DiscoverWise Women@Work with Felicia GarlandEmpowering Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs with Linda Albright EP: 37
Empowering Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs with Linda Albright EP: 37

Empowering Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs with Linda Albright EP: 37

Update: 2020-02-12


“What’s a heart-centered entrepreneur?” you ask.  Well, Linda Albright knows. And she says, “You know if you are one.”  She wants them to make good money with their natural gifts and talents.  She believes that when female entrepreneurs become financially and spiritually empowered, the world become a better place.
A lifetime entrepreneur, Linda has a passion for starting things—like businesses. She has helped build successful companies in several different markets, including corporate software, a chimney sweep business (yes, chimney sweep) with offices in three states, and a venture-capital funded dotcom company.  Since then, she’s gone on to build her own successful business in personal and group coaching and mentoring.  
How does a woman know when it’s time to make a career change or start her own business?  Linda shares her thoughts and observations about the warning signs. 
“I know what it’s like to be married to my career,” she shares.  In her dotcom days she recalls working 100-hour workweeks. “I loved what I was doing, but I had absolutely no life,” she says.  “And at one point, I even hid the fact that I was five months pregnant to the investors who ultimately gave us several million dollars to get our dotcom off the ground.” “It was after going back to work only eight days after the birth of my first child, I knew there had to be a way for smart female professionals to launch their dreams without losing their minds,” she says. 
So, she resigned from her high-powered, well-paying position to begin the journey to find the solution to help women entrepreneurs do what they are called to do but enjoy a balanced and fulfilling life as well. You’ll want to apply the secrets she so generously shares on this episode.
Linda has made it her mission to guide women on a hunt to find their passion, or as she likes to say, “What lights them up.” It sounds so simple. And for Linda it is, as she explains in our conversation.
Drawing frequently on both eastern and western religious traditions, Linda guides her clients to connect to their sense of purpose in the world as they navigate the never-ending needs of work, family and community. Listen as she explains her work with Human Design and Gene Keys, two spiritual tools to help you understand and draw upon your unique energetic blueprint.  “I know my methods can be a bit ‘woo-woo’ at first,” she admits.  But she’s seen the positive impact her work can have on the lives and livelihoods of her clients. 
“My wish for all the brilliant and passionate women of the world,” she says, “is that they live empowered lives and manifest those dreams that they’ve been carrying around for a long time.”  Amen.
Here’s more about Linda:
Linda Albright is a licensed spiritual counselor, the founder of the Connecticut chapter of the Dartmouth Entrepreneurial Network, an Advisory Board Member of the national networking group Over 40 Females, and a Founding Board Member of the Copper Beech Institute, a preeminent center for meditation and mindfulness in Connecticut.  Linda and her partner, Michael, split their time between a home in Connecticut and their business incubator/farm in New Hampshire. 
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Empowering Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs with Linda Albright EP: 37

Empowering Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs with Linda Albright EP: 37

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