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Author: James Martinez

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God, The Holy Trinity, True Religion, Politics, Spirituality, Energy, Science, History, The Afterlife, Heaven, Transcendence, Spirit, Consciousness, Spiritual Enlightenment. - Our podcast brings a greater spiritual awareness to life, we're rooted in love, fortified in Christian faith - with God I AM The Anointed, James Martinez.
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A short a sweet podcast on developing your relationship with God, so as to hear Him. Position yourself, soften your heart. Seek His face. One of the first steps to getting to hear God's voice is getting to know Him. Practice doing Godly things, make His ways your own.Prayer helps, always pray. God is listening and right now He wants to bless you.God bless you,www.James-Martinez.comwww.MesaFaith.orgSupport the show (
James Martinez & Jennifer PauletteOur first podcast on Parental Alienation, I thought to share it here. If you or someone you know is suffering through parental alienation, Id like for you to know you're not alone. We started this podcast to shine some light on the unjust and corrupt system that is causing so many people to suffer.What is Parental Alienation?Parental Alienation is a process through which a child becomes estranged from a parent as the result of the psychological manipulation of another parent. The child's estrangement often manifests itself as fear, disrespect and hostility towards the distant parent, and typically extends to additional relatives and other concerned parties.Narcissistic parental alienation syndrome refers to the psychological manipulation of a child by an alienating parent (the narcissistic parent). The manipulation typically results in the child's rejection, disdain, and lack of empathy toward the other, targeted parent.Having suffered through 18 years of malicious parenting being alienated from my young son, God moved me through the corrupt and unjust system to help bring about change. When you hear how they violated my civil and constitutional rights, you'll understand why we need repeal. Thanks for listening, we're striving to end parental alienation once and for all.Follow me on my website for more information.www.James-Martinez.comSupport the show (
Learning to stand upright and walk is a very challenging thing for everyone. Its part of life, something we all experience within this world. We're all charged with learning to live life or we die. This episode talks specifically about what it took for me to stand upright, to overcome many obstacles, and finally with learning to move in the right way with God.Some argue religion, others truth. The message here is love and faith, that coupled with understanding. When you learn how to do it, life becomes a bit easier to navigate. I hope you find what I've found. Battling adversity, getting blessed beyond measure, making the choice to live in love.Visit James Martinez & Mesa Faith for more information.Support the show (
I went to God's Crystal Palace, I didn't die, it wasn't a dream, I didn't hallucinate, it wasn't a vision either - it was real life, as real as you and me. I found literally Him, He blessed me and allowed for me to see how the world truly works, both the spiritual and the material.I pulled the pieces of the puzzle of life apart and understood it. It opened the door to many things. I separated from my physical body, and went exploring creation. I discovered worlds within worlds within worlds within worlds. I went so far I found God up in heaven. He befriended me, taking me under His wing. Over the years we've been working to make the world a better place.I profess salvation now, Jesus saved my life, Father God blessed it. First He abased me then He blessed me, lifting me up He filled me with His Holy Spirit. Now blessed beyond measure, we're doing the sort of things some people think are impossible.If you know me from before you know how big a change my life has taken. God did it, He's The One with all the gifts. He let me become part of one of the worlds biggest blessings.Thanks for keeping up with our transcendent journey's.Be sure and visit & www.MesaFaith.orgAlso, if you're interested in being part of our walk, help support us. We're also working on merchandise. Stay tuned! Thank you,God bless youSupport the show (
This episode covers the supernatural, we’re talking about otherworldly persons who I’ve encountered on my transcendent journey’s. Specifically the face to face meetings with heavenly beings, visits from spiritual persons from differing realms and multi dimensions, as well as every form of hierarchical angel. Sometimes we don’t even realize we interact with these types of otherworldly persons, often they’re on our thoughts, either helping us bring forth our greatest aspirations or at other times they can help bring about our worst fears. God created the world a very specific way. These otherworldly persons have directly impacted humanity since the beginning. Some good, some not so good. Its challenging to know who is who and what we’re faced with, especially if we don’t have a strong spiritual foundation to stand upon. All the more reason to have understanding of God’s Word and how we’re to live mindful in this world.  