Ep. 067: How to Grow Your Instagram Followers

Ep. 067: How to Grow Your Instagram Followers

Update: 2020-01-14


On this episode of “The Commerce Marketer Podcast” I’m joined by Viv Conway and Tash Meys who share their strategies for growing your Instagram followers — and attracting the right ones. The founders of Ace The Gram start by discussing how to use Instagram the “right way” (9:20 ) and how businesses can decide what purpose it should serve (10:20 ). Next, they give a case study illustrating high-quality content and overall strategic plan, and then shift gears to discuss images (15:00 ) and tentpole strategies for growing followers (17:10 ). Tash and Viv then shed light on what makes a “good” Instagram (IG) post (18:15 ), how that differs from a good IG Story (20:30 ), ways to use Stories and how to develop a Highlight strategy (23:30 ). Next they cover how to develop a complete strategy around them, from how many to use and where to put them in a post for maximum effect (25:00 ). They answer the age-old question, “How often should I post?” (32:15 ) and share their method for structuring successful giveaways (36:00 ). They end by discussing the influencer industry and specific tools and tips for getting things done with limited internal resources, before finally sharing the first things they’d do on IG if they were starting a business today (51:46 ). 

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Ep. 067: How to Grow Your Instagram Followers

Ep. 067: How to Grow Your Instagram Followers

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