DiscoverBurlesque MomsHappy 2022 from the Burlesque Moms!
Happy 2022 from the Burlesque Moms!

Happy 2022 from the Burlesque Moms!

Update: 2021-12-31


Episode 019

New Year’s Resolutions….Burlesque Style!

“Do we have resolutions? Are we going to try to be more awesome than we already are?”

-Lily O’Lei

Apparently, yes. In this episode of Burlesque Moms, we tackle what everyone tackles come December 31st—New Year’s Resolutions. But of course, we had to add our own Burlesque flair!

Join us as we talk about our hopes, dreams, and goals for 2022…and our plans NOT to murder the kids. Happy New Year with Cabaret and Cocktails and Burlesque Moms!

In this episode we talk about:

· Our drinks, of course!

· How awesome we are

· Humility as a resolution

· The dreaded need to workout more

· The dream of childcare while working out

· Bourbon wants to drink better, not less…maybe also more…

· Bourbon dreams of meeting a handsome sommelier

· Lily points out the obvious—that Bourbon is a hermit

· Another brilliant business idea

· Swimming into the New Year with Lily

·  Bougie kids

· The pre-baby fitness plan…sort of

· A hilarious interruption

· Why your days are awful

· The importance of routine

· The struggle to wear clothing and other issues moms have with their kids

· We do not pee on government property

· Resolving not to murder

· Goals to get ahead

· SMART goals

· Froot Loops as a fruit group?

· Sadie’s goal to find a class to commit to

· Bourbon’s goal to stop being a recluse

· New Year’s Eve plans

· A Gold Medal in Puka Ball

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Happy 2022 from the Burlesque Moms!

Happy 2022 from the Burlesque Moms!

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