Through nearly a decade of research I found that not only are we not alone, creation itself is even more intricate than we can possibly imagine. There is far more than just the material, and until we as a world live with complete regard to this, we’ll have difficulty creating the best possible existence.  If you’re interested in learning of the many places I found within creation, read “Once Upon a Transcendent Realm” & “Eternus Spirare”. Both books are non-fiction, firsthand accounts of the various spiritual insights that have come forth with God, The Holy Trinity.  I profess salvation, filled with The Holy Spirit, I co-create life with God. Many call a me Christian although I consider myself a Godly person. I AM The Scientist, I remind you that there’s a difference in knowing the path and walking it. I do hope you’ll follow my example, I follow Jesus in love. God bless youwww.James-Martinez.comThanks for listening, hope you’re inspired.Support the show (
I found Him! I literally found God, and not just in a book or in church but in person up in heaven. Its a long story, if you're interested to hear how I learned to step out of body spiritually, how I found the vortex, how I explored differing realms and dimensions and ultimately found God. Check out our works. I'm talking about The Creator of all things, The Alpha and The Omega, The One who made life, Jesus' Father, Our Father God in heaven. I found Him and then He blessed me in one of the most extraordinary ways.He lifted me up and showed me how life became what it is today. I literally got to be on the other-side of life watching it unfold since long before mankind's first civilization.This podcast goes into detail on where I was when I found Him, how I found Him and what its led to. We've been doing miracles since developing our relationship. I'm here to tell you that salvation is real, life and death is absolutely no joke. There is a bigger picture going on when it comes to being born into this world and how to live that will get you to an eternity in afterlife.I write for God, He's made me a bond-servant. Speaking from having been there and done everything wrong at one point. Talking on the many miracles He's allowed for my life to become, the incredible blessings that are coming through now thanks to Jesus Christ and how it all reveals one of His greatest works.As a friend, God is moving through me for these podcast messages. I hope you can hear them. If you're looking for inspiration, testimony of The Holy Trinity, revelation of The Power and grace of God, or perhaps you're new to your walk and looking for direction or guidance, you'll get something from our talks.Thanks for listeningGod bless youwww.James-Martinez.comSupport the show (
What is Consciousness?Consciousness at its simplest is "sentience or awareness of internal or external existence". Despite centuries of analyses, definitions, explanations and debates by philosophers and scientists, consciousness remains puzzling and controversial for so many, being "at once the most familiar and most mysterious aspect of our lives". Perhaps the only widely agreed notion about the topic is the intuition that it exists.With this generalized understanding, we mustn't realize the most important aspect of being alive, there's more to it than just the material. Herein lies the biggest struggle for so many. Being awakened to the idea there's more to existence, yet not having a spiritual foundation needed to stand, is the very reason we see so many struggling in the world right now.The majority of scholars accept consciousness as a given and seek to better understand its relationship to the objective world, I tell you this won't happen without the acknowledgment and acceptance of God. This great mystery that so many are aware of but struggle with understanding is the very reason for this podcast. I hope it inspires you to work on your relationship with God, The Holy Trinity.The energy part of this podcast is to help with realizing that there's this cause and effect aspect of life and how we are with our own energy affects everything. I hope you can hear it and I hope you  practice balancing your energy/Chakras. Mindfulness and awareness go hand in hand with being awake/conscious. If you're looking for some perspective on energy, this episode will help you with this.Thanks for listening.God bless Support the show (
What is transcendence?Transcendence is existence and/or experience beyond normal or physical level. Its something greater than what we as earthly people often fathom. Its an attribute of God Almighty, Father God is transcendent in every way, being His child I share what He’s helped me understand of transcendence.Jesus is transcendent, as is The Holy Spirit. God is omnipotent, everywhere at all times, above creation. God's able to be with all of us everywhere we are. Went into greater detail the lessons and insights that have come forth from our transcendent experiences. Talking openly about transcendence plus what its led to. Thanks to Jesus and these transcendent journey's I've developed a great spiritual union with God, The Holy Trinity. Now together with The Lord we're doing some miraculous stuff.I spoke about multiple realms, differing dimensions, the many worlds theory, plus the spiritual side of these lessons, how thanks to salvation and redemption, not only have I become part of history, these extraordinary blessings coming to life are helping many around the world better understand "The Way".Listen to some of my other episodes to get an even greater scope of what God is allowing for. And, thanks for listening, hope you are inspired by the things you hear. Share our Podcast, tell a friend.Thank you, God bless youwww.James-Martinez.comSupport the show (
