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Author: Martin MacDonald

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Welcome to Not Another Nutrition Podcast!

This is not just another nutrition and fitness podcast. In this new podcast series, I will be discussing a wide variety of topics including business, careers, parenting and self-improvement, alongside plenty of discussion on a range of nutrition topics!

I try to communicate in such a way that is easy for anyone to understand! You can reach out to me on social media via @MartinNutrition or submit your own suggestions for Not Another Nutrition Podcast via my website
110 Episodes
In this episode, I discuss what needs to be considered when implementing refeeds during an aggressive diet.  The link to receive my aggressive dieting resource can be found at: TIMEPOINTS 02:23 - What is the optimal deficit during an aggressive diet 05:53 - When and how often are refeeds needed during an aggressive diet 09:40 - The negative impacts of refeeds during an aggressive diet  16:15 - Why it's important to maintain muscle during an aggressive diet
This short episode covers a few insights into the topic of training, more specifically how I took my arms from being my worst body part to arguably my best. The references and links for the study discussed can be found at TOPICS 1:46 - Dealing with the External & Internal Negativity 3:33 - The key things I changed in my Training to make my worst body part, my best 6:04 - The interaction between Training Frequency & Training Volume 10:10 - An area of research *some* trainers might start to obsess about too much..
This is a quick fire episode after I was 'challenged' about the importance of insulin sensitivity for weight loss over simply being concerned with energy balance. I discuss weight loss injections like semaglutide and the diabetes medication, metformin. TOPICS 00:40 - Can certain 'insulin sensitivity' medications increase fat loss? 04:30 - The unknown impacts of increasing your insulin sensitivity 06:40 - The role of leptin and appetite hormones in weight loss maintenance 08:57 - What advice doctors should be giving alongside the prescription of "weight loss" drugs
In this episode, I am interviewed by Anna Skinner from Body Smart Fitness. We discuss myths and dietary changes regarding PCOS, the efficacy of supplements, sugar addiction, cravings & much more! As mentioned in this episode, you can use code 'NANPDublin' to get £50 off tickets to my Tour Talk in Dublin on 3rd June! TOPICS 11:23 - Nutritional myths that mislead women with PCOS 18:51 - The three dietary changes to improve symptoms of PCOS 25:38 - The one supplement you should consider taking for PCOS 27:41 - Should you be supplementing with collagen 34:52 - The three supplements most people should be taking  44:21 - Is sugar addiction real & how to combat cravings 52:01 - How unconditional permission to eat can lead to weight loss 56:56 - The importance of learning how to eat when you aren’t dieting
In this week’s episode, I discuss key considerations and strategies for aggressive dieting & cover how to transition from a dieting phase to eating at maintenance! TOPICS 05:50 - How I aggressive diet with minimal tracking 09:44 - How often to weigh yourself whilst on an aggressive diet 10:30 - Two key factors to consider before starting an aggressive diet 15:45 - Should you be training whilst on an aggressive diet? 19:19 - How to eat to maintain your body fat after dieting 24:15 - The importance of understanding sacrifice If you enjoyed this, you might benefit from: Episode #12 - Two Facts to Know About Aggressive Dieting Before You Attempt It Yourself Episode #8 - What Foods Can You Eat on an Aggressive Diet? Episode #3 - Fasting & Aggressive Calorie Deficits
In this episode I start what will likely be a longer journey into dispelling the misinformation that is going to fill the health, fitness & wellness industries for years to come with regards to PERSONALISED NUTRITION. During this short episode, I cover a few quick points in relation to research into the topic, past and current, and what still needs to be covered and considered in this broad field.  References for the studies discussed can be found at TOPICS 1:34 - The not so new craze of personalised nutrition 11:28 - Why many degree qualified nutritionists will end up going down this route too 19:07 - My “Personalised Nutrition” lol 26:03 - My Dublin Tour Talk
I had an idea for this episode but didn't record it for a couple of weeks so I kinda failed you. Instead, it turned into a Dublin Tour date announcement!! 3rd June. Save the Date! You can register your interest here! - TOPICS 00:00 - Don't come to my Dublin Tour date if you're a snowflake... 03:52 - Something about nutritional evangelists 07:30 - Don't shoot the messenger...
