Communion With God - Episode 15

Communion With God - Episode 15

Update: 2020-05-30


17 So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God. Romans 10:17

Communion is not just only about accepting Eucharist Sacraments, its about true spiritual unity with The Lord, living in harmony, staying in constant communication, living together as one.

Communicating with God, some people think that being able to talk with Him is impossible. First off, all things are possible with God. Being able to see and communicate with Him is one of those things available to us, thanks to Jesus.

The pure of heart shall see God, Jesus even told us this. If you knew my heart then you'd understand me better. I follow after Jesus, I live in love, I profess salvation and I have been in the direct presence of God, The Holy Trinity.

As challenging as this might seem for some its what Salvation is ultimately about. Jesus lived and sacrificed so we could get back to Our Father God in Heaven. This episode is to help the world better understand what being in communion is really about.

The relationship I've developed over the years is one that's ultimately allowed for some pretty fantastic things, we're talking history of the world sort of stuff. We're doing the sort of things Jesus said that we're all capable of doing. I'm talking miracles.

For any relationship to work, we need constant communication. Its like this with everyone. The thing is being in communion with God, The Holy Trinity, really allows for the best possible experiences for life.

God wants an intimate relationship with us so that we can all enjoy our journey's through life and do so in a way that is fulfilling for ones self while enriching the lives of others. Its not so easy though, I hope that after hearing this podcast you'll work on developing your unifying relationship with God, The Holy Trinity.

Gotta learn to crawl before you stand up, gotta learn to stand up before you walk, and gotta learn to run before you can fly. Its a process. You have to try though, thanks for listening.

God bless you

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Communion With God - Episode 15

Communion With God - Episode 15

James Martinez