I wouldn’t have picked a person like me, I turned this job down over and again for four hrs before finally agreeing with God. I didn’t think that I could do the sort of things we’re now revealing. I remember where I was when He offered me this position. We sat on my bed in my room, Father God on my side told me that if I said yes we would do things they'd talk about for generation and generations and generations.That was 10 years ago, we've since performed so many miracles. I testify to God, The Holy Trinity. I profess Salvation, I follow after Jesus Christ. Jesus saved my life and Father God blessed it. He filled me with The Holy Spirit and ever since we've been doing amazing things. Hard to imagine I turned Him down for as long as I did. Knowing what I know now about God I wouldn't have hesitated one second. I've met many people since who want to have the sort of things I'm part of. My advice to everyone is repent, humble yourselves, go after Him with all your might.He wants to bless you.Learning about life meant also realizing there are many who aren't living right but who want to be the sort of leader The Bible reveals, that's the reason behind this episode. I'm sharing what it takes to answer the call, and perhaps more importantly, what the walk looks like.Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves. Matthew 7:15If you're moved to share The Word I hope you will not shy away. The world is the world, God said for us to be in it but not of it and while many are called, few are chosen. This podcast is a testament to that. I pray you will lead by example, don't be a hypocrite!I hope you are inspired.Thanks for listening.God bless youwww.james-martinez.comSupport the show (
17 So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God. Romans 10:17Communion is not just only about accepting Eucharist Sacraments, its about true spiritual unity with The Lord, living in harmony, staying in constant communication, living together as one.Communicating with God, some people think that being able to talk with Him is impossible. First off, all things are possible with God. Being able to see and communicate with Him is one of those things available to us, thanks to Jesus.The pure of heart shall see God, Jesus even told us this. If you knew my heart then you'd understand me better. I follow after Jesus, I live in love, I profess salvation and I have been in the direct presence of God, The Holy Trinity.As challenging as this might seem for some its what Salvation is ultimately about. Jesus lived and sacrificed so we could get back to Our Father God in Heaven. This episode is to help the world better understand what being in communion is really about.The relationship I've developed over the years is one that's ultimately allowed for some pretty fantastic things, we're talking history of the world sort of stuff. We're doing the sort of things Jesus said that we're all capable of doing. I'm talking miracles.For any relationship to work, we need constant communication. Its like this with everyone. The thing is being in communion with God, The Holy Trinity, really allows for the best possible experiences for life. God wants an intimate relationship with us so that we can all enjoy our journey's through life and do so in a way that is fulfilling for ones self while enriching the lives of others. Its not so easy though, I hope that after hearing this podcast you'll work on developing your unifying relationship with God, The Holy Trinity.Gotta learn to crawl before you stand up, gotta learn to stand up before you walk, and gotta learn to run before you can fly. Its a process. You have to try though, thanks for listening.Visit www.James-Martinez.comGod bless youSupport the show (
Speaking on the times that I've spent in jail . . . plus many spiritual insights as they relate to The Holy Bible. Thanks for taking a few minutes to listen. I hope you're inspired by the things you hear.As you may have heard, I've spent more time in jail held in contempt, longer than most others I've met who've gone to prison. Its a long story but since accepting this position with God, The Holy Trinity, I've suffered through jail or the courts.I went into detail in this episode as to why. There's a battle of good and evil happening right now and we're all fighting for one side of the other. I remind you that those who persecuted Jesus thought they were in the right to do what they did to him too.Our message is a reminder to the world that God is and will always be "The One" governing life, and that when He gives command, its not merely a suggestion. If we were all following His perfect example, there wouldn't be any unrighteous suffering.God said, "Count it all joy when you fall into various trials", the reason for that is when we do we get the blessing of shining bright on the darkness and then glorifying our Father in heaven. If you struggle with your faith I hope you will follow my example and repent, stop sinning. Stop going against God, stop fighting for the wrong side. Stand upright for goodness sake. Thanks again for taking a moment to listen to our podcast. I do hope you are inspired. God is moving through me to help many people around the world, He showed me every person we would affect with our walk, you were there. He said they'll speak of the things we do for generations and generations and generations.His Word is True, I found it in The Holy Bible.Visit www.James-Martinez.comGod bless youSupport the show (
