DiscoverWise Women@Work with Felicia GarlandKindness and Curiosity--- A Conversation with Tracy Fink Ep 53
Kindness and Curiosity--- A Conversation with Tracy Fink Ep 53

Kindness and Curiosity--- A Conversation with Tracy Fink Ep 53

Update: 2020-06-03


Kindness and curiosity are the pillars of the Tortoise Institute, which offers a secular-based series of programs and services focused on developing emotional intelligence, decreasing stress, and increasing focus and resilience at work and in life.  According to Tracy Fink, founder of the Tortoise Institute, these concepts, when practiced daily, can help you keep an open mind and challenge the assumptions and limiting beliefs that keep you on autopilot and hinder your success.  

Why the Tortoise Institute—what’s in the name?  According to Tracy, “Wherever you go, there you are.  We are all like tortoises—we carry our baggage on our backs. We take our stuff with us. I’ve learned in my personal and professional journey that living each moment fully can bring you back to yourself in a stillness that ultimately enriches your life.” Tracy continues, “I established the Tortoise Institute to teach people to work with their “stuff” by offering services steeped in self-awareness and resiliency.”

We also chat about:

  • What’s so important about self-awareness, meditation and mindfulness
  • What’s the difference between meditation and mindfulness
  • How these practices shape her life and business path, and why she thinks they can help you
  • How to prevent burnout (or at least turn it to your advantage)
  • Why we are responsible for our own success
  • The science behind healthy habits and neuroplasticity
  • How something as simple as a gratitude journal can help change your life
  • Why everyone could benefit from acknowledging and expressing gratitude
  • The importance of forgiving yourself and speaking kindly to yourself
  • How to pick yourself up and learn from a stumble or “failure”
  • What you can learn from reaching out to those whom you admire
  • And so much more…

“I want to show my clients how to become “unstuck” and flourish in their environments,” says Tracy. “While there are many interpretations of Aesop’s fable of ‘The Tortoise and the Hare,’ at the Tortoise Institute, we closely align with the version that focuses on perseverance. The term ‘slow and steady’ applies not only to the tortoise that beat the hare, but also to the practice of creating a new mindset. It is a deliberate process with no shortcuts. However, with an attitude of kindness and curiosity, as well as confidence in the outcome,” Tracy continues, “we can be like the tortoise and meet our challenges.”   

What stuff would you like to unpack?

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Kindness and Curiosity--- A Conversation with Tracy Fink Ep 53

Kindness and Curiosity--- A Conversation with Tracy Fink Ep 53

Felicia Garland