DiscoverBiggerPockets Real Estate Podcast336: $900 to $4.5MM Net Worth by 34 with Robert Jones
336: $900 to $4.5MM Net Worth by 34 with Robert Jones

336: $900 to $4.5MM Net Worth by 34 with Robert Jones

Update: 2019-06-2717


Location, location, location! On today’s show, Brandon and David sit down with Robert Jones, a real estate agent and investor in Colorado, who has built a cash-flowing portfolio with millions of dollars in equity in an expensive market.

Robert will blow you away with his knowledge on making deals work (even through the MLS) and choosing what to buy. You won’t want to miss his advice on buying properties with super low down payments, targeting ideal locations that attract ideal talents, and using agents to do the work of finding deals. You’ll also love his tips for creating systems so he can travel while making money and identifying the qualities of a good agent.

Robert is extremely humble for having such massive success, and he shares his whole playbook for how he built a portfolio of 26 units worth millions before the age of 35. DO NOT miss this one. Download today!

In This Episode We Cover:

  • Turning primary residences into rental properties
  • What are capital gains
  • Should you rent or sell your house?
  • Moving to a new house every year
  • Taking 3 months off while having a real estate business
  • Real estate to fund your life
  • Being an agent or not
  • How "The Stack" works
  • And SO much more!

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  • BiggerPockets Podcast 280: The Key to Making Great Deals (Hint: Overlooked Properties!) with Mark Hentemann (Writer for TV’s Family Guy!)
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336: $900 to $4.5MM Net Worth by 34 with Robert Jones

336: $900 to $4.5MM Net Worth by 34 with Robert Jones