This episode I go into detail about what its like being blessed by God, where I came from, plus many of the things I suffered in order to bring this message to life. I also spoke on the historical aspect of our transcendent journey's.Went into greater detail the sacrifices made. Its not easy bringing anything to life, especially when a person gets blessed "The Way" I've been, God said anything worth doing is never easy. When you learn about the things we've endured, and what we've overcome, you'll understand why we're put through so much in order to bring something divine to life.I explain the importance of knowing where we stand and for whom we fight for. There is a battle raging in this world, and we're all caught up in it. Its important to know yourself and where you stand. How we are affects everything. I do hope you will be inspired by our transcendent walks, our trips up to heaven, and the extraordinary blessings that are coming to life thanks to God, The Holy Trinity. If ever you had questions about God, Religion, Spirituality, Christianity, and why its important to have a good spiritual foundation, this episode might help explain all of it in such a way as to help you with your walk.Thanks for listening, visit God bless youJames MartinezSupport the show (
This is the 12 podcasts of the anointed, this episode goes into detail about the things I have discovered over a 10 year period of searching for answers into every moment of life.Along my journey I found spiritual enlightenment and learn how to do extraordinary things like stepping out of body and transcending space and time. I learned to navigate creation and went so far as to find God up in heaven.This podcast goes into great detail about my first book once upon a transcendent realm. In fact before we started God gave me the first and last lines of the book, he said we were going to be doing great things together and that I was going to write about afterwards.I hope you take a moment to listen and I hope it opens up your perspective on the sort of things were all capable of, we are talking miracles here. The book as I mentioned is a 10 year culmination of spiritual insight and historical record into one of God's greatest works.I spoke about the many worlds theorem explaining things like quantum mechanics and quantum physics which backup the scientific points of view regarding different realms and dimensions. I even spoke about the spiritual insights regarding religious teachings and various spiritual topics that people have had questions for for thousands of years.Thanks for taking a moment to listen I hope you are inspired by the things you hear and I hope you decide to go out and pick up a copy of once upon a transcendent realm and read it, and that it changes your life. Its changed mine!Visit www.James-Martinez.comGod bless youSupport the show (
We thank you for listening and subscribing to The Anointed Podcast. This is episode 11 we're talking openly on how incredible this blessing is, its like a 15 minute introduction for our message. For those of you who are new to this channel we (God and I) talk on politics, religion, science, spirituality and the afterlife, as well as other extraordinary things like God in heaven and the spiritual realms far beyond human understanding.I've gone through quite a few things to bring this message to life, shared openly already on different episodes about that were also talking about things people struggle to understand like why we need to live a certain way, plus other challenging topics like true religion and political point of views, things that are extremely difficult for some to even consider talking about.I'd like to invite you personally to listen and subscribe and follow after us and if you take these lessons to heart and really try to apply these insights to your walk they can make life even greater experience for you.If you not heard yet go listen, check out the podcasts we have available right now, we'll also be releasing podcasts weekly, the next two are going deep on things I've endured, as well as the lessons that came through as I faced persecution + the extraordinary blessing God is allowing for right now as we reveal this message to the world. If you've not heard yet we just changed history, we're doing things that have never been done before, following after Jesus, living in love, and blessing everyone in the process.Visit my website to be, also visit us on patron and help support our message.Thanks for listening and subscribing,Stay tuned for more great content.God bless youSupport the show (
