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Q, T, & A with Bourbon Layne

Q, T, & A with Bourbon Layne

Update: 2022-01-28


For the next four weeks, we are getting to know a little bit more about our performers in their first solo podcasts!

We have compiled a list of questions from friends, fans, listeners, and…lovers and we are answering them, unscripted, on the show! Things might get a little awkward around here…

This week we feature the fairly freakish mind of Bourbon Layne, Cabaret and Cocktail’s most mysterious member. From origin stories to her favorite floor moves, Bourbon tells all, with no one to stop her!

But are you ready for her answers?

In this episode we talk about:

· Our drinks, of course!

· How does a newbie become a burlesque performer?

· What is a “Finger Slide” anyway?

· Bourbon’s favorite floorwork moves

· What is the purpose of floorwork?

· How Bourbon Layne got into Pole Dancing

· An honest opinion of stripping professionally

· Tell me you’re old without telling me you’re old, Bourbon

· The longest story ever

· Bourbon supports the troops

· Scottish accents vs South African accents

· Guinness and Southern Comfort

· How NOT to travel as a young woman

· The dirtiest song

· The taboo nature of pole dancing

· 1950 Olympic Pole Dancing

· Bourbon Layne is legally allowed to bite you

· Disclaimer: may become pregnant

· What does Bourbon teach?

· The shittiest ballerina you’ll ever see

· Fifty Shades of Fitness

· Think of Bourbon when you have trouble sitting on the toilet

· Missed callings in life

· Favorite performances

· Bruises as an indicator of performance intensity

· On-stage injuries

· Favorite kid games

· Bourbon hates Bluey

· Discipline and children

· What Bourbon does outside of Burlesque

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Q, T, & A with Bourbon Layne

Q, T, & A with Bourbon Layne

Cabaret & Cocktails