DiscoverWise Women@Work with Felicia GarlandKindness and Curiosity with Tracy Fink EP: 15
Kindness and Curiosity with Tracy Fink EP: 15

Kindness and Curiosity with Tracy Fink EP: 15

Update: 2019-06-19


Tracy is the founder of the Tortoise Institute, a secular science-based program. The programs focus on emotional intelligence at work, decreased stress, and increased focus and resiliency. She also offers leadership development courses and one-on-one group coaching, and guided meditation sessions in corporate, community, and individual settings. 

Prior to founding the Tortoise Institute, Tracy was the director of the Executive Women’s Forum, a business development program she conceived and executed nationwide at the accounting firm of CohnReznick Bank. The Executive Women’s Forum created business development opportunities, and elevated the firm’s brand as a leader in women’s leadership.

Tracy is a champion and advocate for creative business development initiatives, and was recognized as Top 50 Women in Business by NJBiz in 2018.

She develops, directs and implements gender-based networking, educational and social programs that drive business and create meaningful connections for those who participate. 

What is the Tortoise Institute? And what is the secret behind the name? Listen as Tracy describes the purpose of her business, and how she helps individuals, corporations, and everyone in between. 

Hear as Tracy describes the importance of self-awareness, meditation, and mindfulness in her journey, and how these interests shaped her path. 

Tracy’s experience at CohnReznick lead her towards her passion, as she connected with her coworkers and clients, and began to identify their needs. You won’t want to miss her story. 

How are my thoughts impacting the way I show up at work? Tracy helps individuals make the connection. 

While Tracy started working primarily with women, hear as she describes how her research and credibility helped her reach men in need to help as well. 

Does Tracy resent doing the hard work and heavy lifting? Listen as she expands on her belief that you are responsible for your own success. 

Tracy gets scientific! You’ll be captivated by her explanation of the science behind habits and neuroplasticity. 

Hear how something as simple as a gratitude journal has re-shaped Tracy’s every day life. 

How do you stay consistent when trying to be more mindful? Tracy emphasizes the importance of forgiving oneself, speaking kindly to oneself, and picking oneself back up. 

The burn out is real – learn how to prevent burn out, and how to succeed. 

Learn about Tracy’s workshops, as she lists her most popular classes. 

Tracy expands on different kinds of meditation, and explains the difference between mindfulness and meditation. Learn what Tracy means when she says that “no judgment is the key.” 

What are Tracy’s words of wisdom? Hear as she emphasizes the importance of being kind to yourself, reaching out to those you admire. 

Kindness and Curiosity are the pillars of the Tortoise Institute. You won’t want to miss how these key concepts can help you keep an open mind and challenge the assumptions that can keep us on autopilot each day.  

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Kindness and Curiosity with Tracy Fink EP: 15

Kindness and Curiosity with Tracy Fink EP: 15

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