DiscoverBioCurious84. Biotech for Health Optimization with Biostrap Labs
84. Biotech for Health Optimization with Biostrap Labs

84. Biotech for Health Optimization with Biostrap Labs

Update: 2021-02-24


In this episode, you will learn about Biostrap Labs, the importance of data integrity, how you can use data to optimize your health, and what to look out for in the field of biotech. Sameer Sontakey is the CEO and Co-Founder of Biostrap Labs and has over 10 years of experience in software engineering. Kevin Longoria is a clinical exercise physiologist and the Chief Science Officer at Biostrap Labs and is an advocate for an integrative approach to health and fitness.
This episode dives deep into the data behind Biostrap Labs and why it stands out from its competitors. You will learn how you can apply biometric data to your own life to optimize your health, and why it’s important to look into the research before you invest in new products. Kevin and Sameer talk about what to look forward to in biotech and how biotech can help us take a proactive approach to our health.
If you want to learn more about biotech from two experts in the field, this is the episode for you!
Sameer Sontakey: With over 10-years of experience in software engineering, Sameer created Biostrap to provide the world’s most advanced, science-based platform to improve global health. With a computer science background, Sameer has architected and built frontend applications, backend services, and set up data pipelines for big data.
Kevin Longoria: His expertise in the field of health and performance restoration and optimization has led him to work with populations ranging from clients with severely compromised health to elite athletes such as Olympic Gold Medalist Henry Cejudo. Additionally, Kevin’s passion for research and education has led to a role as an international public educator for health & fitness professionals surrounding his integrative approach that emphasized the importance of the mind and gut in conjunction with the physical body.
07:08 — The Data Behind Biostrap
The use of red vs green PPG sensors
Not sacrificing data integrity for speed
Checking data 29 different ways before returning it to you
Making meaningful use of your data
The importance of clinical validation
12:19 — The Research & Why it’s Important
The unregulated commercial landscape industry
Testing the claims of other companies
Validating research of other biotech companies
How to collect your own data
Determining whether your investment is safe
17:14 — How To Apply Your Own Data
Technology can put you on the right path
Using data to set your day
Applying the right dose of stress to improve sleep
Understanding how to define health and fitness
26:24 — Up & Coming In Biotech
Covid research led to an increase in biometric symptoms & research
Taking a proactive approach to health instead of a reactive
Why people are more open to using technology
Taking ownership of your health
Using data to improve health

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84. Biotech for Health Optimization with Biostrap Labs

84. Biotech for Health Optimization with Biostrap Labs

Kayla Osterhoff