Ep. 063: Augmented Reality and 3D in E-Commerce

Ep. 063: Augmented Reality and 3D in E-Commerce

Update: 2019-11-19


I’m joined by Carson Finkle, CEO at Tenth Street Hats, to discuss using augmented reality (AR) and 3D product imaging on websites. Carson starts by describing their target audience and why they tested AR on their website (3:00 ). He explains what the experience looks like for the end-user and why they went with a web-based approach instead of an app-based one (4:50 ). Carson then explains why they tested AR on their website (7:30 ) and what the setup process was like (9:00 ). Carson then breaks down cost considerations (10:20 ) and balancing these costs with traditional content creation (11:00 ). Next, he shares results from products that used the AR functionality (11:40 ). Carson dives into using style quizzes to deliver a unique welcome series experience and other ways they bring awareness to their AR functionality (14:15 ). He discusses why they removed discounts for consumers who shared their AR-generated photos on Instagram, how they envision using AR to expand their customer base (18:30 ) and the most surprising thing learned after implementing AR and 3D imaging tools (21:20 ). Carson then shifts to the customer experience, describing their buy now, pay later option (22:30 ) and what he sees as the next step for improving online shopping experiences (24:00 ) before ending with their most successful digital marketing tactics (33:30 ).

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Ep. 063: Augmented Reality and 3D in E-Commerce

Ep. 063: Augmented Reality and 3D in E-Commerce

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