tracking your orgasms

41:03 — Live Q&A

How to deal with forehead veins

Dealing with sports acne

Addressing the potential link between hyaluronic acid and cancer

Using hyaluronic acid products for anti-aging & the results

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82. Sex and Skin with Anti-Aging Expert Dr. Amy Killen

82. Sex and Skin with Anti-Aging Expert Dr. Amy Killen

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