DiscoverBurlesque MomsNew Year, New Ideas!
New Year, New Ideas!

New Year, New Ideas!

Update: 2022-01-14


Episode 020

New Year, New Ideas!

Now that we are settling into week one of 2022, the ladies of Cabaret and Cocktails are discussing what new, and hopefully exciting, endeavors they are pursuing onstage this year.

From dazzling costumes to awkward subject matter, 2022 is sure to be a year of firsts…and maybe lasts. And of course, we have to wonder, will the Bat Ballet ever take place?

Moreover, what are we NOT going to do this year? Is there such a thing as “Never Would I Ever?”

In this episode we talk about:

· Our drinks, of course!

· How Lily deals with missing Bourbon Layne

· Drinks that put hair on your chest and “burn so good”

· The real reason Bourbon can’t remember the drink recipe

· 3-ingredient margaritas with Miss F-Bomb

· Never has Lily ever…done a stalking pull

· Floorwork fantasies

· Will the Evil Queen and Snow White ever perform?

· How badly can Bourbon possibly bruise?

· Maker Howl’s spank bank videos

· Bourbon is drunk enough to talk about herself in the third person

· Is there a number that’s more risqué than the Lesbian Vampire Blood Orgy?

· Incestuous lesbians!

· Build Your Own Adventure Burlesque show

· Bourbon ponders a particularly “revealing” costume

· Magician secrets stolen by Sadie

· Sparkles the Unicorn has ambitions, too

· Lily’s teenagers and a 50-year-old man for a boyfriend

· Sadie is done with Character Shoes

· Lily wants less set-up

· Punk rock and metal music

· You need hair for a hair-thrasher number

· Miss F-Bomb debates wearing black

· Sadie gets colorful

· The Merkin conundrum

· Fishnets and Labia challenges

· The training bra of merkins

· The double pastie reveal

· A pointe pole number

· Will the Bat Ballet ever happen?

· Setting long term goals

· Cabaret & Cocktails Camper Van Caravan with the Kiddos!

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New Year, New Ideas!

New Year, New Ideas!

Cabaret & Cocktails