DiscoverPreeminence150 - You Have Another Gear
150 - You Have Another Gear

150 - You Have Another Gear

Update: 2019-10-08


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You just think you're tired. You just think you've hit a limit. What you've actually hit is the end of your current thinking.

All you need to do to move past it is to choose to shift to the next gear.

How many times have you found yourself exhausted at the gym right at your 20-minute mark or at your 5-mile mark? You were not exhausted, you were just remembering the pattern that at around that time or distance you generally are tired.

So many times we believe that we are at our limit it has more to do with our commitment and loyalty to our patterns, our relationships, our comfort zones, our old-self.

Here's the great part.

When we shift to the next gear, it's hard to remain the old self. When we choose to go beyond what we thought we could, we realize that there is far more that we are capable of.

So, when you think you've got that client project "good enough" or you have no energy left, check-in and ask yourself, "Is that true or am I just reliving a pattern of my old self? Do I want that or do I want a new result?"

It's time to move to the next level and leave the old level behind. Go beyond your old self, break the mold and keep elevating your life experience.

If you are ready to move to the next level and work yourself out of another job that takes you hours a week and is not in your place of passion, (like producing your podcast, shooting and editing your videos, creating your landing pages, or publishing your book) reach out to me and save yourself days, weeks or months of your life struggling to figure it out and get back to focusing on your area of mastery.

Or if you have questions you would like to have answered, email me at and share your question, I may mention it in an upcoming episode.

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150 - You Have Another Gear

150 - You Have Another Gear

Matthew J Peters