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The Business of Burlesque

The Business of Burlesque

Update: 2021-12-17


Episode 018

The Business of Burlesque

It’s not all glitter and glam…sometimes it’s contracts, insurance, and tax filings.

Not everyone goes into Burlesque to make it a business, but if you do, how? How do you turn your love of dancing into a viable career path?

Have you ever wondered:

· How to choose a business entity?

· What to look for in your contracts both as a company and as a performer?

· How to avoid lawsuits?

· What Liability Insurance is and why you need it?

· What counts as a tax write-off?

· How to lower your tax burden?

· …and so much more!!?

It may not be all the glory and humor you are used to hearing from us, but it’s an important part of who we are and what we do! Now let’s talk about the Business of Burlesque!

In this episode we talk about:

· Our drinks, of course!

· Jealousy and Tahiti

· Taking advantage of Lily

· What happened to Maui Dark Rum?

· Nutmeg

· Shaker and Spoon

· Maui Breweries

· Cosmopolitans and Sex in the City

· The perks of bringing in a business consultant

· Why we started Burlesque production

· Paying our way to BurlyCon

· Theatre fundraisers

· Setting up a budget

· How we spend our money

· F-Bomb likes the boys

· Assume everyone is terrible and out to get you.

· LLC vs Sole Proprietorship

· Bourbon’s legal woes

· The different roles each of us play as members of Cabaret & Cocktails

· Legal issues and lawsuits

· Tax write-offs for performers

· Lowering your tax burden the legal way

· Budgeting the right way

· Pay yourself!

· Paying our performers

· Contracts and more contracts

· The importance of communication

· Personal liability insurance

· Protecting your assets

· Show etiquette and terminology

· Backstage at Hawaii Burlesque Fest

· Call time

· The no glitter rule!

· Post 2020 contract changes

· Business advice from the ladies

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The Business of Burlesque

The Business of Burlesque

Cabaret & Cocktails