DiscoverBurlesque MomsHappy Anniversary Burlesque Moms!
Happy Anniversary Burlesque Moms!

Happy Anniversary Burlesque Moms!

Update: 2022-04-22


Episode 027

Happy Anniversary Burlesque Moms!

Can you believe it’s already been a year of Burlesque Moms? We certainly can’t!

Today we celebrate our one-year podcast anniversary and we are so excited you are here! We are diving into what we hope to see from our next year of podcasting and burlesquing! What are we hoping to explore? What has changed in a year?

Find out on today’s episode of Burlesque Moms!

In this episode we talk about:

· Our drinks, of course!

· Changes to the Burlesque Mom routine

· Champagne problems

· Vodka in the college years

· Bathtime with Bourbon

· Cocktail Challenge for our listeners

· Virtual shows and live shows

· The after-show “high”

· Burlesque on a Boat

· Emergency virtual show

· A new Maui performance venue

· Pastie Premiers

· A new business venture for Miss F-Bomb and Bourbon Layne

· Big thanks to Maker Howl

· Controlling the theatre space

· Texas doesn’t give a shit

· Covid and show cancelations

· Get your shit together, Maui!

· Always drama in Drama

· Edgy show topics

· How to Deal with Your Period When You’re Performing

· Guests on the show

· Submitting questions to the Burlesque Moms

· Drink-A-Long show

· The Shaker conundrum

· The Curse of Bourbon Layne

· Why Bourbon cannot flee the country

· Vegas, baby!

·  The new dating game

· Heading to Canada

· Sadie Vine, M.B.A.

· Algebra and Calculus

· Exam time for F-Bomb

· Questionable tax write-offs

· Tax Write-Offs for Burlesque Dancers

· Easter thongs

· Hell in an Easter basket

· Magic acts that make your clothing disappear

· Sword swallowing tips

· Gag reflexes

· Juggling acts

· Legos

· Obscure Sinéad O’Connor references

· Creative act ideas

· Texas Burlesque opportunities

· Burlesque Workshops at Waikapu Danceworks

· Chickens everywhere

· All the new work endeavors

· Bourbon wrote a book! The Pursuit of Badasserie! Check it out!

· Amazing photography

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Happy Anniversary Burlesque Moms!

Happy Anniversary Burlesque Moms!

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