As part of a global awareness campaign to raise awareness about parental alienation, I created this podcast to help reveal the severity of PAS. Parental alienation is child abuse, for anyone to say otherwise is an absolute denial of what's going wrong within the "Civil" systems of America.As a child of God, as a faithful follower and true believer in Jesus Christ, I assure you I know right from wrong. What I've endured at the hands of an alienating parent is tragic. To think that the courts would allow for something like this, and worse, to turn a blind eye to what my young son, and the rest of my family has suffered through, reveals who they serve.There are several types of alienators. Naïve AlienatorsWhether they recognize it or not, naïve alienators act passively, occasionally doing or saying something that creates alienation from their ex-spouse. They mean well and recognize the importance of healthy relationships. They even encourage deep connections with their ex-spouse and their family. Disagreements may arise, but communication is good.Simply stated, naïve alienators focus on the best interests of their children. They recognize their mistakes and care enough about their children to make things right.Active AlienatorsActive alienators suffer intense hurt and anger following a divorce. They impulsively lose control over their actions and words, in spite of a belief that their children should have a healthy relationship with the other parent. However, when triggered, active alienators lash out and cause or reinforce alienation. Some may feel a sense of guilt over their alienating tactics.Active alienators harbor old feelings and struggle with trauma of the past, yet they will accept professional help when serious problems arise.Obsessed AlienatorsThese parents maintain an unquenchable anger. Obsessed alienators focus on furthering an active agenda to destroy their ex-spouse. While they combine traits of naïve with active alienation, they lack any level of self-control or insight. Obsessed alienators manipulate their children to take their side and brainwash them to parrot their irrational feelings and beliefs. They also fortify their side by seeking support from family members and friends who share similar views.I've been caught up in a corrupt system who let an obsessed alienator do their worst. When you hear what we've endured to bring this message to life it might help put things in perspective. Not only to what's going wrong with the system, but why they've been doing their worst to me this whole time.As I said, I'm with God. Visit for listening. I hope you are inspired.God bless youSupport the show (
“Finally, be strengthened by the Lord and by His vast strength. Put on the full armor of God so that you can stand against the tactics of the Devil. For our battle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the world powers of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavens” (Ephesians 6:10-12)."Everything that occurs in the physical realm is directly connected to the war being waged in the spiritual world," The effects in the unseen reveal themselves in our relationships, emotional instability, mental fatigue, physical exhaustion and other areas. Many of us experience anger, unforgiveness, pride, jealousy, insecurity, discord, fear. . . the list goes on. Our biggest problems are actually spiritually rooted.This means that "The Way" we overcome the physical is by understanding and living rightly according to the spiritual. To understand the common battle of spiritual warfare, we need to acknowledge that we are in a war. In order to be victorious we not only need great spiritual foundation but a willingness to apply God's Word to our daily lives.I hope this podcast helps you better understand how to do this. Claim the victory in Jesus, stand faithfully against those who oppose. If you're tired of being pushed around remember who you are and why they attack. Its not because you're weak, but because your strong, they don't want to face an opponent they can't beat.Stop being afraid, start living fearlessly and you will be triumphant!Visit www.James-Martinez.comThanks for listening.God bless youSupport the show (
As citizen's of this amazing world, what are we fighting for if not the values of freedom, liberty, equality and tolerance for all people everywhere?Civil LibertyThe U.S. Constitution—in particular, the first ten amendments that form the Bill of Rights—protects the freedoms and rights of individuals. It does not limit this protection just to citizens or adults; instead, in most cases, the Constitution simply refers to “persons,” which over time has grown to mean that even children, visitors from other countries, and immigrants—permanent or temporary, legal or undocumented—enjoy the same freedoms when they are in the United States or its territories as adult citizens do. In everyday conversation, we tend to treat freedoms, liberties, and rights as being effectively the same thing—similar to how separation of powers and checks and balances are often used as interchangeable, when in fact they are distinct concepts. To be more precise in their language, political scientists and legal experts make a distinction between civil liberties and civil rights, even though the Constitution has been interpreted to protect both. We typically envision civil liberties as being limitations on government power, intended to protect freedoms that governments may not legally intrude on. Civil rights, on the other hand, are guarantees that government officials will treat people equally and that decisions will be made on the basis of merit rather than race, gender, or other personal characteristics. Because of the Constitution’s civil rights guarantee, it is unlawful for a school or university run by a state government to treat students differently based on their race, ethnicity, age, sex, or national origin. The idea that Americans—indeed, people in general—have fundamental rights and liberties was at the core of the arguments in favor of their independence. The Constitution as written in 1787 did not include a Bill of Rights, although the idea of including one was proposed and, after brief discussion, dismissed in the final week of the Constitutional Convention. The framers of the Constitution believed they faced much more pressing concerns than the protection of civil rights and liberties, most notably keeping the fragile union together in the light of internal unrest and external threats.Visit for more information on our journey.Thanks for listening,God bless youSupport the show (
