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Author: Martin MacDonald

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Welcome to Not Another Nutrition Podcast!

This is not just another nutrition and fitness podcast. In this new podcast series, I will be discussing a wide variety of topics including business, careers, parenting and self-improvement, alongside plenty of discussion on a range of nutrition topics!

I try to communicate in such a way that is easy for anyone to understand! You can reach out to me on social media via @MartinNutrition or submit your own suggestions for Not Another Nutrition Podcast via my website
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This episode is for anybody who is feeling a little ‘stuck’ in life! I give you some of my favourite life quotes & discuss that changing how you talk to yourself can alter your perspective. I also discuss whether you can choose happiness, the importance of having your own DIY positivity toolkit, & share my experiences of accepting the things which can’t be controlled. A list of the quotes discussed can be found at  TOPICS 03:42 - The difference between Positive Self Talk & Toxic Positivity 07:38 - How Comparison does not always have to be the ‘thief of joy’ 11:57 - The perils of being on Cloud 9 12:51 - Is it easier for rich, famous & successful people to be happy? 15:05 - The importance of being understood 18:45 - How to accept the things you can’t control 22:36 - The importance of knowing what fills your cup
In this episode, I am interviewed by Stephen Cuthbert on his podcast: ’Strength Chat’. We discuss Normal Eating, Flexible Dieting, Aggressive Dieting as well as how important laughter and camaraderie has been during the pandemic & how I discovered my passion for public speaking! TOPICS 05:32 - The importance of mindset in tough situations 18:48 - A background to my career 26:05 - How I discovered my passion for public speaking 33:33 - What is ’normal eating’? 45:58 - Why science will never overcome personal experience 48:24 - The value of flexibility when dieting 57:22 - How small nutritional changes can have big impacts 01:07:20 - How decreasing your calories can make you less hungry! 01:22:26 - How to use critical thinking to improve your ideas
As someone who is very fond of having a White Monster in my hand at all times, I get a LOT of messages about the dangers of them and other 'Energy Drinks'. In this episode, I answer some of the common questions I get asked about these types of drinks, their impact on health, body fat levels and and whether it’s safe to consume large amounts of caffeine.  References for the studies discussed can be found at  TOPICS 00:43 - Coffee vs high caffeine energy drinks 03:50 - Should children be consuming energy drinks? 06:14 - Why do sugar free energy drinks have such a bad reputation? 09:40 - Is there an issue with consuming large amounts of caffeine?  12:54 - Are energy drinks addictive?  13:34 - Are artificial sweeteners ‘bad’ for you? 
In this episode, I answer several listener questions relating to becoming or developing as a Nutritionist. I drop some real hard hitting industry truths that I think will shock many & discuss why the advice of ‘You must go to university to work in nutrition’ is a myth. TOPICS 00:46 - The listener questions that will all be answered directly or indirectly 03:00 - Different laws by country & state around use of ’Nutritionist’  05:00 - Martin forgets the word ‘threatened’ - Which is something MNU makes many degree qualified nutritionists feel 09:10 - Why the title ‘Registered Nutritionist’ holds very little weight 11:45 - An interesting story about some of the work Registered Nutritionists do 17:15 - Examples of jobs, contracts & business successes MNU graduates are having as a direct result of their qualification 26:40 - How to approach work experience and self-improvement 28:42 - Details on Mac-Nutrition LIVE on 27th November!
In this episode, I talk about an often frustrating and difficult to navigate topic, giving nutrition advice to friends and family. I delve into the problems you may come across as a practitioner, or just someone that wants to help someone close to you and how to tackle these in a non judgemental and empathetic way. You can buy my PCOS talk on my website, use the coupon code FUPCOS to get the talk for £10 -  TOPICS  02:46 - Should you work with friends and family members in a professional capacity 04:39 - How to change your or someone you know's life for just £10 06:46 - How to get your friends and family to buy into your advice 13:56 - "People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care" 24:30 - Why empathy is the highest form of intelligence 29:23 - Should I talk to my children about nutrition?
One big episode with all you need to know about BCAAs (Branch Chain Amino Acids). I discuss what they are, what they do, when it might be worth taking them & all the situations it is NOT worth taking them in! References for the studies discussed can be found at TOPICS 01:41 - What are BCAAs and why do we need them in our diet? 06:18 - Busting the common BCAA myths 14:07 - What is the optimal amount of leucine? 16:30 - Why BCAAs are the new viagra 22:40 - The truth about BCAAs and DOMS 26:38 - Do vegans need BCAAs? 29:24 - Could BCAAs help the elderly?  
