DiscoverBioCurious83. His & Hers Biohacks with Sean McCormick
83. His & Hers Biohacks with Sean McCormick

83. His & Hers Biohacks with Sean McCormick

Update: 2021-02-16


In this episode, our guest Sean McCormick talks about his new project and the products and tools he uses to optimize his life. As the host of the Optimal Performance Podcast, he is well-versed in all things biohacking and has talked with hundreds of guest experts about the best ways to improve physical and mental health. In a snapshot, Sean is interested in results, consciousness, and getting the most out of the least effort. 

You will learn about the "virtual biohacking assistant," Sean’s favorite products (he has a lot), and how to manage stress. Sean and Kayla also go over the differences in biohacking for men and women, and the importance of paying attention to your hormones. After listening, you might even start a conversation about it at the dinner table (reference to 17:20 of this episode).  

If you’re looking for new products and want to learn more about his & hers biohacks, this episode is definitely worth the listen. 


Sean McCormick is a life coach and the host of the Optimal Performance Podcast. Before getting here, he started a highly rated flotation therapy center in Seattle to help athletes recover. He is passionate about biohacking because it allows him to be the best inside and out and spend time doing what he loves.


07:00 — The Virtual Biohacking Assistant

A beginners guide to biohacking

Tailoring the resources to the individual, custom is key

The importance of bio-individuality for women 

The 4 stages of the hormone cycle

Applying info from the Optimal Performance Podcast

20:00 — Sean’s Favorite Products for Longevity

For Supplements:,

For CBD:

For Your Mental State:

Using a breath ionizer

Importance of blue-blocking glasses 

27:00 — All About Hormones 

Balancing hormones for women vs men  

Read: Estrogeneration by Dr. Anthony J

Estrogen as the endocrine disrupter

Testosterone booster: Rutt

Managing stress with a busy lifestyle

36:00 — Stress management

 Biohacks can’t solve everything 

Tackling stress one day at a time

Take control of your life & invest in yourself

Learn how to breathe better & be creative

Product: Serotonin Brain Food

The vitamin C+ detox protocol


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83. His & Hers Biohacks with Sean McCormick

83. His & Hers Biohacks with Sean McCormick

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