DiscoverWise Women@Work with Felicia GarlandDiane Simovich Shares the Origins of BW NICE EP: 41
Diane Simovich Shares the Origins of BW NICE EP: 41

Diane Simovich Shares the Origins of BW NICE EP: 41

Update: 2020-03-11


Diane Simovich established BW NICE (Business Women Networking Involving Charity & Education) in 2009, with initial chapters in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.  Through its growing number of chapters, BW NICE gathers together business women and female professionals who seek to support each other, and to give back---in this case, to raise money for, and awareness of, domestic violence and sexual assault. 
In this episode, Diane speaks candidly about the abuse she personally experienced, first as a child, and then in an abusive marriage. She shares how what she learned from her own experience helped shape the work of BW NICE, and provided the inspiration for her to design an organization to address the needs of other women who have also suffered at the hands of an abuser.
It was during her stint as a successful health insurance executive that she first tapped into the strength of women.  Diane saw a need for a way to business network that was different from the way male executives built their connections.  The women she knew just weren’t thriving in the male-dominated charity golf circuit.  “There was a hunger among women,” she says, “to give back and to develop relationships with other women in business.”  “The golf cart just wasn’t the right setting.” 
Diane started out with a women’s business initiative at her Fortune 100 employer.  Today, women’s initiatives are all the rage.  But, when Diane kicked off her initiative, she was ahead of the curve. Her events drew an enthusiastic response.  “I knew I had struck a chord with women,” said Diane. You’ll want to hear more about what she learned from this networking strategy. 
Many women have found the need or desire to reinvent themselves.  They all have their personal reasons. In this episode Diane describes the confluence of events that caused her to re-assess her life and journey:  her father’s passing, her brother’s passing, divorce from an abusive marriage, and the need to care for her adopted son. 
She describes her work as a consultant after she resigned from her high-powered corporate position.  “I needed and wanted to spend time with my then-newly-adopted son, Nick,” she says.  Listen as she describes her own strong network of family and friends, and why she believes you must have love and support from such a network in your life. 
It was her strong network that gave her the support and encouragement to share her story with others and turn it into her mission.  BW NICE exists because of this support. 
BW NICE grew out of that first women’s initiative and her own journey.  “Women are deeply motivated to give back, and they love to educate and be educated,” she says.  Listen in to how the stars aligned behind BW NICE.
BW NICE continues to add new chapters, and Diane explains the process. “Women attend a meeting, and they tell a friend,” she says.  “And then they tell a friend, and on it goes.” 
But she can’t do it alone.  As is the case with many an entrepreneur, she says she frequently serves as “chief cook and bottle washer.”  She shares her particular experience and how and when she utilizes independent contractors to help lighten the load.  Diane also shares the practical business aspects of running a charitable organization.  While Diane might make it look easy, things are never as easy as they might appear.   
Diane Simovich is the founder and CEO of BW NICE – Business Women Networking Involving Charity and Education. 
Diane established BW NICE in 2009, with chapters throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania.  It’s patterned off a successful model she co-founded, launched and nurtured in California.  Diane and her team continue to build new chapters, with BW NICE on its way to becoming a national organization.  
Diane is a native of New Jersey, had a successful career in the health insurance industry in California and moved back to the east coast in 2006. 
As she says, she reinvented her life at age 50. She lives with her adopted son, Nicholas.
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Diane Simovich Shares the Origins of BW NICE EP: 41

Diane Simovich Shares the Origins of BW NICE EP: 41

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