In this week’s episode, I discuss the evidence on the importance of sleep and whether a lack of it can impact fat loss and muscle retention. As mentioned, I'm going to be speaking in Dublin in June!! You can register your interest here! - References for the studies discussed can be found at TOPICS 05:23 - Why the findings of sleep research might not apply to you/your client 12:58 - Does sleeping less than 8 hours reduce fat loss? 21:18 - Does sleep deprivation limit muscle gain? 24:14 - Why sleeping more could help you lose weight 32:07 - When to consider prioritising sleep over dieting 
This episode is a quick addendum to my last episodes, further clarifying why it might not be a good to give children sweet drinks but also emphasising that this is the scientific discussion & we then need to apply it to our REAL world situations properly & appropriately. TOPICS 01:02 - Why completely restricting sweet drinks for children is unrealistic 02:24 - The importance of reducing all sweet drinks for children 03:33 - Considerations to improve food environment for children
In this week’s episode, I discuss the evidence on whether young children should be consuming sweet drinks like squash/cordial/diluting juice.  I explain where the research is up to and give some practical advice that parents can use to help improve their children’s dietary variety.  References for the studies discussed can be found at  TOPICS  01:14 - My stance on whether children should have artificially sweetened drinks  05:55 - Should we be controlling childrens’ diets  07:26 - Why children crave sweetness  10:30 - Why sweetness can be more damaging to behaviour in children compared to adults
I felt like Episode 100 was a perfect time to 1) explain my recent absence a LITTLE, without it being TMI! But also a look at what to expect in 2023 and let you in on a little new venture I'm starting. TOPICS 00:00 - I owe you a little explanation for where I've been... 02:53 - "What good shall I do this day" is back!  04:37 - What to expect from NANP in 2023! 08:40 - Starting an OnlyFans?
A certain podcast clip went viral this week of a leading geneticist claiming that we should all be aiming to consume 16% of our Calories from protein and that eating above this ’sweet-spot’ would have adverse effects. In this week’s episode, I give my take on the statement by covering what the science tells us and give my perspective on what amount of protein we should be consuming to improve or maintain our health.  References for the studies discussed can be found at  TOPICS  01:19 - Why recommendations based on %ages are just plain wrong!  11:00 - What the research tells us the optimal protein intake for health is  17:40 - Are high protein intakes safe for your kidneys?  21:40 - Why experts need to stay in their lane  25:00 - How the fitness industry needs to improve by stopping the attacks on peoples’ appearance.
Are you putting the 'wrong fuel in your Ferrari'.... lol. This analogy is dumb when it comes to Fat Loss... and we have the research on humans we can look at. High 'quality' organic food vs Fast Food. In this week’s episode I explain what the body of evidence in this area is actually saying and clear up any confusion surrounding whether the type of foods we are consuming is more significant than the Calorie content when it comes to losing weight! As mentioned in this podcast you can get your ticket for the next Mac-Nutrition LIVE Day on Saturday 19th November 2022 here! - References for the studies and links discussed can be found at TOPICS 04:44 - Should we be avoiding saturated fat? 10:18 - How demonising foods helps zealots to make money 14:05 - Do processed foods stop us losing weight? 22:37 - How to eat for health instead of weight loss 29:15 - The main determinant of our metabolism (metabolic rate)
This episode is a brisk conversation around the topic of Calories. I discuss why it is utterly ridiculous to compare the calorie deficits of an adult to the calorific needs of a growing child, and, as always, the importance of critical thinking! References and links discussed can be found at TOPICS 00:00 - Calling out the anti-diet gimps  06:00 - If you apply the energy needs of a child to yourself, you’ll double your body weight in the next 10 years… 11:05 - Fat Loss requires a calorie deficit, we have plenty of stored energy to live
