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Mr Smith Talks Triathlon

Author: Gerrard Smith & Doug Stark

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Practical triathlon advice for every-day athletes (not just the racing snakes…)
37 Episodes
No one loves a time trial, and most people will avoid them if possible. But you should not dread them. Time Trials are fantastic training sessions, and an opportunity to learn a lot about yourself. If you don’t do that learning throughout training you can’t be at your absolute best on race day. 
Nutrition can be such a confusing area so this week we give you some simple and practical ways to tweak your current nutrition without needing a complete overhaul. Spoiler alert: it should be as simple as fuelling your training and recovery for performance, then eating less and eating for health at other times. 
Training zones are there to help you get the most out of your training (rather than take the fun out of it as some people believe!). But you need to understand the training zones associated with your training plan, and why some zones are more beneficial than others. 
There are 8 Half Ironman distance events around New Zealand between December and March. Each of those is different so listen in to find out which one(s) might appeal or be good for you. 
Nutrition changes of sound simple but they’re not always easy to make stick. Instead of trying to change everything at once just pick one thing and commit to doing to well for 3 weeks to build a new habit. We’ve got 5 different ideas for you to choose from. 
 Whether you are competing to win, or simply out there to complete and event, your mindset has a huge impact on the outcome. Make sure your mindset is aligned to your capabilities, prepare for the tough times, and create the race experience you want. 
 Cycling power meters are more affordable than ever, and give huge benefits in your triathlon training and racing - especially for busy athletes looking to get the most benefit out of your training. We explain what a power meter is, why you want one, and who should NOT buy one. 
 There is too much advice on the Internet about diet and nutrition for athletes. Hot topics come and go, companies are trying to sell you things, and there are a lot of confusing messages. So we compare 5 diets popular with endurance athletes, and tell you which is best - you may be surprised! 
 Our Wellington squad is running an offroad marathon and ultra marathon (Wuu2k) as the winter training focus. This episode gives advice about planning race day nutrition for that event, but is also relevant for anyone doing such longer / lower intensity training or events. 
 Coaches have a critical role in your sporting development. But not everyone has a coach, and your coach is not with you 24 x 7. So you also need to be your own coach. Ask yourself the relevant questions, monitor your progress, and make decisions on the go. 
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