DiscoverThe Hot Mama MovementRaising Your Sexual Vibe With Lucia Gabriela - 041
Raising Your Sexual Vibe With Lucia Gabriela - 041

Raising Your Sexual Vibe With Lucia Gabriela - 041

Update: 2018-08-021


How important is it to have a good sexual relationship with your partner or with your husband? Lucia Gabriela is here to talk about raising our sexual vibe and help us to master our sensuality, sexuality, and our relationships with ourselves and with others.

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Topics Discussed in this Episode:

  • The importance of having a good sexual relationship with your husband or partner
  • Tips on how to raise your sexual vibe
  • Why most women are not allowing themselves to be sensual and to feel sexual
  • The sexual archetypes and relationship archetypes we have within ourselves and in our relationships

Key Takeaways:

  • Before we are mothers, we are women. And before we are women, we are humans. So we can’t forget the deeper essence of who we are.
  • It’s really important for women to recognize and accept that they are sexual and accept their sexual archetype.
  • There is a conflict between being the lover and being the nurturing mother because the breast has been a symbol of both nurturing as well as arousing the man.
  • It’s all about the intention, ceremony, and ritual. When a woman had just given birth, she and her partner together can create a nest for their child and also create a nest for their relationship.
  • As parents, it’s really important for us to create a sacred space and time where it’s all about the lover energy.
  • It’s time for us to really welcome and embrace our shadows and different aspects of ourselves and all the things about ourselves that we deny.
  • It all comes down to finding who you are if you lost that because you were trying to please other people, and then owning that, being YOU to the fullest and loving yourself.

What you need to do:

  • Stop feeling guilty for not being the perfect mother.
  • Give yourself permission to just do what you can and what is possible.
  • Figure out and understand your sexual archetype and relationship archetype.
  • Practice rituals where your sensual being is the one really fully driving the bus.

Lucia said:

“The core of a lot of the issues that we have as women is that we literally forget that we are women and that we are human before we are mothers. And the whole guilt is such as waste of energy, and it doesn’t serve us, it just keeps us stuck.”

“When it comes to your relationship and your sexuality as a woman and as a human, it is really important to recognize which part of you is driving the bus.”

Thanks for listening!

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Raising Your Sexual Vibe With Lucia Gabriela - 041

Raising Your Sexual Vibe With Lucia Gabriela - 041

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