This episode is from my guest appearance on Paul Dermody's podcast: ’The Paul Dermody Podcast’.  We discuss how MNU and MN School of Nutrition are filling gaps in the world of nutrition, the necessity of critical thinking, extreme nutrition cult followings, social justice, aggressive dieting & more! A mammoth episode! Enjoy!! TOPICS 05:14 - How MNU filled a gap in the world of nutrition 13:29 - The importance of having a fundamental understanding of nutrition 19:50 - How to improve critical thinking through accepting your own bias 36:40 - Why the anti-diet movement has become extremist 01:1:23 - How 'cancel culture’ is affecting society 01:15:16 - My experience with hate on social media and how I overcome it 01:34:40 - The benefits of and misconceptions around aggressive dieting
This episode is from my guest appearance on Kate Neudeckers Podcast: ’The Fitness Mindset Podcast’. We discuss how the pandemic has affected peoples attitude to nutrition. It gets pretty deep at times! We delve into guilt, stress, gratitude, stoicism & more. We also discuss PCOS, when to begin a fat loss phase and how to avoid misinformation and charlatans on social media. TOPICS 01:55 - When is it right to use tough love? 11:05 - The story behind the creation of the MN School of Nutrition 22:13 - Strategies for coping with stress and dealing with guilt 42:10 - How to assess if it's the right time for you to start a fat loss phase 47:50 - PCOS and how to differentiate between the good and bad information 01:04:12 - Stoicism & Gratitude as tools for happiness
The final episode! 20+ quick fire listener questions all answered! More than ever I hope the timepoints below will prove useful for you! TOPICS  01:18 - Why does creatine have such a bad reputation? 06:05 - What can I take creatine with to increase absorption? 07:04 - Should I avoid creatine and glutamine together? 07:18 - If I take creatine with sodium, will it increase intracellular uptake? 09:04 - I've heard great things about CreGAAtin! What's your opinion? 10:40 - Creatine and Libido 11:55 - Does creatine have an impact on your mood? 13:22 - Is there a difference between men and women for water retention? 14:10 - Does water retention last for the whole duration of supplementing? 14:17 - How much weight will I gain when using creatine? 14:54 - Why are my clients getting headaches? 15:39 - Can I take creatine if I have Type 2 Diabetes? 16:19 - Should I use creatine during Ramadan? 16:58 - Can creatine help with fatigue and the effects of long Covid? 17:38 - I get really bloated and gassy taking creatine and inositol, am I taking too much? 18:19 - What effect does creatine have on PCOS? 19:47 - Are there any benefits to taking creatine during the menopause? 20:26 - Can it make your skin tingle? 20:41 - Is creatine an anabolic steroid? 20:45 - Can vegans get the same benefits from creatine as vegetarians do? 21:26 - Should you take creatine when on an aggressive cut?
In this episode, we reach the pinnacle of the creatine series! I discuss exactly how to work out HOW MUCH creatine YOU need. I tell you exactly WHEN you need to take it. I also discuss a couple of things to avoid! References for the studies discussed can be found at TOPICS 00:50 - How exactly I put creatine in my mouth 03:40 - How to work out exactly HOW MUCH creatine YOU need 06:37  - The two effective strategies for Creatine loading 14:40 - The optimal time to take creatine  19:21 - The truth about taking creatine & caffeine together 24:10 - Should you cycle your creatine 27:20 - Responders vs Non responders
In this episode I give you the final word on the hot topics of hair loss & acne. I also discuss all of the evidence & nuance around using creatine during pregnancy & whilst breastfeeding. I also give some interesting insights into how to stop creatine upsetting your stomach & how it might actually help gut health!! This is a good one not to be missed! References for the studies discussed can be found at Time points: 01:09 - Does creatine lead to hair loss? 06:53 - Creatine, skin health and acne 09:08 - How to optimise your creatine dose for a happy gut 16:34 - What you should know about taking creatine in pregnancy 24:09 - Can you take creatine whilst breastfeeding?  26:31 - Can children benefit from creatine?
In this episode, I respond to three of the most common questions/concerns surrounding creatine. I discuss the issue/stigma around creatine & water retention plus address concerns relating to dehydration, injury, cramping & the big one - kidney damage! References for the studies discussed can be found at TOPICS  02:43 - Does creatine cause water retention? 11:16 - Should you be consuming more water? 15:05 - Creatine, dehydration and muscle cramps 19:43 - Will supplementing with creatine damage your kidneys? 28:54 - Creatine and Type 2 Diabetes
Hopefully you've realised by now, creatine is not just for gym-goers. It's an evidence-based supplement for athletes, young and old. Not only can it help with endurance (especially in the heat!) and team sports performance it can also be beneficial around rehabilitation from injury! Is there anything it can't do!?   References for the studies discussed can be found at TOPICS 04:38  - What creatine ACTUALLY does! 07:49 - Can creatine actually make you last longer? 14:14 - Creatine stops the detriments associated with a lack of sleep! 20:11 - Creatine and weight gain 27:30 - Creatine, endurance performance & rectal thermometers 37:39 - Is there any point in creatine when you’re injured? 
