Denae Spiering with The Sugar Shack

Denae Spiering with The Sugar Shack

Update: 2023-11-21


Denae Spiering lives in Bridgeville, DE and sells baked goods with her cottage food business, The Sugar Shack.

Denae started her bakery almost a decade ago, and she has now grown it to the point where she has an impressive storefront on her property and has many regular customers.

But it wasn’t a smooth ride to get to this point. In 2016, she stopped her business for a year and a half due to work, and then in 2018, when she had her sights set on a storefront, she broke her hip and shut down her bakery for almost 2 years.

Shortly after the pandemic began in 2020, she refocused on her longtime dream of running a brick-and-mortar bakery, and in just 3 short years she has made it a reality.

What You’ll Learn

  • The importance of fostering community connections
  • Why Denae avoids using artificial colors in her baked goods
  • The licensing process and kitchen inspections in Delaware
  • Pricing strategies and techniques for managing inventory
  • The significance of aligning business practices with personal values
  • How to juggle multiple roles and maintain an active social media presence
  • Denae’s vision of making her business a community hub and showcasing local talent


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Delaware Cottage Food Law

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Denae Spiering with The Sugar Shack

Denae Spiering with The Sugar Shack

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