DiscoverPreeminence132 - Emergency Exit from The Matrix
132 - Emergency Exit from The Matrix

132 - Emergency Exit from The Matrix

Update: 2019-04-22


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We are living in a matrix. A matrix of rules, of beliefs, of other people’s strategies, dogma, laws, opinions, regulations, taxation, etc.

When you are set on becoming Preeminent, when you are pursuing mastery in something, you have to know when to paint inside the lines, when to paint outside the lines, when to re-draw the lines yourself, to realize that someone else drew those lines, and when to realize there are no lines.

Don’t believe what you were taught about your art, about your craft, about your profession; what do your senses tell you is right? What is the feedback you are getting from your clients and customers?

Many teachers are marketers. They’re salespeople of their philosophy. they do it to make a living and they get good at communicating it and it resonates with a lot of people, it’s accepted as truth and they get rewarded for it.

Know what truths out there apply to you and which ones don’t.

Some of those doors have no alarm on them, just a sign.

You’ve got to pave your own way, do your own thing, play by your rules and get really good at becoming YOU.

Promote you, draw your own lines, and don’t be afraid to test that emergency exit every now and then.

Your action step is to test a boundary. Test something that you’ve been told to be true and challenge it. Ask the question you were afraid to ask. Once you do and you find a new truth behind it, don’t be surprised if you begin to see your reality open up and reflect back to you even more opportunities available to you.

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132 - Emergency Exit from The Matrix

132 - Emergency Exit from The Matrix

Matthew J Peters