In this episode, I talk about how taking creatine affects the health of older people and the concept of ‘life is the training stimulus’. I discuss the amazing effects it can have on the older brain but reveal whether it is even safe for them to take.    References for the studies discussed can be found at TOPICS 02:25 - Is creatine ageist?  06:08 - The use of 'relative' dosing with creatine 06:54 - You don't even have to exercise for creatine to make you stronger 11:55 - The safety of creatine in older populations 13:10 - Creatine can benefit the ageing brain
In this episode, I discuss how creatine can improve or benefit the human brain! I discuss several studies that have shown improvements in various domains of cognition specifically in vegetarians, children & during periods of sleep deprivation.   References for the studies discussed can be found at TOPICS 01:40 - Why vegetarians should be taking creatine 03:34 - The potential of creatine in promoting healthy brain function in older adults 09:00 - Is creatine safe for children?  10:00 - Creatine & sleep deprivation
In this episode, I begin a series, that many of you have been asking for, on creatine!   My main focus of this episode is to introduce the areas I’m going to cover then focus on just how effective creatine is for building muscle! All the references I mention can be found at TOPICS 03:33 - Introducing the wide range of domains that creatine may benefit! 09:25 - Creatine in the treatment of brain injury 14:21 - How creatine can increase muscle mass 20:01 - Does creatine make you fat? 23:31 - How creatine can improve your training 28:12 - What to consider when taking creatine during a fat loss phase
While it will take an astute listener to realise it. The purpose of this episode was and is to encourage my GOOD listeners to act with compassion. To encourage my students and mentees to seek to truly understand those with differing views, before reacting to their perhaps skewed viewpoints. I also go on a little rant about people CHOOSING to be offended. Sorry not sorry. TOPICS 00:38 - The post I did this week that triggered the Karens & the Zanoons 07:00 - Before you get offended, consider this... 12:01 - The importance of compassion, always 16:06 - Cancel culture & social justice warriors playing the IG game... 22:57 - BMI and Oppression  28:48 - Having a bigger body isn't a free pass to discriminate  31:53 - Evidence-based practitioners must be the ‘bigger people’ in online debates 39:14 - The downside of having success on social media
“I’m female, my fat loss has stalled, I want to focus on muscle gain. How big should my surplus be for a bulking phase?”   I’ve received this questions in dozens of different forms over the last year. More so than ever before so I wanted to record a full podcast to ‘call out’ this erroneous trend. There’s a little hardcore physiology in here for the geeks too, see for the references. TOPICS 01:43 - Why women should never bulk 04:49 - There’s only one group of people who should consider bulking 08:10 - The different principles that govern fat loss vs muscle gain 15:13 - If you do bulk, this is what you should consider first 23:45 - My advice to women thinking about bulking 26:23 - Why bulking is not a one size fits all strategy
In this episode, I talk about why habits aren’t everything and why it might be time for you to STOP tracking calories! TOPICS 02:36 - The reason you might not feel motivated right now 07:15 - The problem with having an ‘all or nothing’ mentality 15:02 - How to start living your life without tracking calories 21:53 - Intuitive eating & how it could help you
This episode was inspired by a DM I got on Instagram from a lady asking for advice for her husband who is always tired and bloated. These are two symptoms that could have hugely wide ranging causes so I go into where to start and what to do about them if you're suffering. TOPICS 03:08 - Hair Mineral and Food Intolerance Testing - What you need to know 05:39 - The vitamin that you’re probably deficient in 11:51 - The one action that will definitely make you less tired 16:20 - Factors that can cause bloating and how you can control them 24:56 - Low FODMAP Diets for IBS 
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Branislav Miskov

Hi the podcast and info behind it. Question I want to ask is, why, when and WHY are BCAA being pushed in such wanted and needed supplement among general population...well and also athletes? Why do they have such high demand and popularity? Thanks and cheers!!!

Jul 24th

Aaron White PT

Such a good and easy listen. I would highly recommend to anyone.

Apr 19th

Aaron White PT

What can I say.... Martin Macdonald is the best out there for Nutrition, no BS, evidence based knowledge. I've been following him 8n social media for a while now and have learned so much. He gives so much away for nothing. He's so passionate about what he does, you can hear it when he speaks. Martin and MNU are the best in the industry. 5 Stars. #Nutrition #MNU

Dec 8th
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