Following my last episode on the protein needs of young children, lots of you had specific queries regarding your child’s protein needs. So this week’s episode I have responded to your questions regarding protein and the requirements for your children. Check out the time points below to see if there’s a question you’ve got that I have answered! As mentioned in this podcast you can register your interest for the next Mac-Nutrition LIVE Day on Saturday 19th November 2022 here at Reference for the study discussed can be found at TOPICS 04:00 - Should children be having protein with every meal? 07:33 - Has the evidence/my opinion on protein for children, changed in recent years? 09:00 - Can children have protein powder? 12:40 - Is there a safe upper limit on protein intake for a child? 14:43 - Do protein needs change when children reach puberty? 16:45 - Do plant-based diets include enough protein for a child? 17:40 - What are the protein needs of active/sports playing children & adolescents?
Many of you have been asking me about nutrition for children recently and specifically about their protein needs. So this week I have recorded an episode not only on how much protein your child needs but why your anxieties on the topic are likely unwarranted!  I also cover some really important advice on how to approach your child's nutrition without causing them harm. Lots to take away from a parenting perspective in this one…..Enjoy! References for the studies discussed can be found at TOPICS 01:32 - Considerations to improve your child’s appetite 06:02 - Do children need to have visible protein at each meal? 09:12 - The issue with blanket protein recommendations 14:00 - Why talking to your child about nutrition can be harmful 17:33 - ROUGHLY, how much protein to give your child
This week’s episode is an interview I did with Stu Aitken from Lift The Bar. We discussed why I first became interested in rapid fat loss, BMI as an indicator of health and why I am interested in discussing other topics outside of nutrition. I also give my opinion on how new practitioners in the industry should be focusing their time! References for the studies and links discussed can be found at TOPICS 07:18 - How I first got into rapid fat loss & myths surrounding its use 17:37 - Where to find more about rapid fat loss 20:20 - Why I talk about wisdom and parenting as well as nutrition 34:23 - My advice to new practitioners entering the nutrition industry 44:48 - My view on the use of BMI in determining health 55:13 - Can you be healthy at any size?
In this episode, I talk about the importance of using critical thinking in all aspects of life & explain, with examples, that correlation does NOT equal causation! References and links discussed can be found at TOPICS 00:00 - The importance of critical thinking when observing correlations! 04:38 - The sex "fact" that triggered me to record this episode 07:55 - Do artificial sweeteners cause cancer? 10:56 - Correlation does not equal causation
This episode was inspired by a conversation I had with a friend where I found myself wishing away time. I talk about how important it is to enjoy the process in life, rather than just rushing to tick off achievements and milestones! Hopefully it helps you in some way to go away and enjoy the rest of your 2022! References and links discussed can be found at TOPICS 01:56 - The problem with the “I’ll be happy when….” mentality 08:02 - Framing your diet attempts for success 10:31 -  The importance of not just trying to tick off achievements and milestones
In this episode I discuss the truth about inter-individual variances in our responses to food & exercise & how these are being mis-used to sell personalised nutrition interventions/bio-technology. References and links discussed can be found at TOPICS 00:00 - Individual variances in responses to food and exercise 04:20 - Tim Spector seems to be selling out 08:21 - The mis-representation of study findings to promote personalised nutrition for fat loss
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Branislav Miskov

Hi the podcast and info behind it. Question I want to ask is, why, when and WHY are BCAA being pushed in such wanted and needed supplement among general population...well and also athletes? Why do they have such high demand and popularity? Thanks and cheers!!!

Jul 24th

Aaron White PT

Such a good and easy listen. I would highly recommend to anyone.

Apr 19th

Aaron White PT

What can I say.... Martin Macdonald is the best out there for Nutrition, no BS, evidence based knowledge. I've been following him 8n social media for a while now and have learned so much. He gives so much away for nothing. He's so passionate about what he does, you can hear it when he speaks. Martin and MNU are the best in the industry. 5 Stars. #Nutrition #MNU

Dec 8th
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