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In this episode I discuss the truth about inter-individual variances in our responses to food & exercise & how these are being mis-used to sell personalised nutrition interventions/bio-technology. References and links discussed can be found at TOPICS 00:00 - Individual variances in responses to food and exercise 04:20 - Tim Spector seems to be selling out 08:21 - The mis-representation of study findings to promote personalised nutrition for fat loss
In this episode I talk about the benefits of resistance training, the realistic effects walking is having on your body and how sleep is absolutely vital if you want to make any progress. References and links discussed can be found at  TOPICS  02:37 - Walking Vs. Resistance training - Is there a better method of exercise for weight loss?  05:38 - The myth of personalised nutrition  10:51 - Does too much walking make you lazier?  13:38 - Steps or sleep - Are you making the right sacrifices?
On this week’s episode, I discuss why I have started talking about stoicism to my children and how it can help when dealing with negativity online. I also talk about how it can be empowering to understand why people become zealots and why personal experience will always be more important to people than the science. TOPICS  00:56 - Stoicism for Children 04:59 - Dealing with negative comments online 08:00 - Why people turn to non evidence-based practice
This is part 2 of the guest podcast that I recorded with Steve Hall from Revive Stronger, we continue to discuss the role of genetics in fat loss & muscle gain, the effect dieting and bulking has on digestion and the intricacies of using refeeds as a tool during dieting. I also discuss my plans to make a NEW aggressive fat loss calculator! References and links discussed can be found at TOPICS 01:49 - Why you might be spending more time on the toilet when bulking 08:45 - Does everyone have the potential to get bodybuilder lean 19:19 - Why an individualised approach should be taken regarding refeeds and diet breaks 44:35 - Plans for my NEW aggressive fat loss calculator
This is a guest podcast that I recorded with Steve Hall from Revive Stronger. We discuss some really cool topics including bodybuilding, physique goals and genetics. TOPICS 11:29 - The difference between MNU and university degrees 22:19 - What my training currently looks like 25:03 - The difference between wanting to look good and competitive bodybuilding 33:29 - How much do genetics play into losing fat and building muscle
In this episode, I talk about the best ways to weigh food when tracking calories or macros. I give some top tips that I’ve learnt from my years of experience with tracking & touch on some myths from my bodybuilding days that are still around today. References and links discussed can be found at  TOPICS 01:38 -  Why I’m choosing to only track my protein intake loosely 05:48 - The most important factor when dieting & tracking  08:34 - Occasions when you should track cooked weights 10:34 - My pro food weighing tip 14:48 -  The myths from my bodybuilding days that are still around today
In this episode, I answer a commonly misunderstood topic - Meal Plans. Likewise, I discuss some key content relating to MNU enrolments opening tomorrow! 13th July 2022! References and links discussed can be found at TOPICS  02:34 - Can Nutritionists legally do meal plans? 03:51 - How to get free MNU lecture content & download the new MNU Prospectus 07:31 - Check if you are eligible for a discounted place on MNU
A super quick parenting podcast this week! This episode is about clear and transparent communication with children & how you can communicate even before your baby can talk! TOPICS 00:38 - YouTube insults & being authentic on social media 02:22 - The importance of clear & honest communication about time with children 07:45 - Baby Sign Language
This week’s episode is one for those of you who just can’t get enough of my voice. You’ve been warned. There’s a little ray of wisdom in here from Seneca & some chat about the trials and tribulations of motivation! TOPICS 02:08 - Why I am feeling uninspired plus a quote from Seneca 10:30 - How acceptance can lead to motivation 17:02 - Brilliance, the best motivator
This week's episode was recorded on Cody McBroom’s podcast ’The Tailored Life Podcast’. Cody is an MNU graduate and successful business owner so it was great to hear his take on life after MNU! Was also good to share some thoughts on ‘hormone coaches’ & ‘business coaches’ that plague the industry. TOPICS 08:16 - How misinformation pushed the creation of MNU 18:32 - Why MNU only has one intake a year 24:02 - What annoys me most about the nutrition industry - Hormone Coaches 29:29 - Why energy balance should always be prioritised regardless of hormones, when it comes to fat loss 39:42 - Why MNU will help you with business more than the PTs turned “business coaches" 52:45 - What separates MNU from all other nutrition qualifications
In this podcast I discuss two key themes: Teaching your children using 'appropriate consequences' and how short term sacrifices for long term gain will benefit your parenting. TOPICS 02:26 - Why I’m not ‘lucky’ with my children 03:55 - How to exercise appropriate punishments with your children 05:40 - Being consistent with your discipline 08:40 - 'Consequences' as punishments need to MAKE SENSE for them to work! 15:00 - How sacrifices can be real learning curves in parenting 
In this episode I share some of my key parenting tips I use with my babies. Some of these have had a really profound affect and as they are growing older I can see just how much of an impact it has had on them in the long term! Parenting has become so much easier because I ‘parented on purpose’ and I would love to continue to spread some of this knowledge! Please do keep sending your feedback, it’s SO cool to see messages from those who have implemented some of these parenting tips! TOPICS 01:22 - Self-determination theory & how this can relate to parenting 05:15 - Your child is a genius 07:31 - Giving children options = autonomy 14:00 - Why I have such a good relationship with my children 15:19 - What to do when your children refuse to eat their dinner? 16:15 - Why trying to control your children will fail eventually