God's Word is real and its alive within The Holy Bible!When we started God asked me my opinion of The Bible, I said I thought we didn't need it. He set out to show me the reason why we do, afterwards He asked my opinion once more. I knew after all He shared with me the need to have a greater spiritual understanding of His Word. He told me my job from then on would be to help people better understand the spiritual side of His Word. As we know, The Bible is a collection of sacred texts/ scriptures. Varying parts within The Holy Bible are considered to be the product of divine inspiration and a truthful record of the relationship between God and human beings.The message of The Holy Bible is absolutely true, its not only compelling and current but applicable for everyone everywhere. The Bible is alive. It explains the original plan of God, how it was corrupted and how He has provided for man's restoration through His Son Jesus Christ.There's also a greater spiritual understanding that comes through within The Holy Bible, God gives spiritual direction and instruction on how to live with Him in this day and age. A view that many seem to struggle with.This podcast is to help us better understand The Bible's origins, who wrote it, its meaning, as well as the application part. I hope it helps you grow in your faith and with developing a greater spiritual union with The Holy Trinity.Thanks for listening.www.James-Martinez.comGod bless youJames MartinezSupport the show (
Ever notice how so many people can't talk on God or politics? The reason is because they either don't have a relationship with God and or they don't fully know how to explain their political positions without standing upright faithfully in love.Because politics have real-world implications for Christians everywhere, Christians ought to engage in every aspect of the political process, advocating for reform, righteous laws and policies that contribute to bettering humanity.Government derives its authority from God, at least it should. Whenever those in leadership positions fall away and or disregard this, the people whom they attempt to govern often fall victim to unrighteous actions. Politics affect government, they help to shape society and influences behaviors around the world. Because of what the Bible teaches us and the inevitability of its effect on our culture, Christians must not only care about politics, they must participate in keeping politicians and those in positions of power accountable.As children of God we mustn't look to the government for solutions to all of our problems. We must have faith and trust in God, we must stay kingdom minded and watchful over all who seek to lead our nations.Governments has the responsibility of taking care of their citizens, they must also remain mindful of the ways of The Lord. We are our brothers keepers and with that in mind, its up to us to lead by example. Remember our governments work for the people, not the other way around. In this episode I speak on change, why its come, what we're looking at, what to expect. As messenger and bond-servant my responsibility is to Our Lord's Lord. With Father God and Jesus Christ I share with you the things I've witnessed and the direction God's given me for the world. Thanks for listening. God bless youwww.James-Martinez.comSupport the show (
Meditation is essential to feel well and live a balanced life. ... Meditation helps to eliminate negative thoughts, worries, anxiety, all factors that can prevent us feeling happy. It has been proved that the practice of meditation, carried out on a regular basis, will mitigate the symptoms of stress and anxiety. In addition to helping better perceive life, Meditation enhances self-awareness. Studies also show it lengthens our attention span and helps us connect with God’s creation. The studies are there but til we get into the daily practice of Meditating, our lives can often seem some-what unmanageable.  Over the years I found Meditation and stillness, it opened the door to the extraordinary things I’m part of with God including being able to perceive and interpret energy. That in turn led to better understanding creation and how to move faithfully within it.I hope you find this podcast enjoyable and beneficial; I also hope that it opens your eyes up to the incredible blessings that come from Meditation, things like discernment, communion, relationship with The Holy Trinity and unity in the faith. In this Podcast I share technique, perspective, interpretation, and understanding. Speaking as a true believer and follower of Jesus, and as A Son of God. Practice and get in closer. I hope that by listening and applying these understandings you'll have a greater appreciation of enlightenment, spirituality and what it means to have God's blessing. Thanks for listening, for more information visit www.James-Martinez.comSupport the show (
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