People often get confused about the role hormones play when concerning fat loss. Although they are relevant in the discussion, people are often misled by zealots looking to make money selling their latest product and has led to thinking of ‘calories don’t matter’…. References for the studies discussed can be found at  TOPICS 05:01 - The false dichotomy of food quality vs food quantity 08:42 - Are hormones important when it comes to fat loss? 12:20 - Why energy balance is always the most significant factor when it comes to weight loss 15:40 - Can you lose weight eating processed foods? 23:16 - Misleading weight loss information you need to AVOID 28:29 - How an MNU Certified Nutritionist could actually help you without the fads
I was recently asked if there was some benefit to eating carbs (coco pops in particular!) after training and after my podcast on meal timing I thought I should cover the topic of carbs around training to prevent any confusion. References for the studies discussed can be found at  TOPICS 03:36 - Does eating carbs after training increase muscle gains 11:45 - Who may benefit from consuming carbs after training? 15:45 - Are you less likely to gain fat if you have carbs after training? 18:45 - How exercise undermines the negative effects of insulin resistance 23:34 - The toxic undertones of why people eat coco pops after training 26:37 - Do chrononutrition and metabolic flexibility play a part in carb timing
This is my very first non-nutrition related Parenting podcast!   I've always tried to 'parent on purpose’ & I like to encourage some deeper thinking & offer my insights when it comes to topics like this.   In this episode, I discuss one particular technique I use with my babies to teach them about boundaries & consent.   References for the studies discussed can be found at   TOPICS 00:30 - Why I feel ‘qualified’ to talk about this... 02:08 - What I mean by ‘parenting on purpose’ 07:50 - Teaching children to express their boundaries  15:05 - The importance of wording and providing autonomy
This episode is mainly a rant, so please don’t listen if you’re purely here for nutrition information or ‘feel good’ wisdom. I talk about a topic that many people are currently shying away from. As I do. The widespread acceptance of sexism only when it is directed at men. TOPICS 01:42 - My current guilty pleasure - the Amber Heard false accusation trial 04:06 - The Instagram comment that triggered this episode  08:43 - Do your genitals affect your ability to be an expert? 13:19 - The influencers/‘experts' jumping on the anti men bandwagon 19:47 - Why we chose not to get MNU accredited
This is a whole episode of listener questions on Micronutrient supplementation! References for the studies discussed can be found at  Get FREE content from Mac-Nutrition Uni here You can also join the Mac-Nutrition Uni priority list for the Sep '22 intake here: TOPICS 03:35 - Is fruit/Vitamin C killing your gains? 13:03 - Does when or what you take your vitamins with matter? 15:15 - Do the tannins in Tea/Coffee reduce the absorption of iron? 24:10 - Does taking vitamins before bed reduce their absorption?
'Does when I eat matter when it comes to fat loss?’……. 'Should I avoid carbs after 6pm?’  I am often asked questions about meal timing and its impact on fat loss. In this episode, I discuss where these myths originated from & the fairly conclusive findings from the literature in this area.  References for the studies discussed can be found at  TOPICS 02:54 - Does when you eat matter for fat loss? 06:50 - Why people think meal timing matters 10:20 - Who could benefit from reducing their carb intake at one meal a day?
In this podcast I discuss words of encouragement for those who feel that they have barriers when helping others & themselves. The importance of keeping an open door and realising that things don’t happen overnight, and you shouldn't try to force it. I mention ways you can make positive changes to help others and help yourself.  TOPICS 01:08 - Accepting there’s a problem before you can be helped  02:46 - How to improve someone’s body image issues 07:35 - Positive affirmations - are they worth it? 10:59 - How to stay happy on social media 
With nutrition communication it’s important what you say but also the way you communicate. Within this episode, I explain how having a compassionate approach with misinformed clients is not only important for them, but also for you, as a practitioner!   TOPICS 01:36 - How to use science to dismantle misinformed biases 09:09 - The art of compassionate communication with clients 13:54 - The importance of being able to laugh at yourself 15:55 - The mistakes I made as a young practitioner 
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Branislav Miskov

Hi the podcast and info behind it. Question I want to ask is, why, when and WHY are BCAA being pushed in such wanted and needed supplement among general population...well and also athletes? Why do they have such high demand and popularity? Thanks and cheers!!!

Jul 24th

Aaron White PT

Such a good and easy listen. I would highly recommend to anyone.

Apr 19th

Aaron White PT

What can I say.... Martin Macdonald is the best out there for Nutrition, no BS, evidence based knowledge. I've been following him 8n social media for a while now and have learned so much. He gives so much away for nothing. He's so passionate about what he does, you can hear it when he speaks. Martin and MNU are the best in the industry. 5 Stars. #Nutrition #MNU

Dec 8th
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